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Araoiig the teries of his life, and they ar many, none was greater tlian that involving tho total disappearance of his propertj at thetime of hisdeath. Mr. Maxfiëld, his administrater, who knew ïnuch of liis affahs, saya that while he did not have as much money as was generally supposed, jet, betng in liis room in Walerford, one day, just before his departure tor England and whlle he was anangiiig his business aflairs, "sothat,'" as Charles said, "if anytbing sliould happen, mother will be all right," he saw a pile of notes amounting to about twelve thousand dollars, wiiich he thought was all the raoney Charles had. He had a valimble gold watch and chain. The chain was of solid gold. a present f rom the California niiners, very heavy, though plainly wrought, and worth alone several bundred dollars. He had also a diamond pin of considerable valué, and two diamond rings. Besides, nis last season in Londön was very successful; for some weeks, he netted three hundred dollars a night. He was also liberally paid for his contributions to "Punch." But of all this bis mother never received a cent, and not so much as a single relie. l'revioiiB " his death bo had eleared ;he old bomestead of debt, and had willed to bis mqtber a small projerty at Yonkers, K. Y. Wliat becarae of ;he rest ? - Seribnerfor May. The St. Louis School Board has ];u-.sed a resolution requesting the State Assembly to appropriate by law one-third f the annual revenue to the public schools.


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