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Poison Of Tobacco

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-A rather usual case of poisoning by nicotine has occurred lately iu a l'aris suburb. The victiin, a man in the prime of lile, liad been cleaning liis pipe with a clasp knife; with thisJie accidentally cut one of his iingers subsequently, but as the wound was of a trival nature he paid no heed to it. Five or six hours later, however, the cut grew painful, and became much swollen, and rapidly spread to the arm and shoulder, the patiënt suffering such intense pain that he was obligad to betake himself to bed. Medical assistance was called, and ordinary remedies proved ineffectual The sick man, questioned as to the raanner in which he cut himself, explained the use to which the pocket knife had been applied, adding that he had omitted to wipe it after cleaning the pipe. The case was now understood, and the patient's case becoming alarming he was conveyed to the hospital. There the doctors decided amputation of the arm to be the only hope of saving the patient's life, and this was immediately done. His life was barely saved. No wonder smokers often have sore moutka, cáncer of the Ups, and like troubles.


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