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CITY DRUG STORE ! H C. E. HOLMES, Proprietor -OF THE- Woilld Thank the Citizens of Ann Arlior, and Vicinity for their li'jt'ral patronage the past year, and ask for acontinuance of the same. A complete stock of EVERYTHING IN THE DRUG UNE, Toilet and Faiioy (ioods. Prcscriptions carefully prepared. C E. Holmes, Ann Arbor, .Mich. No. 12 Cook Hotel Block. We ■ill pay the above roward for anv case c l.iv.r Complaint, Dyspepsia, Sick Headacln . Ii digestión, Constipation orCostlienesa we camn i ouro witlj West 's Vegetable Liver PMs, wheu the directions are strlctly complied vrith. Tliey are purely Vegetable and niver fail to give fiatIstaotlon. Suftar Coated. Largeboxes, eontaining 30 Pilis, 25 cents. For sale by all Druggistn. Beware of counterfelts andimltaUons. Theeën uine marnifaotHri'd only by John C. West& Co., "The l'ill Makers," lsi & 11 w. Madison St. Chicago. Free trial packaj;e sant by mail prepaid u receipt oL a 3 cnt stamp HEALTH IS WEÁLTJ I. Dr. F.. ('. West 's Nerve and Brain TreatnioiH : a speciflc t"'r Hystiirin, Ih.incss, CöavuUfOQS, Nervous Headache, Mental Depressions, Loss of Memory, SKenmtorrtiGda, Inipotency, ïnvoluntary Einissions, Premature Ola Age, eaused by over-exertion, self-abuse, or pvor-indulgenc . wlveh lead.s to misery, decay and denth. Oim box will cure recent cases. 1-ach box containson.month's trejitincnt. One dollar a box, or sis bttfcefl for iive dollars; sent by mail prcpaldon receipt. of price. Wo guaranteo six boxea tu cure anv case. With each ordrr recfived by U forsixboxes, accompanicd with five dollars, wc will sendtlie purchaser our written piarentee to return the money if tlie treatment doea not effect acure. Guarantees issued by Brown & ( '. . . sole authorized Agts. for Ann Arbor, Miyh. .)■ hl C. West & Co., Solé Proprietoi-s. Chicago, Mi Friezello & Co. wholesalo Aets., Detruit, Midi. THE CREAT BJTBL1 WG TOJSi BO VTE. So itthcr lino runs Three Through PasBenger Xraios Daily bctween Chicug-o, Des Moinea, Cotmcll Bluffs, Omnha, Lincoln, St. Joseph, Atchiscm, Topeka and Ki'usns City. Direct connoctions for it 1 1 points m Kansas, Nebraskn, Colorado, Wyeiming. Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizóna, ldaho, Orogon and California. shnrtes, Ppeodicst nnd Most ConifortaV.e Ftoitr vin lïanniliii' to Fort Scott, DenlBop, Dallas, Rouston, Austin. San Antonio, Galvoston and all poims in Tex&S. The iiiK'iiualcd iiidurrmi'tits offered by this Tjino to Travelers and Tourists, aro as foliows: The celebraled Pullman (16-wheel) Palace BlOeplng Cars. run onty on this Ilne. C, B. & O. Palnce nrawing-Room Cars, wltb Horton's Reclining (hairs. No extra charge for yoats in Hecllning Chaire. The famoiii C. n. & (,). Palace DiningCars. Oorgeoufl Smoking Cars flttcd Bth Elegant High-Backed Iiattnn Kcvolvinï? Chairs Por the cxtjiisive use of firstclas8 passenoers. Steel Track and Superior Equipment, oombined with thelr Great Thrmign ('ar Arrangement. makes this, abo re allotliers, the favorito Koute to the South, Sout h-West, und the Far West. Try it, lm] you will And traveflng a luxury instead of a discomfort. Through Tickot via