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-The litertiry societies are closed for the ycar. - Th; laboratory will be closed on the 17l!) inst. - Ruv. J. P. Newraan will deliver the commuuccincnt aildrus. - Profs. DuPont, Walter and Deuimon will slimmer in Europe. -Prof. Morrte'a return will be halled wilh dclighl by tbe student. Tbe senior homeopaths are baviug their exuminations this week. - The graduating class must walk up and deposit tbeir diploma fees. - Lee tures have closed in the homeopathie and medical department. -The baccalaureate address is to be delivered June 26 by Prof. Cockcr. -The Alpha Nu discussed the Nuw Yorksituation last Saturday evening. -Miss A. Mansfield bas recousidered her intention of going to Europa this season. Prof. Vsughau waa a witness in the Huil murder trial in the Pontiac circuit court last Friday. -Prof. Franklin is treating a number of private patients who are sufft-iiüg with spinal disease. - Hangsterfer furnishes the class supper for tbe senior homeopa'.hs the nisht lefore commencement. -The senior pharmacy class bas contractedwitb Mr. Hudson, uf tbe Cook house, for a supper to be given on the 23rd illit. -Dr. Cocker bas been offered the presidency of the Northwestern university at Evanston. UI. He will not accept. -A number of the members of the juuior engineering class are in camp at Hamburg. Prof. Davis accompanieU the boys. -Víctor C. Vaughan has been appointed assistant professor in the laboratory, and wlll cventually 3tep iuto Prof. Rose's shoes. -Prof. Isaac N. Derninon has buen ap. pointed by the regents to the positiou made vacant by tho resignation of Prof. M. C.Tyler. -Prof. Morris, of Johns Ilopkins universiiy, will undoubtedly be given an ap pointment by the regents at their rueeling the last of the month. - Mr.C. II. Johnston, lit, '31, has retur ned f rom Albany, where be has been during the last ruonth or so, and will gradúate on the 30th. -The Cheboygan Democrat thinks Michigan uiggardly because she doos nut pay Prof. Tyler a larger salary and keep him at the university. - Patients who come to the homeopathie hospital for treatment are obliged to room elsewhere on accouut of the crowded cundiiion of the hospital. -Dr. Douglas has received froin the university $3,741.29, the amount of the tinal judgment given in his favor in the Kose-Doujrlas case by the supreme court. -Prof. Tyler spoke to his classes last Fnday aftornoon in regard to his leaving for a new field of labor. He spoke of the pleasant times he had had witli the stuilunts of the university. -The comnetitive examination held by Prof. Franklin for assistants from the freshmen elass, rcsulted in the appoint ment of Harry C. Kasselmuun of Monrou, and Kollin II. Bual, of Ionia. XL e new dep-.irtmeut of politica! science will be welcomed by the students. The faculty oiight allow some of the students to give a course of lectures on "how lo form comhinations." - Lansiug Journal: Fred D. Allaben, well and favorably kuown in the capital city, luis recenlly graduated from the luw departmeut of the university of Michigan andcouimencedpractise at Sycamore, 111. The students' christian association has elected the following ofticers: President T. C. Baily; vice president, E. W. Kade; "wording secretary, T. C. Wagner; treasuier, C. W. Tisman, librarían, F. E. Bckurtleff. -The chemical laboratory is open forenoons from 9 to 12 to accommodate the boy, as there is so little time given for original work this year, owing to delay in the completion of additions at the beginning of the year. -Prof. W. Cary Hill, literary '79, who resided on Miller avenue for sometime prior to his ïemoval to Battle Crcek, where he had charge of the schools until ill hèalth coinpelled him to tako a trip to Colorado, died in Cuelsea a few days ago. - Uy way of a manifestation of the high regard in which Prof. Tyler is held by the class of '81, the members of that class lissembled last Friday evening and serenaded tlie Prof. at lus residence. Tluv also serenaded Prof. Demmon and wcre greeted with some happy remarks liy the professor. - A stranger named Hughs was arrestcd by policeman Brown on the campus last Thursday night, and af ter cansiderable tugging by the offleer and thrce men who went to his assistauce, was safely lodged in juil. Hughs is crazy, and until reeen tl y was an in mate f the Wayne county asylum. -At the meeting of the Alpha Nu held last Friday evening, the following offleers wen elccted: President, Ferdinaud Hall; vice president, E. C. Williams: secretary, James C. Gibbs; treasurer, Martin B. Trainor; librarían, Charles J. Bacher; assistaut librarían, VVilliam C. Foote; senior crilic, M. Uilmore; junior critic, Miss F. M. Gilmore; editors, F. N. Scott and E. F. Mack. - The meeting of the Literary Adelphi for the election of oflicers for the first semester next year, was held last Friday eveniüg. The following were elected : President, J. J. Lontz; vico president, Charles P. Drummond; secretary, L. S. Berry: treastirer, William A. Tumey; librarían, I. 8. Evans. The assistant librarían will be elected from the freshmsin class next year. - The grand June concert by the university musical society,at which Hayden's "Creation" will be given, promises to bean affair well worth everyoue's attendance. The chorus parta wiíl be mentcd with recitations by distinguished soloists from abroad, ncluding Mrs. Grace Hilu-Gleason, of the Herschey school of music, Chicago, soprano; Prof. W. B. Chamberlwin, of the Oberlin consurviitory of music, tenor ; and Herr Franz, Reinmertz, of New York city. The soloists are all esiecially adapted to the parts to which they have been assigned, while the chorus is in fine condnion, having been well trained for their work under tbe able leadership of Prof. Cady. This latter is the local organization of the university musical society in which tue peopleof Ann Arbor take a just pride, and they should oherish its lonsevity with the same generou spirit in which they gave it birth and nourished it. The concert takes place ou the eveDing of Friday, June 10, and no one need stay away in the fear of uot being able to appreciate it.


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