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Both parties in the senate seem to be as stubborn as ever. Sitting Hnll announces tliat be has made up bis mi iid to come in and surreuder. Ex-Attorney General Devens bas been appointed to a seat on the aupreme court beach of Masaaclu'sette. The Iobsps of stock in the grazing regions of hf northwi'st have been lesa tliau the most sanguine expected. Secretary Kirkwood has ordsred a competitive examiuatiou of the 720 applicants for 130 positions in bis uepartmeut. The MMiatr bas been reduced to a bare quer11111 by absenteeism. Thirty-two senators are paired and five absent without pairs. The sheet mili of the Reading iron conipany has been ciosed, owing to a strike of the pudiere, and four bundred uien have been thrswn out of employment A eonsolidation iias teen arranged between the Hotou, Hoosac Tunnel and Western railway and other rilroadconipanie9 in New ïork 8 ate, which completes a line f rom the Hoosac tunnel to Onwegoand BuSalo. The wiv68 of Senators Shermnn, Pendleton and Logan, and Secretary Blaine, and other ladla of Washington, have issuedan appeal to the ppople of the L'nited States for aid to the sufTererg from the Chio eartbquake. Secretary Wiudom has issued a cali for the six per cent, bonds which expire July lst, 1H81, auioiintiug to l(J5,ft80,i00. Owners of thesft bonda drairing to retaiu them afterthat dato at an interest of 8% per wnt, perannum, can do so by returuing the bonds to the treasury departmniit before May 20, 1K81, and signitjing tlicir dtwire to have ihein continued. ( 'liarles Springstoad has confessed that ha capsized a loat and drowned Samuel Asher, a boy. at Lackawaxen, Pa., because lie hated the boy's fatli r. A body of masked men took possession of ToIhIo, Dorney eounty, Arkansas, Sunday, and rohliwl the couuty treasury of from $5,000 to $10,000. They are being porsued by citizens. The snow-storm of Monday blockadml rallroads in Minnesota and Hakota. It bas now progrenged into the east, and snow is reported in Penusylvauia aud New York. The Missouri tiver is bubsiding. The ice in Uie St, renco river lias moved. A tornado in Mississippi 1 1 us killed stneral persons. A new consolidatiou is announced which rivM a contimwus line froin BuiTalo, ?ia Erie, Cleveland and Fort Wayne, to C'hicaci without of ars. This infant lias lieen liapli.fil as the "New ïork, Chicago and St. Louis load," whicli probalily iudicates what it means to be when it is grown. l'ostir.astitr (cm-ral James lias appointetl a Biiec'ial eomniiseion tq overhaul tlie poRtoffice di'partnx'iit, with a view of reform and reorganlzation. At WlieelhiB, West Virginia, fire iestroycd the furuiture factory of Metzer, Schell, Baze & Co.; loss $60,000; iusurance $16,000. Miss Hattie Deuel, the starviug suicide, died at noon Mouday, the forty-seveuth day of her fait The Geopia railroad has been leased to the South Carolina railroad compauy for 99 years, at an auuual reutal of $60,000. A Washington dispatch states that Ex seDator Bruce of iesissippi has heen teudered, i nd declinad the misxion to Hrazil. Thoihas A. Scott has resigned tWe presiden - ct of the Texas Pacific railway and Jay Gould has Ixmmi cli'i'ii'il to the office. Mr. Gould lias purchased Scott's entire Inte rest in the road. H. M. Hoxie was then appointed superintendent, lo succeed Ueorge Noble. Twin brothers, Arthur and Luther Foster, students of Phillips acadeiny, Andover, Mass.. broke iuu ttie house of Ahiel Wilson, on the Salem turnpike, early Wednttsday niorninK, Wilson awoke aud fiied at thein, killiug Arthur. The young man thus killed was sti'dyiug for the ministry. The survmng brother confsssed that they had already rolibeii the house once, and tbeyare suspactedofotber robberies. Charles Mormon, a Leadville stage driver, waotoaly shot and killed FolkPrindie, a peaceble citizon, aud was promptly aud efficiently hune by unmaskod vigilantes. A Republiean senatorial caucus will be hele wltbln a lew days to consult upon the couree to t)e tiiken witli regard to tbe deadlock. Senator Edmunds' advice vrill, it is said, haye considerable weight in iiitlaenciug H decisión. Fires. - In Newnrk, N. J., in Peters's oil eloth works; loss, $30,000 iusnrcd.- AtHardell Pa., Horuer'ejirocery; loss, f 7,000.- At Wau seon, O.. Lyon, Clemeut fe Greenleaf's flouring mili; lose, $80,000; iusurauce, 15,000. Mr. Price of Iowa has been appointed chin: clerk of the Imlian bureau wtiile awaitiug con firur.ition as Indias commissiouer. The convention of the northwestern branch of the wiimen'B foreign misBionary Bsocition of the Methodist church is in session at Aun Arbor. The President is said to be lioldiusr bw_k important nominations until the deadlnck is kroken. Win. C. Webb, an Indianapolis banker, has sued the St. LouiO Kepublican for $50,000 daniages for libel. Examination was made by l)r. Paten, cbeniist of the healtn department of Cbicaso, of 400 hogs taken atrandoni in the packin house at the stock yard. The examination was carefully and accurately made, 