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April 11.- Tlie house of repreeentativrs occupied most of iU tiuie in discussion. The Mixte üiii not meet uutil evening, wbeu the death of Seuator Durkee was annouuced, anda motion for adjourmneut was carried. April 12. - The seuate adjourned without doiuu' any business, umi! Tbursday mriiijir. The house passed the foliowing bilis: relativa to unauthorized fire and marine iusurauce; auiending section 26 of act l'.H, Sossiou Laws of 1877, relative to iudigent iusane persons; aiHemling sections 1, 5 and 15 of act 187 of Session Laws of 1875, relative to the inrorporation of manufacturiiiK compauies; approprinting $1,000 for the exhihitiou of horticultura! and (lomoloiticnl producta of the stat at the exhibition of the American pamological society, lo lie held in Boston in 1881; to provide for payiiig upper península meuibers $5 a day; aiufnding sectioa -17ü3, relatiny to marrases and the solemnization thereof ; ainendiug si'Ctiou 69B7 of Compiled Laws, relative to the competency of wtnesseB and exauiiuation of partie in certsin caws; amending spetiou 7557 of Compiled Laws, relative U offuses against property: amending sections 7478, 7479 and 7481, relativo to thefeesof justicesof the peac-e constables and sherifTa in criminal cases. The house ailjourned till Thursday. April 14. - In the senat the followiag bilis werepassed: Amending the act authnrizing a public niarket in the city of Detroit; to facilítate taking of depoitions in certain cases; repealiug section Ï7B7 of Compiled Iaws, relative to recruiting for the volunteer service of other states: raaking appropriKtions for curren t expenses of state uorual nchool ; amending (ection 2245 of Compiled Laws, relative to election of bank offioers;appropriatuigBwainp lands for improving Ontonagon rivor and harbor: iimendiiii; section 2 of article 407, Session Laws of 1879, revising charter of city of Detroit; amending article 165 of Session Laws of 1875, to facilítate the collection of damages for trespass on landa; amending section 21 of Sessinn Laws of 1877, revising laws relative to miuing and smoking Companies; oxtemiinj ttin time sor the couipletion of t e Marquette, Houghton aud Ontonagon railroart; to a('d three new sections to chaptt-r 196 of Coiupiled Laws, relativo to partition of lands owned ly several persons; to provide for the probate of foreign wills iu certain cases; anienilini: ectious ::M and 3882 of Compiled Laws, relativo to burying grounds; amemling sections 590 and 5'Ji of Compiled Laws, relative to the dut es of county rnirveyors; aoproprialing swamp land for a state road in Marqaetto county; amendini; sectious 71S1 and 7184 of Coiupiled Laws in relation to the punishuient of frauduleot debtors; inaking appropriations for eastern asylum for the iusanc; establishing adepartnieut of electie medicine in tbeuniversity; aineuiüug laws relative to the reorganizaron of the milibtry forces of the state; aleo veral local bilis, aud several bilis changing itames. In the houc acominnnicatioii wa received frnm the governor inclosing a letter from the judges of tlie suprenin court, setting forth certiiin constitutional ohjections to the bill wliii'li Ims ulroiidy pa ■ .mI the house, requiring the jndges to preparS and file asyllnhuaof hIIimh's in tke court for piiblication. The house spent theday iudiscussing the Howell couipilatiou bill, April 15- The senate held a very short session, did no business of importante, and adjourued until Monday. The house epent the ilay in disctiseing the coinpilation bill, luit, without action, adjourued until Monday.


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