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Additional local on second page. 4 Paw July 7. The circuit court is in scssion. There was a soaking rain Tuesday. The camp meeting is just booming. The legislature has finally adjourned. C. E. Worden, has gone to California, A. V. Robison & Son have another new hack. A lodge of R. A. is to be established in Iliis place. The painteis are ut work on the opera house front. John J. Flynn has gone to Grand Rapids to work. Meeting of the board of supervisors next Monday. Several street lampa in the thirj: ward need cleaning. The Sunday excursión didn'l 'pan out" very well. Next Tuesday is temperance day at Whitmore Lake. Mayor Kapp has been idded to the bridge committee. The Culp - Gott guardián case is set down for June 27. The basUrdy case against Jas. Hamilton has been settled. Men who wark on the streets are to receive $1.50 per day. Aid. Dow still continuos to improve the streets in his ward. Mrs. Ilenry Bliton, of Saline, died Saturday of typhoid fever. A farewell service was held in the Baptist church Sunday. The juvenile band furnished the music for the excursión Sunday. Change of "ads" this week for Joe T. Jacobs and A. L. Noble. The circuit court jurors are summoned to be present next Tuesday. The track layéis are at work laying iron this side of South Lyon. Chas. Jones will remain with the National bank until the 20th inst. The September meeting of the pioneer society will be held in this city. The Gregory house has been closed by the lessees, Messrs. Jewell & bon. Geo. W. Biown has been appointed deputy sheriff. A good selection. Mrs. Patrick Martin, a sister of P. MclCerdan, is lying dangerously il!. The funeral of Mrs. Barbara Beek, o Lodi, was largely attended Friday. They dou't seem to take kindly to the revised New Testament in Eugland. The Baptists and Congregationalists will hold uuion services unül Oct. 1. A very few festive encounters are thus far reported from that camp meeting. A semi-annual dividend of 4 per cent has been declared by the Savings bank. The Ypsilanti and Chelsea bands are taking iu the band touruament in Lansing. Mali Green bas purchased Rob Roy, the tallion lately owned by F. H. J ewell, for $750. The new couuty history was intlorsed at the recent meeting of the pioneer society. If you have business with the editor, you will fiud him in room 6, opera house block. Canal street in the Fifth ward is to be surveyed under the direction of Aid. Mat luewson. Tuesday was temperance day at Whit more Lake, but the storm kept tlie people at home. The building adjoining Geo. Ardner's saloon on Depot street is being used for a restaurant. Peter Cary wlio has worked the Fourth ward for several boss of the gang tb is season. Senator Rose was one of tlie 23 who voted for the Ontonaton and Brule R.ver raihoad bill. Dr. Palmer's carriage was demolished Saturday on State street. Cause - horses running away. Great preparations are being made for that minstrel show which is advertised at Whitmore Lake. A fight betweeu two liackmen at the M. C. depot Friday even ing caused much fuu for the boys. Orders to the amount of $607.49 were presented to tue coincil for allowance on the general finid. Would it not be a good iiea to have the stones picked up on the streets that have been graveled? llie Uaptist church ín Ypsilanti ís to be repaired several lmndred dollars worlh this summer. The case of he people vs. Jas. Loney, held for an alleged assault and battery has heen diseontinued. Chas. P. Russell. of Detroit, a member of the I. O, G. T.,spoke to a Chelsea audience Sunday eveuing. Ilenry Otto, W. McOmber, F. Minnis and Ilenry Iloru are attending the band tournament in Lansing. The oíd Baptist c-huieh property has been purchased by the Langley electric light company for $1,500. Observer: Nichole Bros. have, as yet, made no satisfaetory Bettleujent with their insurance corapany. Dr. C. Kapp, of Manchester, had his collar borie broken last Thursday by being thrown from his carriage. The young ladies' missionary society of the Methodist church gave a strawberry festival Tuesday evening. The contingent fund was drawn on last month to tlie amount ot $lw.lo tor supplies for the indigent poor. The Knights of the Maccabees have rented the Odd Fellow's hall over Joe T. Jacobs' store for a lodge room. A car of flour was loaded Saturday bj Swtft & Co., on the track of the T. A. A. & G. T. R. H. in the Fifth wmd. J. F. Graf, who was put in j'all last week to sober off, bas given bail, and ap pealed the case tt the circuit court. The members of A. A. Lodge No. 27 A. O. U. W., attended the funeral of their brother, J. A. Graf, Saturday. The cases of the people against constables Imus, Porter and Loomis have been continued on affidavit of defendants. Ata meeting of the directora of the Washtenaw insurance company last Thursday several small losseswere adjusted. Anotlier old pioneer of tuis counly passed away Saturday, Mrs. A. Whitaker, of Lima who lived to see her 84th year. Patrick Lavey, of Dexter town, whose house was destroyed by fire some weeks ago, is making arraogements to rebuilii. Jno. Schumacher