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English Grain Market

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Loudon, May 9.- TlieMark Laue kxpresi, In its review of the British grain trade the past week, 8j: Wheat bas hut ilijrhtlj proeressed the severe uiyht froits Murilintf it. lts lpearance, however, reuiains heattliy, aud cr p proipects at present are farorablf. Enijlisti wheat bas been sparinyly ofFered, but thouh it bas ereatly improved in couditioo, it is impossible for itto compete witli the ampie supply of relatirely cbeaper f iain. The demand continue inactiva, and values on Monday Ml Is and Friday a furtlier Is. Some of the proviucial markets are in synipathy with that of Loudon, buyers everywhere waiting lor a reduction. Foreign arrivals were large. about one third beng froin America. Fifty off coast cargoes arrived, of which fourteen wrre bo d. The value of off coast Anwrii-an hu fallen 6d. Spot sals were difficult, buTers requiring a reductiou. Xn Mark Lane business has beeu nominal. The foreign breadstufi trade was geuerally stagnaut aud value feil olí as in Kulicti ureaasiuits, Din nuyers raued to reapoud. Floatiug eargees wereelightly reduced in bulk, halt being Auu-riran. Kpglish 11. mr was plentiíul, tbe supply droopiug aud 1 1 i til cu 1 1 to sell m account oí tbe increaing foreiifu supply. Foreigu contiDues in buyrd' favor. la barley there were suiall otterius, Talues being maintaiued. Trade was excfptionally slow. Foreign uncbangpd. Oats were Ín steady demand, with rates eenerally Improved; fmcigu was slow and uncliangnd. Maize eutirely lost iU stability; Aiun can Friday was quoted at 25, ex. sbip. Sales of English what during tbe we-k, 36,712 qrs at 44s 9s, agalast 23,01 qrs at 4Kb tb correcponding time lait yar.


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