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Seventy-five cases of. measles have tliua far been developed anionR the children of the state public school at Cold water, and one fleath has ccurred. Celia Kenner, a quadroon girl atteuding the Adrián hiirh BCbooI, claims that $20 have teen stolen trom her pocket in the doak room. Petty thetls have occurred before of artlcies of cloüiing, and in one case a pirj's cliak was etripped of lts buttons. Fires.- M. S. Edwards's grocery and l'atnck Smith's sa-ioon were burnèd ;it Parte, Meccwta county. lueendiatisin is allfL'cl. At Sin Angelo, Texss, a hotel kept li.v Mi. Tankcrsley, formerly a resident ef Detroit, was tmrned to the grouud ; loss $1U,000, insurpnee f2,500.- At. HHRtiiuw. Mit-h.. house of N. S. Shriiies; loss SS2,(IUO, jnsurance $1,800.- William Hrooks's baru at Jamestown. Ottawa eouUty, was set afire by liis halfwitted son, and was tlestroyed, with several animáis, itniiliiu'iits and fodder. Loss about S1.0U0; insured. At Buchanau, Matthew ball, au employé in the Star foundry, was seriouely Injured wlnlc at work at a lU-inch emery wheel fjcruulm r plow poiuta, by tlie wheel burstiniJ: into time pieces, and one of thom BÜitlng him, inakinji an ugly Wound in liia forearm. He w: s knockcd senseless, and lias been deraueti since. is liurt interually, and It is feared bis injuries mayproTí fatal. Charles B. Peck of Port Hmon, Mich.. is amonEtliK government direotorsof the l mon Pacific raihoad, appointed by President arfield for the ensniug year. A.uion the meuibers of the boaid of visitors to West Point nomimited by the 1'renideut is Henry B. Ledyard f Detroit. Aman named Bigger, wlio liveil in th" wyn of Worth, six miles south of Lezington, wme cettinK ready to o to bed dropped dead. He was 64 y-:rs r.á, and cauio from Canada about a year ai?o. The case of Dr Wood OÍ Big Kapirts,cliarged with the rape of a Swedish girl, removed U) Newaygo coiinty iroin neoona coiimj, uod beu on trial a week and euded in a disacreement of the jury, who stood eislit fov conïiction and four for acquittal. Tlie case win probably be tried again. DaveArkans, a milIwriRnt in Maptetee, got IÚ8 arm bo badly cruslifii In a BhlDgle nuil that it was ampntated below tlie elbow. Insured for $10 per week in ttie Traveler's Accident ol Harttord. Comniissions to lie postmastvrs were seut from Washlugton, April 2a U) Moses V. Petersou, Oakfield Center, and Víctor C. Spenser, Amsdec. The proprietor of th Walker house, aear iirnnd Ranids. was fiued 25 and CORtfl for iug !iiuor ou Sunday. Sarah Ashcraft sued the vitlaze of Buchanan tn the United States court foi damages receivetl froin a defectivo sidewalk, having broken her leg, and tlie jury awarded lier 3,000. Mie moved tato Indiana after her leg was broken, and, having acquired a residenee In tluit state, brought suit in the United States court A fishlng party from Rit Clemens, oomísüdi? of Postmaster Suook, Dr, W. Hecker, Moni Axti) and ('liarles Wood, was drowued in Lake StClair Wednesday wliile returning from Strawberry islaml, where tl.ey had been on a fishinu excursión. The Iofb canses great mourning at Mt.Clemens. A state telephono exchange coinpauy lias been farmally oreanlzei to connect llie principal towus of Micliigan tèlephonlcally. Tlie capital stock of the óompany is $250,000. Kicliardsofl's dam, at Alpeua, almut a half a mile from the mouth of the river gave way and 3,0)0,0K) feet of logs went out, oarryjDg away a bridge across wliicli tlie pipe supplylng the southweet part of the city willi water w: laid. In the afternoon the booms at tuafield gap gave way, and two or three million fett more of logs went out The lotes will all be recovered, but the lumbermen will lose beavily by the delay. ASyear oíd son of HoratloShippof liellevue naa scalded to death in a kettle of boiling water. Liz'ie Parker, a little 6-year-old daughter of Charles Parker, feil into an uncovered ristern at Battle Oreok aud was drowued. She was ♦.aironly ehild. Abram Sebriugof Gratiot oounty lias in bis possession the capo to tlit ovcrcoat worn ,y Jeff lavis at the time of his ipture, Mr. Sclirinít was oue of the 4tli Michigan eavalry that particlpnted in that event. The cape íh a very dark Wue in color, handsomt) yood?, and at he time taken was liaudBOiuely embroidered, but the MoUnned use of it has worn the embroidery off. Mr. Sebrinfr saya the othor boji were helpiíip; theinselvi-s to eomtlii z l. ooramemorate that event, and the rape bcinif the most availablo thing at band, he tjok it. I)r. Hamilton of Fltnt, luis been arrested for alleged criminal practico on a yoirag woman, now an