was not fishing as was announced in the city papers laat week, but went to Cleveland on business. R. Kempf will move his family to tuis city about the first of August. He will, however, make Chelsea his headquarters. "Flower Suuday" at the Unitarian church next Sunday. There will be a service ia the morning for old and young. Fred Stabler has warned saloon keepers against selling his son,Charles Stabler, liquor of any kind, uniler penalty of the law. C. Schumacher, Wm. Campion, Thos. Kearns, D. J. Fislier and J. B. Saunders report excellent fishing at Sirawberry lake. The governor has ap pointed Mrs. Mary E. Cooley a member of the board of control of the Michigan reform school for girls. The residents of CUelsea set a splendid dinner for the pioneers, who were profuse in their piaise of the treatment they received. An exchange wants to know - "if your love lies dreaming?" How the deuce can you expect her to do anything else when she's a wake I Prof. Wilson, who spoke in South Lyons Sunday evening, was accompanied by Jno. Schumacher, who briefly addressed the meeting. Washtenaw county will be well repre sented at the reunión of the ex-prisoners of war to be held in Detroit the 21 st, 22d and 23rd of this month. There is to be a basket picnic a weck from next Saturday in the woods near the school house adjoining Boyder.'s and Alexander's iu Webster. Here it is the 9th of June and not a thing done yet toward getting up a Ith of July celebration. It must be the citizens have lost their enthusiasm. C. J. Gardner, of this city and H. N. Stone, of Jackson, are figuring on the new Unitarian church. The Walker Bros . are af ter the stone work. The farmers refuse to sell their wool at the prices now offered and will wait for a rise in the market. Not a pound bas been offered for sale in this city. Geo. Clark, the old hostler who will be remembered bj' nearly every man who has driven a team to this city for 30 years bnck, died some two weeks ago. The liverymen are dohig a lively business this week. Everything in Ihe shapc of a veliicle is in great demaml, tor tb oamp meeting draws immensely. The new sail boat whieli lias recentlj been put on Whitmore Lake by Wm. (Jraham, has been christened the "Pridi of the Lake." It is the fastest buaton tht pond. Aid. Besiraer complimonted the pólice at the council meeting for the mauner ii: which they ferreted out the depredators who recently broke a number of streel lainps. A paved gutter is wanted on the nortli side of East Ann streel, belween Main aad Fourth streets, and a petition signed by the property owners has been presented to the council. The different streets in the city are to have signs placed on the corners so that people may know the lay gf the ground. The contract for painting the signs will be let to the lowest bidder. Caroline Schanz was tried by a jury in justice Wiuegar's court Monday afternoon on the charge of being drunk. The evidence not being conclusivo the jury returned a verdict of not guilty. August 3raf, for some years in the employ of E. Eberbach & Son, and later one of the firrn of Slater & Graf, died last Thursday raorning aged 33 years, at his residence on Washington street. The superintendent of the D. II. & S. W. Ii. K. seems to be a very accommodating chap, for he run an excursión train over the road to take the boys and girls to the circus in Ypsilanti last week. Miniüg Journal: Striped stockings are the most economical for ladies, especially ia warm weather. The dark stripes will stain the skin, and after a short time it won't be necessary to wear auy socks at all. The "boy papers" as the Ypsilanti Commercial puts it, seem to weigh heavily on the old man's niind, and judging from the effusions which have raceutlv, appeared in his sheet, he is evideutly "gone." Ilon. Isaac M. Crane, a relative of Mrs. Elmer Mills, of Pittslield, died at his home in Eaton Rapids last Thursday. He was a stauch deinocrat and in 18(58 wan a candidato for cougress on the democratie ticket. The pomological society Baturday elected J. J. Parshall, J. D. Baldwiu, H. W. Dort, J. A. Scott and Prof. E. Buur delegates to the spring meeting of the tate horticultural society now in session n Benton llarbor. A farmer named Chappel, living east of Superior township, was ruuaway with Honday. Tlie hurse started irom near he observatory and made a wreek of the carriage. Chappel was severely injured. Two othermen who were ridiug with him escaped injury. In consequence of the wet weather lemperanee day at the Whitmore Lake tent meeting has been posponed trom June 7, as previously advertised, to Tuesday, June 14. Prof. Wilsou, of this city, and Wm. Wade of Detroit, will be among the speakers. The followlng amouuts on the different fuuiis were audited and ordered paid by the council Monday evening: First ward, $3o.4ö; Seoond, $9.08; Third, $300.00; Fifth, $4; Sixlh, 49.13; general street fuud, $202.01; cemetery fund, $27.46; contingent fund, $280.91. Had the publishers of the coutity history sent proof sheets of the buok to the different township coinmittees, many errors which now appear, might easily have been