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Lansing, April 29, '81 Soine weeks ago, the bill appropriatiitg $400,000 for the location, establishment and erectlon of an additlonal asylum for the insane, was reported favorably by the sunate cominittec on asylums for the insane, and was then retened to the conimittee on appropritions and (nance. Jiot satistied to recominend the expenditure of sucha large sum of money if it could be avoided by building additions to the Pontiac asylum or by crowding the two now in use a little cíoser, the committee visitad Pontiac early this week and returned satistied that the institution is airead; very largely overcrowded, that as it is now a monster institution any additions to it would be impracticable and perhaps just as expensive, and that the additional asylum was a neuessity and should bé built. They aecordingly reported tlie bill favorably this morninguiiri it goeson the general order. It fs understood tliat Governor Jerome is, anxious that such a bill should pass. Indeed he indicated as mmli in Iiïh inaugural message. The so-called "Ilowell compilation bill," over which there has been more discussion and more WTanglfng than over any other two liills of the session, and TV'hicli passed the senate Bome weeks ago, finally passed the house on Thursday, by a vote oí 52 yeas to 39 nays. It provldes, as befóte explained, tliat the secretary of state símil purchase a Bufflrieñt snpply of a work entitlcd "Tho General StatutpH ol Ihf State of Michigan In forcé, with notes and digeats oí the decisions of the Supreme Couct relating thereto," eompiled and annotatod liy Andrew IIowcll, to furnisb to all orticers by law entitled t receive tlie public acts of the state, aml also to place on sale if the state so choese to keep them for sale; the pnce hi lx.' $2.50 per volume; the wliole to lie bomid i" tvvo volumes ;uul i be ready in one year irom the time of the close pf the present session. The liill f urther provides for a snftieient bond, as to tne payment, etc. Tt is not yet known what Governor Jeroine will do about the bül, but it is generally supposed hc will sign it. Representativé Campbell, of Marshall, cluiirman of the judiciary comniittee on Thursday submitted a report on i liill to repeal the act to amthorize Uoman Cathplic bishops of Michigan to hold property for ihe nae of the cliurrh, which will stir up a livoly tempeflt, and was anexpected as Mr. lio-ll is a cantone. The bilí revising the highway laws has lieen partially considered in comniiltceof the wliole in the House durIng the week. It is well received, and will probably pass without material tnodificatiOD from tho formin which it carne trota the committe on roads and bridges, by whom it has been mosteare(ully considered. The chairman of the house comiuittee, Mr. IJelden, has esprcially gi ven the bill his attention, and to liim is largely due sonie of its more progressive features. The house has spent two half days during the week in the discussion of Senator Farfs liquor tax bill, the one recently pasacd by thesenate and which niakes such a radical increase in the tax on all kinds of liquor and beer selling, as well as rnaking the tax forra. Long argumente and luml ones were made on both sides, and the opponents of the biH made vigorous attempts lo ent. down the amount of tax, do away witli the unïformity, etc., as tbey did in the Senate, but did not sueeeed in making any changes. Witiiout finishing its consideration orbringing to its linal passage, it was finally left temporarily, under the head of unflnished business, it wil] quite lifeely paas. The Senate has ulso spent quite a portion oí one day on Senator Farr's pólice bilí in which he sought to oblige sellers todo away with blintls, screens, painted windows, etc, uid to regúlate the trallic if it mustbe toleratcd at all. The senate finally struck out all after the enaeting clause, and tabled thetitle, but next day reconsidered tho vote by which they concurred in striking it out and referred it to the cotnmittee on liquor traffic and state affairs. They will attempt to report a bilí that shall not be quite so much at variance with the ideas of a majority of the senate. The bill providing for school examining, described in oür last, passed the Senate on Tuesday. Governor Jerome is sick with a fever, and has not been at the executive offloe this week. No pos.sibility of an adjouriiineut liefore May il - possibly not then.


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