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lust fifteen minutes to 8 o'clock Müuday eveniag Mayor Kapp rapped the ceuncil to order. Every member was in his seat ready to jurap into business, vvliiie that portion of the council cbatnber set apart for lookers on, was packed full. The door leading to the room was blockaded, while a crowd of men and boys stood elbowing each other in the halhvay all anxious to get a peep at what was going on. The mayor gave the aldermen a little good advite about settling dowu for business the coming year, and Uien announced the following STANDING COMMITTEES: Finance - Aid. Keech, Sumner, Fleming. Uencral Fund - Aid. Ilutzel, Matthewson, McOmber. Street - Aid. Besiiner, Dow, Fleming, Wright, Suinuer, Thompson. Sidewalk - Aid. Luick, McOmber, Wright. Fire Department - Aid. Dow, Luick, Hutzel. Pólice - Aid. Fleming, Dow, Kitredge. License - Mayor, recorder, and alderïnan Hutzel. Ou motion of Aid. Keech, the eouncil proceeded to the electiou of city ofticers in the followiag order: 1, Marshal. 2, Treasurer. y, City attoruey. Aid. "Hutzel presen ted the name of Jno. G. Johnson for marshal and cuief of police. He expatiated on bis many qualiiications for the position; referred to the able manuer in which he had discharged his duties as all ollicer of the city for the past six yeitrs, and his eeonoinical distribution of the poor fund. FIRST INFORMAL BALLOT. Jno. ö. Johnson, 7; Win. Meritbew, 4; Thos. Glarken. 'i. The next ballot Mcrithew gained one TOte and Johnson held his own. The fh-st formal bullot gave Johnson, 7; Meritbew, 0; Claiken, 1. the next 10 ballots it was a tie betweeu Johnson and Merithew. As there was no probability of the council coming to an understanding, the election of marshal was deferred uutil the next meeting. A motion by Aid. McOmber to adjourn was opposed by Besimer, who moved as an amendmenc that an INF01ÍMAI. HALLOT be taken for city treasurer, which prevailed. The vote "panucd" out as follows: Z. P. King, G; E. 13. Pond, 2; J. F,' Schub, o; II. Hutzel, 1; and blank 1. Ou the next ballot Schuh reeeived 7 votes, Pond, 4, and King, 3. At the end of fcix formal ballots the vote stood Schuh, 7; Pond, 7. The next vote gave Schuh 8, and Pond 4, whcn Air. Sehuh wasdeclared elected. Aid. HtHzel cast the ueciding rote, wheu he was hcard to remark that the republicana shovved thtir good sense by voting for a dqínocral for city treasurer'. When the vote on city attorney was counted it loouied up as follows: Pistorious, 1; Knowltoii, 5; (Jramer, 5; II. Granger, 1; Pond, 1 Lawrence, 1. Aid. Besimer here aróse to his í'eet and said beiore the couneil might do something they wuuld X'egret. he would recommead the electiou of J. (J. Kuowlton who reeeived 11 votes on the second ballot. The eouncil then adjourned. STILL LATEU. At a special meeting last evening Thos. Clarken was elected marshal, on the fourth ballot, receiving 11 votes to 1 for Meritbew, Policemen Porter and Miliman will serve utidec the new marshal. A party of excutsionists from this city are in Toledo to-day. S. B. Kevenaugh left last evening for Vernon, this state, to attend the funeral of his father.


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