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Educated Women

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Reflned and eduoated winnen will sornetimes suffer in sdence tor years frota k id- ney disetutes, or cuDBtlpaliua nul piles, wliich could easüy he cured by a package il Kidncy-VVoit. Tuere is bai'dly a wo aan to le found tbat does not at Bome iini' suffer 1 rom sciine of llie diseases for vhicli ttai nititt renieily is a Bueciflc. lt s put np in liijuid anl diy forms, équally afflcieut.- Öprlngfleld Union. Health, lmpo nul happinesa are resored bytficuse of Lydia E. Pinkbam's Vegetable CXunpouud. lt is a positive ure for all lbose diseasea from wliich wonen sulïer so mucli. Send to Mis. Lydia D. Pinkham, 2W Western Avenue, Lynn, Muss., for pamphlets. Conslijatiin invariably follows Liver 'nniplaint; but it is casily overeóme by lie timely use of Baxtor's Ifandrake Jiiters. Dyspepsiü ilso readily yields to his potent remedy. (!;iis made in tbc tlcsh by cuts, speed ly disappear without leaving a sear .- 1 1 1 1 Benry & Joüuson'a Árnica and Oil liniment is uaed Downs' Elixir will cure all lung diseases. ["he best medicine known for whooping oogh.


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