tlii" CeU-brnted Line for sale at all offices u the Cfnited States and Canada. All information about Rates of Fare, Sleeping Car Accommodations, Time Tables, &cM will bc cheeiiully given, and will send Free to any address an elegant Coiinty Mat of United Stites, in colors, by applviiiK to. JAMES R. WOOD, General Passenger Airrnt. Chicago. T. J. POTTKK. General Manager, Chicago Chicago & ITorth-Wssteru RAILWy.Y Istho OLPKST1 BE5T COM-TRfiCfEDI BÏB1 KQUIPPEDÍ and-hen eetüe LEADI1TGofIIAILWAY ! wesï1 and'norïhwest: i lí U1U ftílUit tVUU U.íL KHUC IHilWtXU IIllC UgO UTKJ all points Ín Kortacra Illinoi;, low;, Bttat, Wvomia, Krtruis ::'if:rsia, Oreeon, Artosa, Utah, Csícraís, lijho, Montana, Novada, aaa for COUNCIL BLUFFS, OlftAHA DENVER, LEADVILLE, Salt Lake, San Francisco, DE.iDWOOD, SIOUX CITY, Colar Sapüi, Eos Mofaos, Cclaxtu:, aal all Folsts ia the Territorio, and tho We:t, Abo, fer Uilwanïeo, GresnBay, 0:a3:li, Sisioreaa, Itarquetto, Toni Sa Lac, Wattrtgrn. Eoightoa, Itocnah, Mosash:, Sí. Paul, Uiineapolis, Euroa. Volj. Fargo, Eismarclí, Winoaa, LaCrcjso, Owatoaaa, ani -1 poin'.: in ICasMOto, Cakota, Wis:oasin and tho K:tthwe:t. AtOounoU BlulTii the trainsofthe Chicago & Nortli-Westorn and the U. I'. R'ys depart fruui, arrive at and use the saine joint I nion Depot. AU'liieago. cl"sc!Conneïtionsaromn(luwithtbr f.ake Shore, Michigan Cciitml. Baltiuiorc&Ohio il, Wayno ai"i I'cnnsylvania, mi Chica Crancl K'ys, oiid the Kankakoc aim H anale Routes. ■■onm-ctionsinadoat Junction Point?. I; is tho 011 ty lino runxüg Pullman Hotol Dining Cars BBIWKCN CHICAGO AND COUNCIL BLUFFS. PL'I.l.MANSI.KWKRSOX A 1,1. KIGHTTUAINK. Inristupon Ticket Agenta aelllng you Tickets viatliisroíid. Examine youi tlcSea, and reAuu ti imjr if they do nct rcaU vortlie Cbicftgu!c Western Ratlwav. Ifyouwishthc 1! st travolingAccommodations Touwill Imyyour tickets bj-this route, aud ill tllke ii ■ l luí . All ïicket Agants sell Tickets by this Lino. SIAUVIV IUi.imii. 2nl V. r. & Scnilianz'r, Chicago. (tCCa week iu yourown town. Tumi and $5 iDUUoutiitsfi'i'i'. Addreáa, il. Hai.i.ktt & ('o. l'ortlaml, Maine. PHILIP WINECAR .s rUSTICE OFTHEPEA.CE, room M o i opera t House Block, Aun Arbor, Michigan. ARARE CHANCE. Ajtooil Uttle house and POÜR ACRES F LAKD on the Aon Arbor and Saline gravel road tluvf iniii's frciin Aun Arbor, for salé al ■ barKain. The hoase s nenrly new, and there s i Kood wel] and a yuuiiK orchardön the premlses. also a sinall bam. Inquire nu the premi .IAS. CABB. Sam. B. Revenaugh, ís íHiw trikins the Best Class of Pkotognills In tlie CSty at Prices to Suit the Times Ground Floor Gallerf. coodrich: block, Kasl of the NEW COURT IIOLSi:. HENRY MATTHEWS, Hasthe pleasure to informthe pnhn'c tlinï be iready to receive tlum in hisnev orick MEAT MARKET! ONE DOOR EAST OF LEONARD HOUSE. Everything in his line will bo flrst-class, and At Reasonable Rates. He returns nis sincere thanks to nll hi oltl oustomere fortheir generóos p&tronaoo, :md cordi ally invites tliem, and all nëw ctulonien t lii new qnarten, where lic lioi)c8 by fair dealiiiK to áularRe his already growint business. fHÏCiTYTSTORE In connt'rtioti itli QFJoDCfer Bukery you will litul F.esh Baked