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Be Ü onlaimd by tlie Mayor, Recorder, and Aldermen of the City of Ann Arbor: Section 1. Whenever the Common Council of the city of Ann Arbor shall determine that public convenience and neccessity require that any sidewalk shall be constructed, repaired or renewed within the limits of said city, a resolution shall be passed by said council, directing that such sidewalk be graded, constructed, repaired or renewed, as may be deemed necessary or expedient, and preseribini; the length and width thereof, and the material of which tte same shall be made, togellier wth such other directions for tlie constructíou, repairing or renewing thereof, as may be deemed necessary, and further ordering and requiring the owner or owners of the lot or lots and premises adjacent to and abutting upon the line of said sidewalk, to grade and construct, repair or renew that pan of such sidewalk adjacent to the lot or lots and premises owned by tliem respectivcly, of the width and material.and in themannerprescribed in such resolution within thirty days after aervice of a notice of the passage of such resolution and a copy of the same. Section 2. The chairman of the sidewalk committeo, or such other person as may have supervisión of the sidewalks of said city, shall cause a written notice of the passaue of sucli resolution to be served upon the owners of lots abutting upon such sidewalk. Such notice shall set f orth a copy of the resolution directing such sidewalk to be graded, construct ed, repaired orrentwed, and the date of itsadoption, and shall uotify the person or persons to whom ït is directed to grade, construct, repair or renew the sidewalk according to the requiraments of such resolution, and„that if such sidewalk shall not be completed within thirty days after serrice of said notice, the same will then be graded, constructed, repaired or rcnewed by the chairman of the sidewalk commitlee, or by such other persou there1q named as shall have beeu desigDated the said coraraon couacil, and that the expense thereof shall be dccñTL.. a special assesgment upon such lotor prcmises, and sliall be added lo flie amount of the general cily tai on such lot or premiscs. Said notice shall be served by the city marshal or by one of his deputies, by dclivering a copy thereof to each of tue owners of the lots or premisos abutüng on such sidewalk, and if such owner or owners can not be found within said city, then a cepy of such notice shall be left with the occupant of such lot or premises or with orne membcr of his family of suitable age and discretion; and if any of such lots or prcmises shall be unoccupied, and the owner thereof can not be found in said city, then said notice shall be seivcd by posting a copy thereof in sotne conspicuous place on such lot or premisos. Sf.ction 3. On the exDiration of thirty days after the linie of service of said notice the chairman of the sidewalk comniittee shall, withall due diligence, grade, construct, repair or renew such portions of said sidewalk as have not been gradcd, constructed, repaired or renewed in nccordance with said resolulion and notice ; and upon the completion of such work, he shall make a report, in writing, to the common council of said city, giving the description of each lot or premises in front of which such sidewalk was laid or repaired, and the name of the owner and and occupaut thereof, and the cost of grading, constructing, repairin orrencwiiiK such sidewalk in front of cach one of auch lots or premiscs. Section 4. The common council of said city shall direct the cost of grading, constructing, repairing or renewing such sidewalk to he paid out of the general fund, and shall, ly resolution, charge and assess to each of said lots and premises, the cost of grading, constructing, repairing or renewing so much of said sidewalk as is adjaceut to and in front of said lot and preinises. Section 5. On or before the second Monday of November of each ycar the city recorder shall make a report and certifícate to the supervisor of the district in which the lot or lots, and premises cent to which said sidewalks shall have becn construcled, repaired or renewed, are located, setting forth a description of said lot or lots and preraises, together with the name of the owuer or owners, and occupants, if known, and further showint; tue amount assessed to each of said lots and premises, whicli certificate shall notify and require said supervisor to levy the several sums so assessed by tax up'on tbe lt or lots aüd premises, t which they are respetfull}r assessed, and add the same lo bis district tax roll for 'bat year.unless otherwise directed by tbe commou council. Sbctioh ti. L'pon recoiving said certifícate, the said supervisor sball levy the sums thereiu mentioned upon the lot or lots and premises to wbich thcy are respuctively charged and assessed, by adding sucli sums to Uie general city tax to be levied on sucli lot or lots and premises, acainst tbe owncr or owners tbereof, in bis district tux roll for tbc current year, and tbereupon the amount so addcd shall be collectcd and enforced with and in the sume manner as tbe tax lo which it is added, and when collected shall be paid into the city treasury to the credit of tbc general fund. Section 7. In case the tax assessed ot any such lot or lots and premises chargec witb the expense of grading, construct ing, repairing or renewing sidewalks as provided bv luis ordiuance shall not be paid or collected, and any such lot or lots and premises shall be returned for nonpayment of such tax by the city treasurer, such lot or lots and premises, unless soon er redeemed, shall be sold therefor by the county treasurer at the annual sale of lauds for delinquent taxes and in the same marnier as lor other taxes as prorided by law. Section 8. No new sidewalk sliall be constructed unless upon the applieation in writing of a miijority of all the owners or occupants of the real estáte which may be subject to assesstuent for such sidewalk. Section 9. Ohapter three of the revised ordinances of 1876 of the city of Ann Arbor, eutitled "an ordinance rclative to improving sidewalks" and all ameDdnients thereto, and an ordinance en'.itied "an ordinance relative to repairing and renewing of sidewalks," passed September 4th, W6, and an ordinance entitled"an ordinance relative te sidewalks," passed July 14th, 1879, are hereby repealed.


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