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The Battle Creek Faster

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llrs. Nellie Ingram, of Hattle Creek, is still living though shelias been without food since Thanksgiring day last. A correspondent who has been inter viewing the attending physician writes as follows about the case : Dr. Robertson is one of our leading physicians, and a gentleman statements can be tboroughly relied up on. He states the trouble to be a disttrrangement of the nervoiis system, causing a sympathelic initation and consequent reflex tijmn the upper portion of the bowels, the only traceable cause for this state of health mng the extraction of a tooth, during October last. Having snffered from anexposcd nerve of a molar tootk, Mre. Ingram decided upon having itextracted, which was easily acconiplished by Dr. ll-rritt, a practicing dentist of the city. The shock which followed tlie drawing of the t' oth at once made itself manifest by a severe pain in the abdomen. She was taken to her home, where she steadily grew worse. Every attempt to eat was followed by terrible loathinjïs of fooil and a deathly sickness. The attempt to tak e food was made daily, however, nntil Thanksgiving, when the paroxysms of retching became so severe and dangerous that it was decided to discontinue thom, and thus obvíate the danger of deatli in one of these painful spasnis. The doctor Uien began the use of ak'oholic baths, wuich for a short time had the desired effect; still it became apparent that soinething more substantial would have to be devised to arrest and sustain what appeared to be a rapid ebbing away of life. It was Uien that the doctor began the practice oí injeotions. These consist of strong beef tea, milk and otbet iluids of known nourisliing qualities. It was discovered by the pliysician that the lower bowels were in condition to absorb these nutritious substanc&s, and that the lady's strength was in a measure improved by this means, and the practice has since continued daily. The patiënt is also in the same t mble abotit diinking as she is about e ung, and a similar process luis leen adopt! in reference to water. The lady, her husband and physician all state that the abore injections, together with the cali on her aecumulated flesh, are all the means which have heen used tosustain life for over 170 days. "When lirst attacked Mrs. Ingram was rohust, weighing ahout 175pourtds, arid as slie lies in bed, which she lias not left since Thanksgiving, the bloom on hercheekand thefullnessof herrounded features would deceivp one and niake it almost impossihle to believe that their possessor hal wasted away to less than ninety pounds, bui suchisthe case. Mrs. Ingram is of medium heiglit, 34 years oíd, has been married twioe and is the inother of three cliildren. Mrs. Ingram has the utmost faith that she will eventually recover, in fact some slight symptoms are in the dirtsction of that to be hoped for result. It is needless to say that many letters f rom medical men all over the country are daily reeeived and one was recently opened which contained a long disertation on the power of "Faith in Prayer." The writer, evidentlyareligions eiitlmsiast, proposed to organice a prayermeeting for the special purpose of praying for Mrs. Ingram's recovery, arid statetl the day and exact liour when all would approacli the throne of grace in her especial behalf. The time has past and the result has been unsatisfactory, or in other words, the lady still lives in the same coudition as before. As the days pass the becomes more and more interesting.


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