20 pieces beiug taken froui gome of the hogB, and jet not a single trace of truiiinae was discovered. The departmeut, however, recomniüiido, as an absolute means t securily against tlie paxasiies, that all pork sliould lie cooked. The Union ttieological Bemiiiary, Nf w York city, is to be coueenlrated iuto one building to be erecte.i on Madlson avenue, Iwtween Sixtyninth and Seveutieth Rtree;s, which,it is hoped, will be completed iu 1WS3. Postmaster fieneral James has appointf d a coinmissiou to look into the alleyil Bleamboat mail service irreaularities on sevcral liuesceutering iu Memphia. Tne Newcastle and Franklin railroad was solil at auction at Newcastle, Pa., Wednesday, and was bouifht by Ihe PlttsDurg, liufiulo and Western railroad for t"75,OOO. James O'Brien alias Bob l.indsay, who perjured biniselfin the investigation of ihe inlamous Morey letterforgery ly swearing that he knew H. L. Morey, has heen sentenced to the stetes prison for eight years. A B:itiinore jury lias piven Mary A. Murray, who suert (ien.E. B. Tyler, postmaster of that city, for indeceut assault, a verdict of $5,000 damages. The cabinet considered the needs of the suf ferers by the Dakota floods, and deoided to supply thein with army ratious and clothing. Eflicient measures have already been taken for their relief. The visit of (ïen. ürant to Mexico is regarded with apprehension by tbe Mexican governmrnt, aad po receptiou wan givwu tüui iu Uie City of Mexico. The postmaster genenrl hae issued an order declaring all publicatious in Tiolation of copyrights ifianteü by the Uniteü States to be uumailable. The school population of the United States is 14,59t,lk3. Of this nuniber 9,873,195 were enrollad in 1878. There were in that year 271,144 teatherPi Messrs. Hughes of St. Louis and Simpson of Weatherford, Texas, have purc'iased th faroous Millett rancli of cattle for $300,000. The sii ikim; street ar conductora of Cincinnati are interferiug with those who wiHh to work and throwiug street ears off the track into gutters. Bradstreet's estímate the cotlon erop of 18S1 at ,283,403 bale. A delegation of Virginia Republicana, head-. ed by Congressniau Jorgeusen, clled on the President to protest aguinst any alliance with Mahone. They want a straigbt-out Republican ticket and uo readjusters. A dispatah from Philadelphia states tliat the mother of Thomas Hughe lias become so delighW wüli descriptions of his Euglish colony in Tennessee tliat, though 88 years oíd, phe has determined to become one of the colonista. Ariny ollicers in Colorado emphaticnlly deny the sensational stories alwut au apprehended outbreak mong the Utos, published by the Denver Tribune. Gen. Pope eays tliat the Ute9 are entirely peacealile. Tbe white people of the state seem ileterinined to piek a quarrel with the L't"s aud iuvolve them in a war, so as to capture tlieir reservation. Fikks.- In Buflalo. hat mamifactory of Stafford, Faul & Co. The establishment of E. Hirschfield fc Co.,and Hiram Kxsiein were also Injared. Total !obs $S5.(XK): insured.- At Nos. 145-7 Mulberry street, New York, occupied liy various uiauufacturinK conipauies; loss $35,000: inostly iusured. - At Albany, S. Muuson 4 C.'s store and adjoiuiug property; loss f80,000; insured. A couple of trampa persuaded the wiveg of Ben. Davis and his son. living on the St. Francis nver, soutb of Memphis, to elope with thcin, and started down the Mississippi on a flatlxiat. The younger Bavis parsued them, taking passage on a steamboat, saw them encauipt'il on the bank. and sbol aud killed tbe man who had tempted his wife away. Washington dispatches niíintlou a story to the effect tliat Whitwlaw Reid is to be minister to (ieruiany. The Wificonein antitreating law has been decided liy Judge MiJlory of Milwaukee to be iuoperative and veid. Fires.- In New York city, the mauufactories of Nilius Shire t Co., shirts; Ruf'is Frost & Co., w-olen gond?, and A. R. Hind, Unen goorts; loss fiW.OOO.-In Imluth, Mine, Scott & Holston's sash and door ractory;Ioss$12,00ü, Insamaee $6,500. A bankers' and Dierchanfs' telegraph company, wilh n capital of $1,000,00 , ha been incorporated in New York to work 12 wires from Boston to Washington. Nearly eight hundred thousand bushels of grain wereshipped duringthe lat wtjek from St. Louis via New Orleans to European ports. A colonization scheme to bring colored soutbern refugees iuto New Jersey and qualify them to work iu factories ba3 beu organ ized. Rfports from the wheat produciug regions of the uorthwest make it eviiieut that the wheat erop of 1K81 will uot be equal to the remarkahle crops of the two provious years. In far.t, tbat was uot to be expectod. But the erop is by no means a (i ilure. A larger acreageiu winter wheat was sown last (all thau ever before, aud though the productiou per acre will not be as heavy this year as for the two previous years, the total production will he sufficient to supply all home nceds, and furnish a considerdble amouut for exportation.


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