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In he Bntish house of commons Justin McCarthy gave notice tliat he would sooa move a resolution cuudeuinatory of the arrest of DilIod, and proclalmiDg the city of Dubliu under the coerción act Tho British sloop Dotterel was blown op In the straits of aiagellan, April 26. (ireat lot of Ufe is appreliended. Frunce and England are in danger of a rtisagreement as to the ternis of renewal of the commercial treaty for the free exchane of goods, wliich expires in November. Huleas a new treaty is ratified before the adjournuient of the French chamber of deputies there is danger of a eystem of duties being imposed by both nations. The {uestion at issue is the abolition of the ad valorem duties, which the French desire and the English refuse. The new czar is living in almost complete seclusion at (ïatHChina. The nihilista are flood ing Russia with bold manifestoes, tbreatening to continue their work. SL Petersburg is like a gloouiy pi ismi liouso, wliere little ís heard n( tlie oiitsid world and every one uves in apprebensiou. A iiiaiiifi-Hto from the "natioual land league of Great Britain," sifueil by Justin McCarthy, calis on the Irishmen to evict their landlords as tliey tliemselves have beeu evicted. The losses of life by the explosión of the war loop l'Müerel in the straks of Magellan amounted to 143. ünly 17 were saved. H -n Most, puhlisher of the Freiheit, has been indicted for iuciting to murder. The Tunisian sheikhs are preaching a "holy war" agaiust the French. The sultan of Turkey forbids the bey to accept apy Freuch protectorate. The French campaign iu Tunis is described as simply a destruclion of crops and In uses, and an indiscriuiinate pillaging. The nihilist propaganda is still active Id Knssia, and iir.uiifmiiies are falling as thickly as snowflakes in winter. Public executious have been discoutinued in Rlimlt Two more ocean cable ÜHes are to be laid tliis suinuier. Preparatious are progressing on a grand scale in Vienna for the marriage of the Priucess Stephanie to the Crown Priuce Kudolph of Austria, which will tako place on the lOth inst. Correspondence bas taken place between Lord Graurille, British foreign secretary, and Mr. Lowell, American minister to Great Uritain, in regard to an international copyright treaty. A committee of the Germán reichstag has reverted atíahist Bismarck's plan for bieuuial budgets and quailvennial parliamentH. Bisimirck is greatly irritated by this action. A subscription has been opened to raise L5,000 to complete and beautlfy Hughenden church as a memorial to Lord Beaconsñeld. Six ;f the Windows are to ue illiiniinatml and the interior is to be decorated. A handsouie spire will be erecteJ with a peal of bella. The churchyard is io lm enclosed with handsome railingH and a monument placed over the Beacousfield vault. The inaster of the sliip Governor Laogdon from Pensacola, arrived at Greenock, reports that on March ülst, 30 miles off Cape Florida he rescued a man from a sin. dl boat, who said he was the son of a general in the Uoited States anny ; he bad been blo wn to sa and bad been five days without fuod. The man picked up is named J. W. Gile. It is stated that Itradlaugh is about to issue an appeal U the people pointing out tbe maniht iu whicli the Imhisc of coninions istivatini; 1 1 í [ii, and asserting tliat the Conservatives, under cover of bis case, jeopardize tbe land bill, and imprilK the business of tbe country. Tbe bey bas addressed a fresh protest to the Powers, unplnrlng them iu the name of humauity to etay the horrors of war. The report is confirmed that (We powerful native trihes have revolted, aud refuse to submii Bithei to thebeyortheFreneh. The bey is streuuously endeavoriut; te reain bis authority. A dispatch from Paris reports a bciíks of uccH8fiil experiments wiih the teleibone attached to the cable uuder the Kulish chaaneL A rutch schooner sailed Satunlay on her fourth Arctic voyage. Mr. (iladstone is iinprovinu, but will f o info the country tor a short rest. It is believed that the (irand Vizier opjKises the prosecutiou of theicquiry iuto the uiurder of Abdul Ariz. A man named Levey, a relative of O'Donovan Rosea, has been arrested in Dublin uuder tbe coerción act. An Ennlish family named Seddon havehada windfall of L40,000.000 whicli had been in chaucery for 24 years. M. SL Hila'r, French minister of foreign afbttri, Informed the Budget couunittee that the iinpendiuK conflict wilh the Kromuirs would end the military part of the Tunis difüculty, aud woul J be sucueeded hy diplomatic action. Franc, he gaid, was bound to protect ber Interest by mposiug Bubstantial conditioiisou the Bey. A ukase was to be published Saturday or Sunday, lesseniug the rent to wliicli Russian peasants are hable for lands from 39 to 65 per cent. in various cases. Tbis will apply to the thirteen northern governnients. Tnere will be other nieasures of amelioration for the south. Kxpectations of a constitution are probably cbimerical. The terms of the tikase lessening the Russian peasantsi' rents are now finally settled. The ukase will apply to 8,700,000 peasanto, who will be reüeved of a considerable portion of tbeir annual payments, on account of land, while all accumulated arrearages will be reinitted. All proprietor8 who have not yet arranged to setl holdings to the peasants, will be compelledto do so by 1883. The British residentn in the Transvaal are leaving no ntone uuturned to upset the settleinent. There are exaggerated accounts of the doings of both Boers and natives, bat there is suflicient truth in them to give eause for inxiety. CoL Flatters' expedition in the Tunis difflculty wei e driven to take refuge in a cave and resorted to canuibalism to keep from starving. Prince Alexander, of Bulgaria, has formed a provisional oatiinet, and proposes to have a provisional government Cardinal Mauning forbids the use of any Catholic total abBtinence, or other club rooms, to the use of the land league.


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