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Real Estate Transfers

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TUe following are the transfers of rea estáte for the week ending Wednesday May 4: WARRANTY DEEDS. Manah W. Morton to Elizabeth 0. Mal lory, lot in Ypsilanti, $400. Henry Krause to the Krause Tanning Co., property in Ann Arbor, $12,000. Jno. O'Conner to Jno. Doyle 80 acres sec 16 Sylvan, $2,500. Wm. 8. Clements to Sarah E. Rice, Í0 acres sec 12 Ann Arbor town, $1,600. Edgar D. Clements to Sarah Jí. Rice, 20 acres sec 12 Ann Arbor town, $900. öeo. 8. Jewell to Patrick and Lawrence Rabbitt, 80 acres sec 9 Dexter, $5 - 800. ' Henry Krause to Geo. Halier, property LU AUU Al UUI, $O,VW. Lymau Judson and Willard B. Smith (executors) to Duncan McMillen, property in Ann Arbor, $2,500. Adaline A. Allen to Wirt W. Waite property in Dexter village, $600. Andrew Flur to Jno. liilbert, property in Ypsilanti, $800. Gilbert Granger to Byran C. Whitaker, property in village of Dexter, $800. Thos. Dolan toGeo. 8. Jewell, land in sec 30 Webster, $8,750. Helen J. Lansing to Katie B. Stollsleimer property in Ann Arbor, $150 C. T. Wilmot to Juliette J. Wines property in Ann Arbor, $2,000. Hiram H. Wliitmarsh to Harrison J Zimmerman, land in York, $225. Jno. K. Jaynes to Thos. J. Farrell, property in Manchester village, $850. Chas. F. Wilson to Titus F. Hutzel, property in Ann Arbor, $80. Florence E. Howard to Augustus Butler, land in sec 21 Aun Arbor town, $300 Wm. H. Parker to Jas. G. Watson. et. al, 40 aores sec 20 Ano Arbor, $8,500. Frankliu Freeman et al to Henry II Rashton, 60 acres sec 15 Manchester, $2, David Deghle to M. Howard, 80 aerea sec 10 Superior, $4,400. Mary K. Toben to Chas. Kitson, lot in Ana Arbor, $100. Hannah J. Cook to Erastus LeBarron 39 acres sec 1 Saline, $2,600. Christopher MiUman to Thos. Kearns s 1-2 lot 7 Hiscock's add Ann Arbor, $150. Thos. Kearns to Christopher Millman, property in Ann Arbor, $150. Andrew J. May to Isaac N. Conklin property in Ypsilanti, $4,000. Juliette J. Wines to Joseph Smilh property in Ypsilanti, $750. Juo. N. Gott to Jno. Clair, property in Ann Arbor, $2,500 Frankliu Freeman et al to Henry H. Hushton, land in sec 15 Manchester, S2 - Wm. H. Parker to Jas. G. Watsou and Caroline Price, 40 acres sec 20, city and town of Ann Arbor, $3,500. LydicaT. Conde et al to Arthur D Conde, 60 acres sec 23 York, $900. Emeline M. and Orin A. Wait to O. M Fellows, 40 acres sec 36 Sharon, $3,000 Wm. Kent to Thos. J. Farrel, propcrty in Manchestei village, $1,500. Michael Heimerdinger to Jno. Lowry property in Ann Arbor town, $1. Elnathan 8kedmore to Thos Tonnk 40 acres sec 17 Lyudon, $2,000. A. H. Qlover to Emma Hood, 32 acres sec 34 Lodi, $2,000. Ann E. Mason and Juha C. Powles to Warren C. Stickney, lot in Ann Arbor, Harvey Cornwell to A. Felch, property in Aun Arbor, $1,500. Geo. A. Cullen t Russell Mills, property in Saline, $800, Ruel W. Mills to Russell Mills, 60 acres sec 1, Saline, $2,000. Olive J. Wood to Russell Mills, propertv in Saline village, $300. W. L. Potter to D. W. Potter, land in sec 12, Augusta, $800. Mary Stevens to Robt. C . Ross, prop erty in Ypsilanti, $300. Wm. H. Hewett to Robt. C. Ross, 2 acres in Ypsilanti city, $400. QUIT-CLAIM BEÏDS. Roscoe P. Copeland to Samuel W. Holmes, 5 acres sej 80 Webster, $1,000. Amos J. Miller to Ettie M. Miller, et al 100 acres sec 24 Saline, $1,000. Albert M. Clark, guardián of Frederick Desindinger, to Frederick Desindinger, pioperty in the village of Saline, $800.