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Carbolic Acid

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-The Boston nal oí Chemistry recommends with great contidenee tlie use of carbolic acid tor colds and couglis. The resulta have been very gratifying. A correspondent of that publication also saya of it, 'I have ustd the steam of carbolic acid by heating the saturated sol ut ion in an epen vessel over a gas or spirit lamp, and if one can not get an automizer ttñs will do as well. It is a cheap way of nsing it, but it is troublesome to get it ready to use, and takes time also I am iiiclinetl to t hink that the use of steain or spray of water alone wonld soothe an irritated lung, or rather the irritated bronchial tuties; at least, when there is a dry, hack ing cough. Water dissolves the acid readily, but holds it very feebly; so it is a good vehicle for conveying the substance to the irritated surface, and the readiness with which it gives it up insures prompt action. Inhaled, the acid acts as an anasthetie anu as a aesiroyer oí microscopio organisms, and it is easy to comprehend how it beneflts a cough.' ín iising carbolic acid, by inhalation as is here meant, tlie recipe is compos1 of one part of the pure acid dissolved In foor pastal 0( water. Druggists always sell or prepare it in this way, or oiight to do so. Tlie ('hief of tlie Paris Fire Brigade has rocommended that the lightng of large ware houses by electricity be made conipulsory in order to prevent a recurrence of such a disaster as the destruction by lire of the Printemps establishment.


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