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Bill The Banker

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The snnals of the pooi sn short and simple, They record, however. hevoic deeds. One of these records tulls how a poov navvy becamo a hero by forgetting self, even when déath was clutcliing him. Fears agó, wheïi England was digging anals, tlie laborer wlio delved ihcniii was called a navvy. The name au abridgeraeot of navigator, connected in the public mind the digger with works forintemaluavigation. In eourse of time it carne to desígnate a laborer on railroads and othèr public works. This navvy was callccl "Bill the Bauker," because his usual post was at the top of an enahaakment, among the tip-carts. Ho was a "top-man" over a shaft of a tunnel which was boing cut on a railway. The shaft was 200 feet deep, and ran down through solid rock. Bill's diity was to watch Mie large bron bucket filled with rocks, as it wns hoisted f rom tlie bottom, run it to the tip-cart, and return it empty to the navvy below. Ifarock feil otï fcho bucket, Bil] shouted: "Waur out below!" and the men ran further into the dive. One day, as Bill was leanrng over the shaït, swinging in a loadBd buoket, his loot. slipped, and he Bell inlo the Bhaft, He knew he would be dashed to jdly; but ho thouglit of bis matee below. If he screanied tliey would rush out tolearn the cause of the unuSüal noiae, and Borne of them would be smasliedby his heavy body. If any of Ihem wero at the bottoni, and he did not give the usual warning, they wonld be killed. His mates heard one moment bis clear voice, "Waur out below!" the next, the thud of' bis smashed body. They were saved. "llill the Bankor" was moro Iban a poor, uneducated navvy; he was a hero. For the essence of beroism was indicated by the sneering Jews when they said of the crucifled One, "lic saves others, himself be cannot save."


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