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In the Britisli house of couimons, Sir Stafford Northcote objected to Charles KradlauKb Uikine the oath of office as re-elected member from Northauipton, and afterward moved that he be not permitted to take the oath. John Bright defended Bradlaugh'8 riglit to take the oalh. Mr. Bradlaugh said the oath would be bindiug on hig conscience. The motlon forhidding him to take the oath was adopted, 208 to 175. Mr. Bradlaugh refused to witlidraw, aud Mi (üadstmie refused to inakethe mntion for his forcible remoyal, wliereupou Sir rord Noi-Uicote made it and Bradlaugü was rorcibly removed. At the meeting of tlie land Upgne convention at Dui liu, Dillou warned the governuient tliat arineI resistance would be made to evictions. A nlliilist manifestó informa the czar tliat liis Wholesale executions only strengthen tlie nnmber and power of bis enemies by cauBiutt indlgnation among all just people. riu Fwnch iron-clad Surveillante bombarded and deetroyed a Tunisian fort on the wland of Taharca. The French troopB have occupied Tabarca. TIn Krencb land f orces were withm eicht mileB of Keff, Monday, and wereexpi'ckil to invrat it. The French governinent wil! send fifty thousand troops ti Algiers to vent iuBurrectioH. In the British house of coniiumis, Mr. Bradlnufrti again presentad liimself to take the oatli of office, and was removed to the bar of the house by the nerewmtatarnis at the order of the speaker. Mr. Lnboucbme (Bradlauuh s colleapiei endeavored to obtaio lmuediate consideraüoD of liis bill modifylag the oatli of the house of commons, proniisinar that u lt were taken up Mr. Hraillaugh and the Llbenüs who tympathize with him would agrew not to obstmc.t bnsineHS, as it is now in their power blUty ol the freatment of the case rpstel witti those who had voted not to permit Bradiaugh totake th oath. Aftcv forther debate lli subject was dropped. Mr. (iladstono au uouuccd ttiat tlie luidst proposal ror a duty ou ailvttr -piale would be withdrawn. Lotd BeaconafieW will loave his HuKlieiuinn property to liis uephew ('ouinKBhy Kalpli Disracli. Tho estáte is entailed on the male line, witli the provisión that in default of male lieir il shall go to descendauts ou tho female nido, ou oonditiou that they abandon their family uame and assuine tbat of Jlisracli. The Rusflian authorities declare that tbe Grand Duke Nieholas, on of the late czar, was iu coiuplicity with tiie nihilista in thelr plotó, and he has lieen seutenccil liy tli czarto lmrisonment foi life. In the Britiah house of comuious llie uuder toreiljn scpictary oiillwi attentiou to ttie fact tliat Ue actlon of theltussian gorerntnent coneerDine Skobeloff oonfirmed liis previous statement Lord John Kannen gave noticie (r an ameiiilment (o th land liU, oxpresping the views of tlie Conservaüye party. It is Bteted tliat Sir Stafford Nortlicote will in-colli the If1tr r t"( uonservaiwe pany, and tUat the duke of Kiclmioud will lead it iu the house of lords. The delay of the International monétary conference iu gettiuii to work is attributtni to a (lesire to uiodjfy Ue ooudltionsof uieiubersliip so tlmt Euiflnnd will t wllling to be represented. Tlie uihillHta used Easter eggs to dissMniinaUi a revolutionary proclamntion. The uew kintf ol Hoiiiiiania decluiefi h ieweled crown aul piofers one of steel, mado from Turkish guu8 captured by Rimmauians. He also deolinento be annointed as monarch by a priest, claiming his throne by constitufumul authority and uot by diyiue right, It is reportad from St. Petersburg that repressive measures without precedan t in the liistory of Russia, bloody and tyraniiical as it ImH been, aie to be adopted by the uew Czac. The porto has sent a note to France suggesting that the sultan, as suzerain of the bey of Tunis, has au iufluenc overhim which France does not nossesB, and that the bey could be more easily inrluenced by France through Turkey than directly. France, however, refuscs to recognlza the autherity or tti sultan over Tunis. The brutal persecution of the Jews continúes in fierinany. A mob led by school teachers wrecked tho houses of Jews at Argeviu, West l'russia, and maltreated the inmates. Au attenipt to evict nou-rent paying teuants at New Pallas, Irelaud, was defeated by a mob of 5,000 Irish patrióte, nmny of theui arined with revolvers. The investigption iuto tlie assassination of tbe Sultan Abdul Aziz is said to disclose the fact that a general assassiuation of all the princes of the reigning family was contení plated. Mr. Gladstoue, replying to the resolutions of the Irish bishops, iutimates that the govern ment caimot uudertake to introduce into the land liill the ainendmeuts proposed by tbem. A terrible epidemie of small pox is raging in London, Over 1,000 cases are in the hospital, and 1,500 have been refusedadr.iisMon tr want of room. A Galway irnUifï oamed Kiug ha boon roasted over a fire by land leaguors, witji probably fatsvl resultH. It is possible tliat Sir Edward Thornton will succeed Lord JHifferin as Rritish minister at St. Petersburg, aud tbat Sir Autttin Layard will succoed Slr Edward Thnrotoii at Washington. The earl of Slirewsbiny has been soundly thrashed for eloping with Mrs. Miller Mundy of Derby8hire. The superior board of educatiou of Spain has vote il to admit women and girls to the lectures of the Spanisli universities. In the British house of coinmons Mr. Lowis gave netice of au amendment opposing the oaths hill, alleging that it is desigued to admit an atheiBt into the house. Mr. Laboucheroannounced that he wnuld oppose the motion for a monument to Lord Beaeonsfield by moviuit the previous question. BebaUt on the land was resumed, Lord Ëlcho moved an amendnieut condemniug the leading provisions of the lïll. Mr. Parnell made some irrelevant temarks and was called to order. The attorney general Tntroduced the oaths hill, which permits members to atlinn ixütead of takiug an oath. Accouuts from the west of Ireland report a great increase iu agrariau crimes. Hands of armed men seour the country and terrorizethe Inhabltabte. A thousaud emigrants left Liverpool Saturday for America, mainly Swedes. Four Cunard steamships will take full loads of emigrants for America next week. Tbe Grand Duke Nicholas of Russia has been imprisoned for life in tbe fortress of Uunaberge. Two hnudred persous were injured by the mob who attacked the Jews at Elizabethgrad, Kussia. The (ierman delegates to the monetary conference say that Germany is williiiK, provided the United States and France agree to the mirestricted coinage of silver, to restrict the gale of Germán silver dollars, and próvido for a more extended use of silver in her own circulation. It is still hoped tbat Euglaud's representation in the coutereuce may i)e secured.


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