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Somc htteen or twcnty years ago a man by tlic name of Jno. Slattery, then a residen of New Vork. came to Ann Arbor. He aftorwanls beeame acquainled wilb Miss Sarah Fltzgerahi, of Northfield, and in ihe course of time they were mitrried. As a result of the unioo three cbildren were boni to them. Slattery was a man of peculiar temperament and forsome rea. son he couldn't get along with his wife. After living together forawhile they concluded to separate, whea he scttled on Airs. Slattery; TH0U8AND DOLI.Aits and then returned to New Yoik. On the 2d of April last the foliowing appeared in the New York llerald: "Edward McWilliams, of No. 309 East llltti street, was coniinittcil, without bail, by Jusücc Power, at the Harlem pólice c onri, yesterday, to await ihe result of the injuries of John Slaltery, dow lying UDConscious m the Presbyterian hospit;.l, Buffering trom a fracture of the skull, received on the oljjht of Marcb 27, by being struck on the heud willi acobble stom?. McWilliams aml his wife were walking aloug Second avenue, near lOlh street, on their way tocbureb, whenthcy ere approacbed from bchind by Blattery. Without the least provoeation or waroine Slattery drew a heavy club and struck .Mc Williams on the heaU. feiling bina to the sidewalk. He then turned on the vife of the prOBtrate man and was in the act pf irealmg her in a similar maimer wheu the busband sprang upmi his feet and struck him a terrilic blow wilh a cobble stone. Slattery feil to the pavemenl uuconscious. McWilllama callea for help and a pólice offlcei of the 136th street station carne up. The senseless man was conveyed lo the Presbyterian hospital. Yesterday the pólice were notilied that ölatterly was dying, detective Sniitli thereupon arrcsled Mc Williams. " Slattery flnally died from the cfïects of the injuries he then sustained, and as he was known to POSSKss CXJH8EDBRABLE WEALTH, Hon. E 1). Cinne went to New York BOme weeks ajCO, at the request of .Mis. Slattery, for the purpose of ascertaining how matters stood. He learned that al the time of the death of Slattery, he was living in Harlem, and had lefta small for tune. As no one seemed to kuow anytliing about his business or in what his wealth consisted, Mr. Kinne was placed in a peculiar position. After working at the case somc days he struck a elue and as a result, diseovercd that Slattery had not made a will, although leaving an estate of from $30,000 to $35,000 whieh Mrs. Slattery and her three children will inhent. For the past few years they have resided in tuis city, where the children ure being educated. Before leaving New York .Mr. Kinne had an administnitor ap pointed, and as the estáte consists priiie, "' pnlly of personal propeny -f WH n01 be loníí l)lif"' yis paid over to the beirs.


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