Bread, and Bakëd Stuffs Constantly on hand. We also keep a ful] asBortmd&1 of family gróceriws, Ve makc Teas. Coff ees aud Spices a speöïality in ilic tiütk. Look uní tur THE TEA-KETTLE SIGN! At N... SS North Main st. Thanltful f or past, pat' ronaK" W6 would st 11 soliiii your firurs. Hespootfnllv Tours, A. lt. HALL. M. D. L, HKANrn D0O ON THB OU) HAT." A. A. TESRY, HATS ANN ARBOB, MICH. EBERBACH&SQN Dealers in Drugs, Medicines AtidaHnelol of French Hair Brushes AND English Tooth Brushes. Wc cal! special attentfóri to ourstock'of Chemical Glass-ware, Apparatus, AND Pure Chemicals of our own Importafion. A fult line of TIEMAN'S SURG'L INSTRUMENTS At list prics. STTXJDEHSTTS Are cordinlly inviu-d tn examine our stock ns t. quallty and prfces. EBERBACH &SON. rTl Now on salea"'! -iirinr .■:-. m. ITi I {H I :ll:i1 ''':lis K.ri"itl(x Tii-kkts, fr.nn II LJU VER, COLORADO Sl'RINGS, n"mï IbSJ ■■ PUEBLO, AND RETURN, ysi ini ■ (6) itiKKKitKN'T jem ri, ;u II ■ l'nlly low ratos. tickets wil: tw II I 1 '""1 UHltf Hol WillUll tlItTtl l l ."l i 11" il dnys from limo of s,-ii-. and to rtui n II B H I I 1 IJ wwl Ootobei 31l foÜowlii. 1 Uw! J Pullman l';-l;i".' Can are ruit !■ im ■ tli t ('oinpimy froin CïCICAGO L IVH ■ COUNCIL BLUFFS. TOPEKA.m I 11 tfl KANSAS CITY, rorimnv ;i with ■ r Iml onc chmifn.' uf runs t. DENVER If _W I Tl nnl pU"EBLO. Dlnlllfl Caw ure II tl IL J la.hcd io all tlirmiL'li tinin, in whloll IL AJ ILI iifiil!' can In' ohtaiufl :t lLjkjifc ■ ahí; priM r scvciit.v-nve cents. l'or rates, furthor Infbrmation, II i INÍ1 tllli ty&B& Map ut' Valuta 1 II H I States tr, atklreea, II H K, J GEN, PASS RAGT. ,C-B &Q-R.R H.JI iMH Chicago, 111. IHH WIARD'S PATENT NEW 1880 SEEIES Malleable Iron and Wood Beam Ohilled PLOWS are offcri'd to the Farmers of tbe country for Lbo coming BOBSOn with may valusble ïmprovi-m THE WIARD is tho croogit and DttOM durable Plow in tite maikuL THE WIARD ís the best forgeuural nurpose work, in botli t-od and stubbie. THE WIARD haf the simpWt and most com plcie adjuüimuut for using two or tlin-e horsea ahrowt. THE WIARD i tlic beet Plow eitanl for hard day uud itouy grouud. THE WIARD riv-ila til othr cliillcd Plowá íor cicaalsg Id Ioom and adhesh o sous. THE WIARD caimot bc excálcd for Ugbtnesa of liinfu Our Malleable Irou Beam II the onlv ptra& Ucal niljti--[:ibie metal Beam made; is gnaraiitoëd Bgalnst bonding or breaklngj la pcrfectlj adjoetablo for S o r 8 horaCM ; over 0,000 ili Ofioj uud. ïioL onu i n a ihoutiiml fa Uud. Our Jointersi Wheela and Handles are all adjustablc. Ot r Moldboards eacooi uil others for flneucsa and uiiifoMuity. Our Plowfloro w rr..:;:--l toany roasonablQ extuilL If you are goipfl ti buj S uevf l'i.ow, be Mire to givo ihc WiAitu a trial. 