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The Bay City Evening Press, ia speaking of the Bay City and Alpena road, has the following timely reinarles to make: If this city keeps on an equality with East Saginaw as to railroad connections nothing can prevent this city retaining ita supremacy; it must reinain the metropolis of northern Miclügan. But if it shall submit to being side-tracked or made a way station, there is no question where the supremacy wiü rest. ïhe Bay City and Alpena railroad is one of the lines this city must not allow to escape it; and having secured that line, the Midland branca. the Marlette and Port Huron, and the Sebewaing and Caseville lines should receive attention. It would be of vast benefit to this city to secure a narro w gauge railroad through Tuscola county into the rapidly developing county ot' Huron. Our milis want the Wheat of those counties to gfind, the farmers want the goods our merchants have to sell, and our merchants could manage to make a little something on the goods sold. ïhere is a time to sow, a time to reap, and a time to gather into barns. A time is coming in the history of this city when the 400,000,000 or 500,000,000 feet of lumber cut here will begin to dwindle to 300,000,000, 200,000 000 100,000,000- then fall off to an insig' niflcent figure. If the time be not improved in the development of commercial advantages, what will be the value of real estáte here when the day arrivés in wm'eh the noise of the saw milis is low and the choppers, and bankers, and drivers, and dockwollopers, and inspectors, no longer swarm along the river? And the day is not 1,000 years in the future when there will not be enough sawdust made here from logs to cover a circus ring. "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof." Is that the answer? It is not the answer wisdom would suggest.


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