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Rev. John C. Edgar, who died at Hubbardtoü, Vu, was oue of the six huudred who made fainous chuw at Balaklava. Prof. Cbaodler says that olwunargarine ie in all resuects better tlian the poorer grades of dairy butter sld in New York city. At El Vaso, III., Walter Bullock, an old citizen, was shot dead by P. C. Rausom, the duleated candirtate for major, for couiiuenting on Ransom's defeat. It looks as tbouu'li Wm. E. Chandler would not be confinned for solicitor general. All the Democratie senators will vote againet hiiu, and there are dectded syuiptouis that a nuinber of Kepublican senators will also do so. The San Franc bco Republicans, in masb meeting, passed resolutions endorein; Senator Miller's couree in threatening to break the dead-lock, and reiuesting congress to inuiie diately ratify the Chinese treaties. It is proposed to consolídate all the army departmeut iuto two, tbe eastern and western, the forrner to be commauded by Gen. Hanpock and the latter by tien. Sheridan, with Miliiinliiiiilc generáis assigned to duty wherever they are most available. Tlie Republican senatorial caucus has decided to go into executive session for three piirposes: firet, to refer all noininations on the tal il to tliu proper cnuiiniltees; sbooihI, to act on all treaties pending for nitificatiou ; and, tbird, to paos on all nouiinations reportad or to te reported from the coinmittees, wlikh are not objected to by any Republican senator from the etaU) to which the appointee belons. After these cases are actwi on, the caucus will consider wbetber it will take up cases to which Ki'iulilicau senators object. The Grand Trunk braltemen have obtained the :n i vanci' of virajes deinanded. The strike of the New York bakers seemsto ne collapsiug The treasury ofticials tbink that fully .$100,000,000 of the maturingsix percent, boudswill b continued as 'A}4 pr cents., and ouly about tf i5.i)0,000 sent in foi absolute redemption. The dead-lock in the senate bas been temporarily htokcn, and with gratifying resulta. It is refïeshing to see the senato doing some portion of the work for wbich it was asseinhled in exwutive seseion. Auioug the confirmation made the following are the moBt important: Kohert Hilt, Illinois, assistant seeretary of state; Hirain Priee.Iowa, couimissioner of Indian affaire; Win. H. Craig, postinaster at Albany. Now that the senate has resumed executive business the President will eend in uominations rapidly. Fires.- At London, Ont, leonard's boiler and ngine works; los. $50,000, insurance$15,000; 75 men tnrown out of employinent - At Warren, O., Taylor's warehouse, the Douglas machine shop, Hilan's woolen milis, etc.; lom over tiü,000, Insurance $10,000. - At Lancaster, Pa., Shirk's tobáceo warehouse: loss $30,000, insured. - At Boston, E. & F. King's sevenstory building, Atlantic avenue; loss $30,000, partially insured. The senatorial friends of Mr. Robertson say that he will be confirmed next week, and will have 45 senatorial votes. The world's fair in New York for 1883 has been practiualiy abaudoned. The ininwy contribatod will be returned to the donors. (ieorge P. Pomeroy of New Jersey bas been iioiuinated for secretary of legation a: Paris. He is a Boiriu-law of Edwin Cowles, editor of the Cleveland Leader. The Vamlerbilt party, drawn by the Fontaine ensjiue, made the run over the Canada SmitlitMii from Amherstburg to St. Thomas, 111 niilf-, in 96 minutes, including one stop for waU r, au average of nearly BK miles au boor, and the tastest time on record. In its executive session, the senate ratified both the inmiigratiOD and the commercial treaties with China, the extradition treaty with the United States of Columbia, the consular convfution with Italy, the convention with Morueco rMipecting the taxatiou preroptiveh ot the Moorih governinent, aud a treaty with Japan providing for the treatment of vessels of each uation shipwrecked on the coast ol the other. President Garfield has sent a message to the scuate witlidrawius; tbe nomlnattom Daltod si at"s attorneys for the southern aml eastern dtotrieta, uu) uf Marshals for the southmu and nortliern diftricts of New York, and of the collector of the port of Butfiilo. The nomintws Huis wlthdrmwo hare been rtiguded aa Mr. Coiiklint;'s fritjiulH. This step of the President is inteipieted at Washiugtou as th" Deüiuning of au ac.'iiiwsivff fight for tho Presidenl's prerogative of selectüig federal office holders. Amoiig the confirijtations made by the senate iu executive bchsiou were Williaui Walti Phelps, for minister to Austiia, CortM FbB8nden of Michigan lor surveyur general of Dakota, L. A. Sheldou for governor of New Mexico, Edward S. Meyer for United StateB attoruey tor the nortliern district of Ohio, and Thomas Wilson, D. C, consul at (ihent. Fire.