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Mr. Finnigau, Irish Libe-al, approves the laúd bilí, lint DilloD, l'a: ni'lliii', condeinued it iu a speech in TMpperary. Parnell, ata Dulilin conference, saiil tliat thn provisions of the liill were "illusory." The earthquake hns beguii agaiü in Chio. iiarely twciily house reuialu habitable iu the whole island. The Turcomana have oaptured Kissar, the most ndvarcfd linwian post in Central Asia, and slaughteiíd the garriaon. A uihilist named Suilzilnfsky has ben arrestad iu Houmauia, and will probahlj be gieii up to Russia. He is not charged with auy amplicity in assassinalion, but, it is said, "was iuiplicaü d in peasant disorders," The B'rs have acknowledged that their capture of PottibAfstroom was a violation of the armistice, and have return! it to the liritish. The excitement at Tunis is iucreasing, and the Iwy Iih appealml to Rnia to protect liim agaiust a Freuch invasión of his terrttory. Lord Beaconsfield' condition is very criticiil, bat 'he physiciaus have not abauüoucd hopeof hls recovery. In the French chamher of deputies Premier Ferry said that the state of alTairs ou the TudIbUui rrontier was intolerable, and that France does not desire couquests, but iuteuds to save Algeria. The Britiah ambassador at Constantinople ui inforuied the porte tbat he will hold it reponsible for the safety of Mr. Suter, tbe English subject captured by irigaud.i, and for the myinent r tlie ransoin demandei by the lat or. Another shock if e;trtliquake occurred in Chio Monday, aud many liousee were destroyed. Tlie bey of Tunis ref uses to allow the Frenen 'orces to invade his territory iu order to punsli tlie uiarauding Kouin's, whose numbêr is estimated to be trom 15.U0Ü to 20,000. The evacuation of Candahar has been ordered, to begin on the 13th inst. and be cocnpleted on the 22d. A ñerce 8trui;g)e is apprehended totween the torces of Addurrahuian Khan and Ayoob KUan. Tbe czar is saiil to be disposed to spare tbe lires of seine nihilists, if thy formally a.k pardon. The Loo!on News says that in order to prevent a deplorable inisunderstanding between Kuglaud and Rusoia explanations ehould at once be given by tlie latter ut Uen. Skobelotf s return to central Asia. (ionion, one of the inilicttd Irisbmen in the Dublin stüte trials, bas In-en arrested at Clare morris under the coerción act, for laaguage used at a mvnt land league meeting. Tlie extreme nieasures which the frijhtened Russian autocracy prepared for lts own pro teotion, Bucb as surrounding St Petersburg witb a chain of guards, liare been abandoned, as irksoine to loyal persous. The latest news froin Chio says tliat 8.00C livrs were lost by the iOarthquakee and 10,000 persons mjured. Ureece at last agrees to the bmmdary line conceded by Turkey and approved by the powerf, on condition Umi the powers wlll guaras teethft faithful surrender of the territory thus ranted to it. The Britinh have made arrangements to seizfi the "Irisb World," published in New York, on its arrival in British dominions, oi the ground that it is a treasonable publica tion. The different schools of physicians are qnw reling over Lord Beaconsüeld's illness. The college of physioiaus has eited Dr. Quain to answer fr consulting an eclectic phyeiciau in the case. A dispatoh from SL Petersburg reporto an attack by niuilists on the troops guardiug the prison of the conde.mned assassins, and the capture of 20 with bombs in their hands. M r. (iladstone lias written a letter in whicl he declares that the government will not adop an apolo .etir line in the debate on tlie Trans vaal peace. Ii, was a question or saving England from sheer blood-guiltiness. The tenants' nghts assnciation of Ulster, wliicb. being a la w-almlini; body, is entitled to be heard, asks that furtlier facilitiee be giren in the land bill to tenants for acquiring tlieir holdings. Four men and one woman were hung at St. Petersburg for coniplicity in the assassination of the czar. Anothtr rictiui waits to bring an orphan uto the world, after which she also will be huDg. Hiinibs continue I explode in the streets of iladrid, but without injuringanylKxljr. The kintr of Abyssiniahas fallen in battle nnd is succeeded liv hig son. The Chio correspondent of tlie London Timas reitérales his ossertion that tlm loss of life by the earthquakke has been very greatly exag gerated. Ue is doubtless risrlit, as those will understand who have had occasion to ineasure the enonnily of the exaguerations which always atteud the news of a great catastrsphe The Aibanian insurgents at Prisernd haTe driven the Turkish troops iuto the citadel aud are beüiegingthetn. Dervisch Pasha proposes toarrest all the chiefs of the Aibanian league. An anticoercion meetiag at Newcastle was attended by 16,000 persons and addresscd by Parnell, wlio attacked the land bill - Matthew Uarris, one of tlie land leaguers tried at the Dublin stat trials, bas been arrested under the coerciou act. Lord Beaconsfield was inuch better Saturday. His physicians express hope of his ultiniat recovery. Bismarck proposes to increase the coinage of silver in üermauy in proportion to the iucrease of popuhtion.


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