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DRAKE'S OYSTER DEPOT SO East HuronSt. Oysters Always Fresh and Cheap. Pure Wines and Liquors for medicinal purDoses. Cholcest brands of Cigars alwaya on han J FRED SORG, Dealer In PAINTS, OILS, V ARNISHES BRUSHE8, WINDOW GLASS, ml all Falnterg' Supplies of the Best Quallty SHOP AND STORE 26 and 28 East Washington lat. AUN ABBOB. MICMiaAJL RINSEY & SEABOLT, No. 6 and 8 Washington &t., Have on hand a complete stock of Overythiag in the Crocery Line. They buy their Tcag, Coffees, and Snf i i-i In large amounts, and at Caslhi. 3?jocg& And can sell at Low Figure. The large Invoice of Teas they Buy and Sell, Is a good proof that in Ouality and Price they Give Bargains. Thuy Roast their om Coftees every week, anö none but prime articles are used. Thcir Bakeryturns out excellent Bread, Catee and Crackers. Cali and se them. JÁCKSON FIRE CLAY CO! Manufacturera oí Stone Sewer Pipe - ABD-IDU-A-IIN" TILE. All our Drain Tile are made of Fire Clay, are of umutunt strength and liyht iccight, which materially reduces the breakage and expense of transportation. The ditching for thls class of tilinKisless cxpen nive, as they do not require to be laid below f rost, but only decp enough to escape the plow. While thii is more economical it also aids in obtainingja better "fall" or grade to the drain. A full assortment of all sizes, for sale In uaaU qiiautitles, or car load lot!, at th FERDON LUIBER TABU. JAS. TOLBERT, Agent. BEHfS ÏONlC IS A THOROUCH REMEDY In fvery rase of Malaria! Fever or F ver and Al'uc, while for disorders of tfae Btouwch, Torpidity of the Uver. IndlgeBtton and disturhanoes of the animal forces, wfilcfa debilítate, it has no equivalent, and can have no snbfltttute. Itshould not be confouiulfd wHfa trituratedcompounds of cheap spirits and essential oils, often Kold under the name of Bittere. FOR SALE BY C. E. Holmes, Cook hotel block. mm i mi KENDALL SSPAVIN CURE. The most successful Remedyeer dttcoverea, as it is eertain lo its effeets and doe# noi blister. Read Proof Belcw. PRESEVERANCE WILL TELL Stoughton, Mass.. Mnrch 16th, 1F80. B. J. Kknhai.i. & Oo.. Gents; - In to you and niyself. I thiiik I onht to let TOU know that I ha removed two bone spavins with "Kendall' Spnvin Cure." onts very Irg one; don't knovr liow lone the spavin had been there. I have ow ïn'd tl horst' iglit months'. It look me four months to take the laivr one off and two for the small one. I have used ten butilos. Ttiehorse ia entirely well, not at all stift, and no bunch to be seen or feit. Thisis a wonderful medicine. It is a m-w tliing here: but if it loes for all what ft has lone for me its ale will be very great. Respt'Otfully yonrs.C'HAS. E. Pakker. Kendalis Spavin Cv e ia BUT6 in its eflfects, mild in its action as it does not bllster, yt it is MMiftratiiij; and po werf ui to rrju-h tfwvtj deep OCifltod pain or to remove bony growth or other enlargeniODt si u-h mspatíhb, splints, curbt, callous, sjirains. sireUinga, any lamentas and all ealaiveiuentiiol tb joints or 'limbs, or rheumatisni in man and for any purpose for which a linirrent is used for man or oeast. It is nov known tobe the best Unimeat for man over used a-tin mihl and vet certnin Ín its effects. Send addrrssfor Ilhistruttnl 'ircular which we think glfM positivo proof of Hs virtnes. No remedy has ever in-'i with such unqualifíed success to our knowlcdge, for beast aswell as man. PHce %l, por bottle, or six botlles for $S. AH Drugglati have it orean get il for you, or it will be sent to any address on receipt of prlre by the proprietore. " lii. B. J. KEKDALL &CO., F.nosbvurgb i'alls. Vennoot. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS IN. H? DOWNS I VEGETABLE BALSAMIC ELIXIR ÍIs a sure cure for Coughb, Colds, Whooping-Cough, and all Lung Diseases, when taken in ses.on. People die of consumptioi. simpy because of negtect, when the Ël timety use of ttU remedj would ■ have cured them ai once. l'tfty-onc yeart ot conSÈ stant Uïe pruvei the fact that no R cough remed t.a stood the test Mlike Mfotvn' Jk.ltzir. Prica Sic. tut rl Jl.K peí bottle. r,.r S..I. Krr)where. I Dr. Baxter's Mandrake llSlTlllt Hj VVill cure jaundice, Dyspepsia, Mj l.iver Complaints, Indigestión, U and all discases arising frorn BflM iousnes Pnce 5 cts. per bottle. , Foi Sak Everywher. HKMíl i .mil XSllü's ÁRNICA AND OIL LINIMENT JFor Jttan and ittast. ■ The most perfect liniment ever 3 compounded. Pricr 5C. and 50c. For Siil Kv.'rywlier.


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