- Near Houtreal, Moouey's tannery; loss $100,WK), parlialiy .Vt Hazletou, Itul., the principal blook of the town; loss $30.000, Inrannot f lii,üüü.- At Elizai eth, N. j., Allirn uil clolb factory, owued by the Baaltable Ufe usurance cotupauy of New York; loss $25,000; incendiary. -At Spadra, Ark., store of J. B. Waddie; loss on stock $25,000. There is talk of an early adjuurnment of congress. It is now claimed that a majority of the eouimerce committoe will vote to report Mr. Robrrtaon favorably. One meuiher who was couuted as with Cookiing now decíales binv self the other way. A dispatch from SL Louis says the dyke ou the Illinois shore was cut by some malicious persons, and the wacer from the river hassince been overftowing the bottoin lands. Tlie people of the "Canteen" and Indiau Creek scttle ment Uave been in a great state of excHemmi' frora fear of an inundation. The amount o rarmiiig land threatened by ihe water Is froui 5,000 to 10,000 acres. The riTer has been f alling slowly all day, aud it is hoped that the worst is uow over. Freights are accumulating in Cliicago by reason of the railroad strike and merchantsare greatly aunoyed. The railroads have the best of the argument but heip is scarce. A petition from the citizens of Lackawana oounty to the Pennsylvania legislature asked for the iinpoachment of the governor aud attorney geueral. for their action in reference to the judiciary of that county. The petition was referred to the judiciary general committee. (J. Frost, president of tbe Franco-Texan land company, has absconded, leaving heavy debt behiud him. A. J.Tuilie of Cincinuati is disbarred from practice in the district court for abuse of bis position as attorney at law. In crossing the Chippewa river at Benson, Minn., a skiff containing five persons üipsizei, and Mrs. Callen and her three year oíd son were drowned. Constable Hodges was shot and killed Thursday at Cedar Mills, Tex., wliile attemptiug to urrest a drunkeu and disorderly mau on the street. The murderer escaped. The prevailing opinión at Washington is that Bobertson will be eonfirmed. Níws comes of a horrible murder atOonner's Bend, Lee county, Ark. A quarrel occurred, followed by a flght, in which Jobn Richards, a white man. knocked down Isaac Green, a ortxl man, with bis fist. The Jatter springing up, knocked down Richards witli a ïnaul, and pounded hiui uuti) he was dead. (reen was arrested and is iu great dauger of beinu ljnched. Gapt Eads' ship railway contract has beeu unautuiously approved by the Jiexicau chainber of deputitts. Soine miicreant in Minnesota set a bridge on the (ireen Bay and Minnesota railroad on tin-, and a freiglit train went through, seriousljr injuring the engineer. Probably a liundred miners spent Saturday niglit in the Union coal miae at LaSalle, 111., in consequence of the breaking of the engine, Mavor Me-ins of Cincinnati, is still firm on the closini? of s Joous questioii. me pone gave notice Saturday nicht to all saloon kepera that the Sunday law wlll be enforced. It is reportad that Senators Hauiptop, Butler aml a few other Demócrata, are actively at work to induce their party colleagues to vote for Mr. Robertsou's coufirmation. The New York Post's Washington special saya Mrs. (iarfield is quite seriously ill froni nervous proBtration, aud is said to be threatened with malarial fever. The Yorktown centnnial comniission bas pnrchased a tract of 600 acres, and the site selectud for the memorial shaft comruands a view ef the river for several miles both aboye and below the town. The old Moore heuse, in wbich the capitulation wïs signed by Lord Cornwallis, lias been fitted up for President (iarfield's headquarters during tbe ciiteDnal ceremonies. The country in the iiuuiediat vicinity iiffords inagnificent sites for large encampments. Josepli Ki'ebech, a Hungarian, waa arre9ted on toaid th steamer Batavia, charged with tlie larcwiy f 11,000 guilders froiu tlio.Huiigariau governmeut. (íilbert Vanderpool and Edwin E. Jones have been airested at Toronto by American dotectives, for a forgery i'oininitted in Hainilton. lihio. They will prouably be extradited. At tha locomotivo works at Providence, K. I., Mouday eveuiner, Jolm üouovan, aged 20, was stalilied with a file by Frederick (ilover and died almost iinmediately. Fooling led to filiting. A man calling himsolf Col. P. B. opear, and wlio was for some months solicitor for the Chicago I iiIit Ocean, after victimizini; a miniber of business men, cieared out very suddeuly for tbe east. The census oflice states that the people of the United States pay annually V2t!5U,lUU rr their daily uewspapers. A Colorado ranch wan attacked on the 5th nst„ and 140 head of cattle ere run otf, and tbreo i aiii'h mi'ii killed.


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