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The Wheat Crop Of Michigan

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The Detroit Post and Tribune has reports from abovit one hundred pointe in the principal wheat-growing counties of the state, which are condensed as follows: ATXRGAN COUNTÏ. Plaiowelt- Three-fifths. Wayland - Three-fourtbs. BARRY COUNTT. Hastings - Twotbirds to three-fourtbi. Nashville- One-half. BBERIBN COÜNTT. St. Josepb8- One quarter to one-thlrd. Watervleit- Eigbt bushels per acre. BRANCH OOUNTT. Bronsn- Little lens than one-half. Coldwater - Onehalf to three Quarter. Quincy- Oneualf to two-thirds. CAIJSOUN COUNTT. Battle Creek- Less than two-thlrd. Homer- One-half. Marshall- Less than one-half. (XSSCOUNTA. Cassapolis - Alioot two-thirds. Corej - Leas than one-fnurth. Dowagiac- About threa-fourths. (yJNTON COIWTT. Ovld- Not over one-half. SU Johns- Not over onethlrd. EATON OOUNTÏ. Charlotte- One-balf to two-thirds. Grand Ledsre- Not over oue-half. Yermontville- One-half to three-fourthB. (1KNESEK COUNTY. Flint- One half to twothirdi. Olio- About twothirdB. Otisville- Not more tlian one-half. QBATIOT COUNTY. Alma- One-half. Ithaca - Sixty per cent. SL Louin- Considerable Injured. HII-I.SDAI.B COÜNTÏ. Hankers- Not over one-half. Hillsdile- One-half crop. Jouesville- Not orer one-half. I'ittsfords- Tbirty per cent killed. INGHAM COUNTT. Ingham- One-third killed. Lansing - Not over one-half. Masón- Not over two-thirds. North Lansing- Not one-balf. IONIA COUNTY. Ionia- Fiftj per cent killed. Pewamo- One-third or lees. Portland- Not over onehalf. Saranac- One quarler to ODe-ttaird killed. ISABELLA COUNTT. Mount Pleasant- An averag erop. JACKSON COÜNTY. Marengo - Less than ooe-half. Morenci - Nearly an average erop. KALAMAZOO COUNTÏ. Augusta - One-third to one-balf. Galeeburgli- Eight bushels per aere. Kalauiazoo- Not niucli over half erop. Schoolcraft - Three-fourths killed. KENT COUNTT. Grand Rapids- Not over twothird. Lowell- Eight to ten bushels per acre. I.APEER CODNTT. Alinont - Not over one-half. Atticil- Oue-halt erop. Coluuibiaville- Not over one-half. Dryden - One-half to three-quarters. Lnpeer - Not over two-thirds. Metamora- Not over one-half. I.ENAWEE COUNTÏ. Clintor- Not over one half. Daerfield- Onehalf erop. Tecumseü- One-third kUled. LIVINOSTON COUNTÏ. Howell- Not over onehalt. Unadilla- Not over one-half. MACOMB COUNTT. Armada- k fair erop. Romeo - Not over onehalf . Utica- About half. Hl )N I VAI.M CO. Stanton- No lerious injury sustained. monroe co. Monroe- Nearly or quite full average. OAKLAND CO. Mil ford- One half to two thirds. Orion- One half to two thirds. Pontinc - Very poor. Bochester- Half winter killed. SAÜINAW CO. East Saginaw- 45 per cent killed. SHIAWASSBB (X). Corunna - Ahout one half. Durand- Not over one third. Owo88O - A low average. Vernon- Not over two third. ST. CLAIR COUNTT. Capac- About three fourths. luilay City- About two third. SL Claix- Average erop. ST. JOSKPH COUNTI. Constantino- Lightest average ever known. Colon- Very bad condition. Sturgis - One half. Three Rivera- Not one fourth. While Pigeon - About oue fourth. TUSCOI.A COUNTT. Milllngton- Not over one quarter or one third. Vassar- Anout one half. WASHTENAW OOUN1T. Base Lakf- One tbird to one half. Chelaea - Not over one half. Pextar - Not over oue half. Manchester- Not over one half. Saline - Not over one half. Ypsilanti- Fair yield. WAYNK eOUNTÏ. Pljmouth- Not over one third. VAN BUREN CO. Lawton- One third. Mattawan - ne fourth to one tbird. Paw Paw- Two thirda. As these reporta were writtea before the warm rains of last week, lt is hoped ttiat the appearance of t . erop bas soinevrhat iiuproved.


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