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Field day comes next Saturday. Entries to field day contests close Friday at 8p. m. On Saturday, May 31, the Clironicle election takes place. Dr. Allen has been called to Ionia od professional business. The Ann Arbor city band will probably furnish tue music on field day. The D. K. E. boys have been takins; their meáis for a few days at the Cook house. The admission to the fair grounds Saturday Wil! be 15 cents; grand stand 5 cents extra. Mr. R. M. Dott has been appointed on the field day committee in the place of C. Jolmston, resigned. Mr. Chas. Hutching, '81, has accepted the position in the Quincy schools, vacated by Mr. Allen, '78. The students in pharmacy now have no recitations on Tucsdftys and Thursdays as they go botanizing. On May 21 the engiueers go into camp. They will have been examined in uearly all their studies by that time. President Allen of the athletic associition has appointed a committee to draft rules which shall govern all contests on ield day. Never was there so much buzzing dono as now. A doubtful man's Ufe Í3 a bore to liim. The fight on lecture assooiation residentMay 28, will be iateresting. Mr. Willard Clapp, formerly with '82 )ul now engaged in the government survey in Missouri, will return to college next year and gradúate with his class. Frank Maudell, lit, has returned from. lis northern trip and is now in Detroit. Sext Saturday he will be in Ann Arbor o see the boys and "his other friend . " The Michigan military academy base jall club and a few other cadets, expeet o visit this city the coming Saturday, which is field day, lor the purpose of )laying a match game of ball ivith the Jniversities. The Toledo Journal says: Three students from Ann Arbor were at the Union depot several nights ago getling rid of their enthusiasm over the whale. The sight of so munh oil was too much for their stomachs. A smart junior was recenlly a witness in a justice court case. The learned counselor L. was exaniining him when "smarty" reíused to answer a question. Counsel asked him why he would nof, answer and the pedant said it was not a pi'oper question. "How do you know it is not?"said the barrister. "Because"' says big head, "I study logic up at the university and of course I kuow whether a question is a proper one or uot." This was a 'phat' take for the legal luraiuary, ana he iminediately put tlie "logica! cihs" thróugh a course of sprouts. Swell head frothed at the mouth, but the man of law was inexorable. When this mighty man of logic got outside, he confldentially formeel a fr:end that it was a mistake to teil counselor L. tbat he bad ever studied logie. The last tbing the lawyer told bim was to look op the subject of "nou sequitur." Last Saturday the most exciting election on record was held in room A tor the purpose of choosiug the next year officers of the lecture associaüon. The meeting was called to order at ten o'clock, and from that time until uearly six o'ciock, without iutermission, even tor dinner, the battle went on. Ballotings, debates, etc., were the order of the day. Three or four times tbe ballots wei-e ties, and a slight gain for eitber side was a signal for tbe wildest excitcment and confusión. Pinally tbe meeting proceeded to the balloting on the subordínate officers, and the following were elected : Recording secretary, T. W. Peers, Collinsville, 111. ; assistant treasurer, j. w. ryne, Fort Clinton, Ohio; corresponding secretary, W. Galpin, Ann Arbor; ireasurer, J. W. Bird, Jackson, vice president, Carman N. Smith, ladependence, Iowa; senior committeeman, E. J. Adams, Ionia; junior committeeman, F. A. Noftzger, North Manchester, Ind.; sophomore committeeman, W. C. Foote, South Norwalk, Ct. Neither side had enough votes to elect a president, and the meeting was adjourned until May 28. As both sides are eager for the fight another interesting time is expected on that occasiou. Five hacks were engaged all day running hither and Ihither af ter voters. In the evening the ladies, who had done valiant work for Mr. White's side, were serenaded, the Ann Arbor city band being hired for that purpose.


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