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Sudden Death Of Chas. Kitson

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Last Tuesdsy evening Charles Kitson, who has been in the saloon business for the past 18 years on N. Main street, retired aboiit 11 o'clock in his usual good health. A little belore 3 o'clock James Jewell, who was occupying a bed in the same room with Kitson.told Jno. Beahan, whose rooms are just across the hallway, that Kitson was sick. Beahan dresseil hinuelf asquickly as possible and at Kit son's request procured him a mustard piaster which he placed on his heart. Beahan noticed that lie looked very biidlv and called his wife, who bathed his face with camphor. Kitson expressed himself as being relieved by the piaster, and told those piesent he thougut he would teel better to get up and TAKK A WALK, which he was accustomed to do quite frequently when suffeiing f rom a pnin in his heart. He made a move as if to rise thtn straightened himself out. This alarmed those present when Beahan said he would send for a doctor, to which Kitson replied "perhaps one might help me." Dr. Morton was summoned, but bet'ore he could reach the house Kitson HAD EXPIBED. The doctor pronounced the disease paraly sis of the heart. Air. Kitson was bom in England, May 8th, 1828. He afterwards learued tüc mason's trade with his brothers, who today are prominent contractors in London In 1858 he left England and lauded in Canada. Here he worked at his trade fo a while, when he left Canada, and wen south. He worked in nearly all the prin ciple cities between St. Louis and New Orleans. In the spring of 1860 he cam to Ann Arbor, and in August 1864 en gaged in the saloon business on the ok Hylaud corner. A fewyears later he pur chased tüe place wuich he has since oc cupied. He was ready to invest in mos anything in which he thought a dolía could be made. He owned a nurnber o houses and lots in this city, and leaves an estáte valued at $10,000. The tunera will be held to-morrow afternoon at hal past two o'clock from Jno. Beahan's residence on the corner of Main and Catuerine streets.


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