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"home Sweet Home."

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Mr. H. C. Bnnner, editor of "Puck," con tributes to the May Scrlbner a novel feature, entitled "Home, Sweet Home, with Variatlons," belntí auKKestlons of the variuus styles In whlch the theme would hare been treated by Swinburne, Bret Harte, Austln Dobson, Goldpmlth, Pop and Walt Whltman. Here lt Ís "as Mr. Francia Bret Harte nilht have woven it tnto a touchlnK tale of a western Kextleman Ín a red shirt:" Brown o' San Juan, Stranger, I'm Brqwn. Come up this inornin' froin FrUco- Beu a-saltin' my specie-staeks down. Ben a-kuockin' arouud, Fer a man from San Juan, Putty considable frequent - Jes' caten onter that streak o' the dawnl Right tliar lies my house - Ëight thar in the red- I could slop over, stranger. in po'try Would spread out oíd Shakspoke cold dead. St'aneer. you freeze to this: there aint der gin palace Nor no variety show lays over a man'e own rancho. May be it haint no style, hut the qaeen in the Tower o' Londou Aint got naathiu' 1M swop for that house over thar on the billside. 1 har is niy ole gal, 'n' the kids, 'n' the rest o' my live stock; Thar my Reinington hangs, and thar there's a griddle cake br'ilin'- Fer the two of us, pard - and thar, I allow, the heavens Sinile more friendllike than ou any other locality. Strangerfnowhere else I don't take no satisfaction. Gimme my ranch, 'n' thera friendly oíd Shanghai chickens- I biung the original pair fin the states in eighteen-'u'-fifty- Gimine them, and the teeliu' of solid domestie comfort. Yer parding, young man- But this landscape a kiud Er tlickers- I 'low 'twus the po'try- I thoughi niy eyes had goue blind. Takt that pop from my belt! Hi, thar- ({linme yer han'- Or I'll kill niyBelf- Lizzie! ahe's left uie- done off with o, yunier man! Thar, I'il quit- the ole (tal An' the kids!- rnn away! I 1)6 derned! Howsoraever, onnin 11, pard, The griddle cake's thar, anywiy.


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