inniate of me Detroit house of correction. Chester Savage of Moreuci, miele of Hoiner Andrews,h9 roblied ami attempted to murdw Thomas E. Johns, has been arrestecl as ao accessory after the Tact. It is alleged that he re ceived f 115 of Uie stolen money trom Amliews and aided bim to seape. A fire at Mouut Morrlf, Genesee county, yesterday, destroyed nearly the whole business pnrtion of the town and mauy private liouses. Tlie losse will probablj be between f30,ü(Mt aud 40,000. Melaaie's hotel, four miles e;i8t of Lapeer tmrned, loss $1.000, insured for $500. This is the thlrd hotel liuildinsr on this site dentroyed by fire within tlie last three years, and eacli owned and operated by Mr. Melanie. A fire In the stave factory of Bllun and Weldeinan at Deerfield, dustroyed three drying kilnsand about $],0W worth of stock. Total loss estimated at $8,000, on which there is taown to bo an insurance of $1,600 in the London Assurauce and $1,000 in the Home of Mew York. At Charlotte, Reuben Hall,oonvicted of rape, was sentenced byJudge Hooker to 20 years nt Jaokson. The body of Charles Harper, the expreBS messenger, missing from Detroit, lias been found in the river Rouge, a few miles below the city. A fire at Detroit destroyed . W. Frost's wooden ware works and Croul Bros.' taunery on Frankliu Rtreet, Uetween Ieib and Adair streets. Los $150,000, insurance small. In the Superior Court at Grand Rapids, Joseph Carral was sentenced to one year at Ionia for burglary; Frank Jout to eighteen months at Ionia for larceny. The foundry of Welling & Patch, in Cassopolis, was partially destroyed by fire. At Muskegon the Ducey Lumber Company, with a capital stoclc of $50,000, bas been organized. It has purchased the new mili of UkTorrent and Arms Lumber Company for f 40,000. Frank Disham, aged 14 years, while fishing at Port Crescent feil from the dam and was carried into the lake. The body bas not yet been recoTered. AdiBpatch from Mt Clemens says: Capt. Duncan of the tug Perkins bas just returned, having found the lost boat and the body of Morey Axtell, oue of the drowned party heretofore mentioned. The boat was disco vered floating off Grosse I'oint, with Uie body of young Axtell partly in the boat, the head,shoulders and one arm lying over tha gunwale, in the water. This disnipates the last hope for the safety of any of the missing men. The city is In mouming. Axtell is supposed to hare died froni hunger and exposure. Tbe firet leajue base ball game of the season In Detroit resultad Buffalos (i, Detroits 6. Mr. Samuel II. Callaway, división superiudent of the Detroit and Bay City división of the Michigan Contra!, has been appointed general superintendent of the Chicago and Grand Trunfc railway, with headquarters at Chicago. A woman's bat and a letter eigned "I. D." were fouud on the doek between Wayne and Shelby streets, Detroit, under such circumBtances as to indícate a possible suicide. The letter was addressed to Dr. G. F. Laird of 1205 Jefferson avenue. The notorious Addis divorce case at Grand Rápida has been decided iu favor of Mr. Addis, and she is giveu t83.0U0, an estimated onehalf f her husband's estáte. The Butler road between Detroit and Adrián will probably be couipleted May '0. The city council of Fenton, Mich., lias fixed the linuor dealers' bonds in that town at 3.000. Mrs. Charles KeretiB of Mt. Cleniens, al tempted to comuiit suicide by throwiiig her self from Maiket Btreet bridge, but was reRCued from drowiiiug tiy Joe Baruey and EUward Trombly, who chanced U) be near at hand. She is eaid to be partially insane. A dweiling house, uuoccupied, owned by Mre. James Kent, two miles south of JacksoD, was set ou fire by mime scouudrel and burued a few days ago. The insurancu had lapsed and it is probably a total loss. A new postoflice has been estublished at Lañe, Ogemaw couuty, Levi R. Buftou postinaster. Frederick Ualle, l'ine Mili, has been eoinniitisioned as postuianter, April 2B, md Wiu. Welhrull, Liberty, April 27. Tbe Michigan pipe coinpany oí Hay City has 1 si beeu awarded the contract lor furuishiuf; aud layiug 22,tJUO f eet of five-inch water pipu at Sweet aprings, Siline county, Mo. The pipe wül hare to be laid over hiiis the entire distance. Frank Hazell, a conductor on the freight train goiug west was run ovor and killed by hisown traiu at the depot at i'arwell. The head was tut otï (rom the body. He had been In the employ of the Fliut aud l'ere -Muniuette railroad company for ahout ten years and waa uiucti eeteeined. His parents live iu Saginaw. He had been married about six inonths.


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