corrected. L. üavis informed the writer yesterday that he could have cor rected at least 1,000 mistake. When Swathel, Kyer & Peterson put the price of flour down to $5 per barrel, they expected some opposition from those who were handling other brauds, bilt their business bas steadily iucreased, and to-day a large number of new customers are using flour manufactured by the above firin. The Ann Arbor Savingsbank ï'e-elected the following directors Monday evening: C. Mack, W. W. Wines, R. A. Beal, W. D. Harrlman, Daniel Hiscock, Wm. Deubel, W. B. Smith. The directors elected offleers as follows: President, C. Mack; vice-president, W. W. Wines; cashier, C. E. Hiscock. Daniel Collins, a one armed man, got 10 days Monday for biiing druuk and disorderly on the streets last Friday. He thought by buruing up his unmentionables and his boots he would not be compelled to appear before the justice; but it was no go, for be had a cheap pair of pants furuished him to muke his debut. C. Millman, policemau, made 11 arrests in May, drunk and disorderly, 7 ; assault and battery, 3; larceny, 1; and his f ees against the county, less $3 cash received, mounted to $35.88. Policeman Porter made 10 arrests as follows: Assault and battery, 4; drunk and disorderly, 4; larceny, 2, and his f ees due from the county are $38.14. Patrick McCourt, a well to-do farmer, and for the past 27 years a resident of Northfield township, died Monday aged 62 years, of inflammation of the bowels. He leaves a wife and eight children, six boys and two girls. The deceased was a brother of Mrs. Peter Paquett and a son of Mrs. Rosa McCourt of this city. The funeral will be held to-day. "Hiram, or the Grand Master-Key to the Door of both Antient and Modern Free Masonry,"' is the title of a 72 page book printed by Griflln & Toft and J. Hoey, Jr., in Parliament street, Dublin, in 1773, and whick is now the property of Isaac Wynkup, Esq. The book is alleged to have been written by a free manon, disclosing the secrets of the order. A. ,T. Buchoz sold at adininistrator's sale yesterday the followintc property to A. J. Sawyer: The Buchoz homestead on Detroit street, $2,100; the old Ilawkius property, consisting of a good house, barn and five acres.for $3,950; tho building used as a meat market north of the Buchoz block, $900; and a strip of land adjoining Prof. Pattengill's residence, $50. A horse owned by Bird, the dnyman, feil down opposite the Gregory house Saturday, and it rcquirt'd the efforts of 17 men and a small boy to put the shadow on his feet. It is said the horse fainted away at the sigbt of a load of hay which was on the street. The pólice have taken the matter in hand and will arrest the old man for cruelty to animáis if he drives the horse on the streets. The members of the board of health who have given muoh time and attention to the establishment of sanitary measures, have asked the council to pass eer tain ordinances by the enforcement of which needed rcforms can be carried out. This is au important quostion in which every Citizen is interested, and ii the health offioers eau perform their dutieB - which in a measure are gratuitous - tho council should give them all the assistancc possible. We believe they will do it. The Cheboygau Democrat Ua3 been enlarged to an 8 column paper, and the last -nuniber, which is before us, is well filled with local and other matter, and its advertising patronage is evidence thatthe business men of Cheboygan believe in the liberal use of pnnter's ink. Edward Forsyth is the live publisher'.and he has a way of putting things which must make The Democrat sought after. Success brother, and ma}' your business increaie until j'ou will find it necessary to enlarge again soon to a 9 column folio. Recent political events give especial timuliness to the eonsideration of th growth of the machine, and the most effective way to "smash" it. It is announced that the Ju!y number of Scribner will contain the first ef a series of important papers entitled "The People's Problem," discussing the subject ia a new and viücorous way. The writer, Mr. Albert Stickney, is a well-knowu lawyer of New York city, and though his remedies may be foumi radical, they have the ad vuntage of being those of one who has given thorough study to the subject in its liistorical and moral aspects. It is now over two years since Felch 8t. in theThird ward was rendered impassable by the T. & A. A. R. R. ; and as nothing has ever been done by this company to put this thoroughfare in good order it is high time the council took steps tocompel the directors to make the Street passable. The city of Ann Arbor bas dealt überally with this railroad company, and as long as the council has the po ver to compel a faithful performance of the contract, they should do it. The citi zens of the Third ward naturally feel indiguant, and look to the city fatkers to protect thoir rights. We hope the street comuiittee will do their duty and fight the matter to the bitter end. We have jeen imposed upon long enough by the Ann Arbor and Toledo railroad in this respect.


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