1 have aisi) the (Iai.k Plow, manufactured by the Gale Manufacturing C.. Albion, Bffcb. Atoo Che Nkw Dooct Pdsw, nuntufaotúrid ity the Dodge Plow Co., Kalamazoo, Mieh., witia all the Latkst Improvemente N'ow s a good time to evcouraffe the boys just comtnenoing to. piow, by buvüiglhe bost i'iow in the in ark et. Don't make them disusted with farming by compeUlng them to ' titéir work with iiuerior toofa. Tne tüoe qent In foolisg with oíd stylfd toolfl produces no íncome, and duoourage the young mea who usé them. A little forethought exorclaod In the purchase of a good Tool of any kiiul is worth more liuin a great deal of afterthought OTer a bad barfeám. Cajl and examine iny stock, t ill oost you nothine. A ten per cent discount will be (CÍven for cash down. All tools work mucfa bettèr win-n fully paid for. Vmirs Very Eteapectfully for Past Pavore, Anu Arbor, RUcL M. RCH3ERS. - LEONARD HOUSE, Tl LEONARD, l'iopiici.ii-, . Ann Arbor, Rïfch. FOR SALE OR RENTThe well known propérW of thé laie T. A. llavilaml loeated in the Kifih Ward, II le iola onreasonablftterms. rented, or exchanged for othercity propertjr. The property embraces land, hla'cksimth shops and ood shops. II' nol sold in .% reasonable time tin property "iil !■ for rent. Kor partltülars Inqiifre of '■ H lihinli-s. exsontor; Am Arbor, Mich. ACENTS WANTED for the REVISED NEW TESTAMENT As made iy the most .■niimiit aoholars "f Eng land and Aim-rira. Hall the Priee 6Í Corree pondlng EngUsh Edition. Largetype, lin.Mi suprr calendared paperelagadl binding, a separata "Comprehenalve Hlatory of the Blble and lts rI"i-;inslations," Including a f uil account of the New Revisión, given to subscribarg. licst chance for agente ever oflered. Setnl stamp for particularB at onde. Henry BUI Publtatohig Qo. Norwieh, Conn, .H ANO P RETAIL! I HAVE OPiBNBD A NEW FLOUR AND FEED STORE At tin1 srmtli east CO Her Of "" ftDd Im-htiIi si reets, and 11 st-U ai WHOLESALE i RETAIL ! Anytlimj; in mv line. Q S PROMPTLY BEtlVBRED '['o :lu.v par t t' the cit3'. ,] . UOSS, PROPRI KTOIi, Affn Arbor, - - - Michigan Ml'sir STORE. The choapest place to huv Planos, Estoy (tacana, V'iolins. Quitare. ij'loa Tambourines, Drums, ïïfes. Flageóle". Zithers. Accordeons, Plano Stools, Violto Boxes, Instractioa Books for all kimls of instrumenta, si i MnBic(new), su ngs. nest imaüty, all kinas. MouthOrgans, Bridges, Bows. k'.-ys and Rosin. Everything 11 inusir Hile from a ChickeriW! l'iaih'w.i a Jew's Harp can ie fuuml at t. . SAOE'SMuslc Store, fïo. i WashlfiRTOn Si., Ann Arbor. OSCAR O. SORG, H0U8B, SICN, AJTD Fresco Pitin AtBO PAPES IIANlMNt:. SHOP NO. 11 EAST LIBERTY ST,, ANN AKKOIi, MICHIGAN. NA'l'i'KI -'S itviLTWPH. Frszisr's Root Bitters. [f -ii ire wcmI, ir InnuM, "-e Praiier1 Bilier. H' vuur lU-ali is lbtbbv and jrOUJ udulúxiim aallojv, use Kr;'s jffittere. )' you live in a malarial ilisirïct, ii Fruer 1 lin.r-i. II' w.ini down witli the care "' cliilJren, use i' Bitlerx. If you have the blues, use Frazier's Bittere, li'yon hv kipt laW houw nnd lived contrary to t"e lana of liealtl), use Frazter1 Bitter. -vüt' ikmI toning iip, Frazier's Bitters, j yon have b6um1 infltead of used nature gifts, use Frazier's Bitters, [f you feeJ "u before your tinïe, usc Frazier's Bitter. " life hai beèome t burden and you have eloomy f,iivl,.„!iii.u's, use Frazier's Blfte [f yo'ur hands trèmble and your efeê na giown dim, Frazier's Root Bitters will m you feel young again. Sold by all d," evervwhere at the low price $1.00 per bottie, JAS. K DAVIS & CO., Wliolesale PrUT; gists, Detroit, Micli., Agenta. - -


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