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-The race is not ways to tne swilt nor the pronta or legerdemain to the prestigitator. While Ilernnan, the "Viennese AVizard," was in Huenos Ayres he was invited to exhibit his sklll at the residence of the Austro-IIungarian Minister, where a large company was assembled. For tlie sake of imparting additional lustre to the occasion a paaty of five performing Patiigonians had been hired to lend their presence. Herrman created vast merrimeut by playing all manner of tricka upon these artless heathen. He extracted articles of every si.e and shape from their hair, noses, mouths and bilt tho Patagsnianfl remained strangeiy coniposexl in the inidst of the f uu goi ig on about tlieni. And no womler, for, wliile tlie magician was disf'iigagiiig .t inassive ornament froin tlie tliick lotks of the leading Patagonian, that occidental Ah Sin took a liaiid in tlie game he did not understand and extracted from the wizard's pocket an elegant gold watch presented to Herrman several years ago by the Ernperor Of Austria. On ihe following morning when the loss was discovered the Patigonian performers had departed to keep an engagement across the sea. Jones says that the clouds of his early i'hildhood were no bigger than a woiiian'shand, but asquall always followe 1 t liciu.


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