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r The May coinage of the vanous miuM was $12,22S,650, of whicli f 2,800,000 was the eilver dollar?. "Star Boute" lightning struck J. M. MeHrew sixth auditor of tba treasury, aud he resigned ín coust-Quenot) of the perempfory and repeated requestsof Secretary Wiudom. Lilley, bis liepoty, ha bi-eu puiiïinariiy remoïed. It is ruiDored that otlif r hilherto uususppcted officials are iU daugerof exposuiv, aLd rtinoval. A boiler exploëion at (!affn?y & ('o.'s de wiirkH, at KensiiicctiiD, pear Fliiladelphia, killed twomeu auil iiijmvd förty other. A auiubfr of luiusi-t wre burued. Tlie general asseinbly of the United Preslij terlan rlmiTh ha decided in favor of introduoinginatruuiental muslc iuU tlmir cliurcli service, hy a vote of 181 ayes to 22 noes. Lorillard'a Iroiiuois won tlie great EnglUh racf, the lerby, against fifteeii eompetitors. Tbe horse was (o.'Iki1 in 187, ml is the firet American hor? wliicli ever ran iu a Derby raw. The evut is of iutmuatiouai iniportanee iu racingcircles. MoUvithstanding previoi: repoits to t!ie coutrary, itisstated on npparently eood anthority that thellon. Williaiu E. Clmualer will iiot be a cindidate for the UuitcdStates eenateas uc cessor to Seuator Rollius. The New Hamp Bhire legislature, which is now ia sessiou, will elect Rollin's succegsor. Tliat geutleraau will doubtleiis be again honored. The couservative Republicans of Virginia avowa deteniiination notio ue led ny aianone, lint t stand by the credit of the state, and exprens grave douhU as to the sineority of Mahone's recent professious. Col. W. A-Cook of Washington has been retained to proeecute the eases agaiust the star route i int;. l'i nt (arfíeld will attend the Atlanta, Ga., exposition in Novemlr next. TheuAtioual board of health ia in Bession at Washington. Ii:ise liail- Detroite 11, Worcesters 8. St. Louis rolling mili heaters struck for higher wagee. The national board of health in sesf on at Washington han re-lecsed its former ofilcers. The layiut; of ron on tlie Detroit, Butler and St Ixiuíh railroad is completeii. Col. ('rook of Wanliint:'"" H vigoronsly im-liiiiK th iiiTcsliyuliou into th ttuir route win.lInH. (eneral (iiunt, haBlcnini; liome from-Mexi ■o, id hi-ip 'onkliutl, is ijiiarantiiu-d at New ( )rleans. The .Etna tire inmirance couipany bas voted au lucreaw of capital froiu three million to five uiillion dollars. Ohio lias effect! ft 92.800,000 loan at tour per cent., and sold llm boinhi at '',% per ceut. premium. Sir Kilwanl Thornlon, Britisli minister, lias handed Mr. B'alne a draft for C15,UU0, on account of tl.w Foituue Bay nútrale. Wal tur and LoUie Sinith, au'1' i and li reHieotlvly, wliile playinu in a vacant lot in LeadTillu, Colorado, fouml a giant cuitiiiliif Tliey ftttfinpted io breuk it open In Hrti wliat was iusiilu, wlicii t fxpUilod, tbrowing tlifin -■■vi ui yards aixl liailly mutUatiuK botli. Tlie boy' hands were both torn olí and liis yes blown out TUe Virginia Readjustem' convention reauinud ita Kt-Bsion. Ou th fourtli ballot cliangee were made to Caiueron, aml liis noininatiod wag fiimlly made uuauiiuouH witli great ciiiliuniasii), mi motion r Mr. Massey, a rival candidato. Ex-Snator John T. Ijevvis was noininated for livutenant governor, and Frank S. ]ilah" for attoruey general. In Friday'ü eenatorial ballot in the New York lenislative couveution, the vote for the short term stood, Conklini; "I, áiitl-CODkllug Republicana, liti, Jacobs 50. The vote for the loDg term stood, Platt 30, anti-Platt Republicana 71, Kernan 60. For the short term, Wheeler received IK votes aDd Cornell 20, and for the loug term liepew 30 and Coruell 13. General Grant kivs tliat he will uot take part iu the New Vork senatorial fighL Secret&ry Rlaine has begun to build a f t0,000 house I Washington. Col. Holloway, ex-editor and pnblisher, Indiauapolis, wants to be public printer. Addisoa lii'own has lieen appointml l'niti-l Status juiIk for the southeru ilistiict ol New York, vic C'hO8t, resigued, 'l'lie Indiana polis correspondent of the Ciuciuuati (iazette bas been appoiutvd fiftli auditor of the treasury. Henry Ward Heechiirgot onevote for Uvited State seualor in Ihe New York laglsltture, l''iiday. In the synod of the reformed churcli at Hudson, N. Y., protests were presentid agnin-l f ti e inasonry. The star routfl pcnsecutiona wil probably not begin before tiefore September, owlBg ( Ihe pressura of business titfore the l'uited States court. It is runiored that tlierrsigniitlon ni AsríbIant Postiiiaster (Jenerali Tyner is in the hands of the President, to tw acoepted if di-sired, lint it is also Mted that Mr. Tyner is not misport ed of actual coinplicity iu the sUar ïuule fraude. Iu the reíuuieof the testimony befon tbe coroner's iiKjiiest iuto Ibe Loudon, Out, disaster, the employ of the Iniat try to lay the blauie of the disaster on the misbehavior of the passeugeis, whüfl other testiinony MBtrá diets theBH cuarge. liut, even ir Uie tesUinoo; of the employés is aecepted, it does not mitígate the mui di-i'ous oIIViim! of those who permitted the boat to be overloaded. The Tennesaee supreme court rendered a decisión holding the preseut "taxing district" of Meuiphis Hable for the debts of the old city. Colonel F. A. ConkliWi'B charge that a mem ber of the houfle cmnmlUeeof waya and nieans tiad receivU f KK),(i00to ureveut letrislaUea ou the silgar question, creates considerable excitemeiit. Mr. Conkling declines U make known llie name of the nu-iiilier whoui he charges with lifciiiK bribed, anü a?.ys that ho wi 1 deal with tho matter iu his own way aud time. ÏUe halloting for senator ín th Nv ïork leKilatire Saturday uhowed ' materia] chauce from Friday, xcept that pairs reduced tlin uuiutierot Totee cast. There are no indloationa, as yet, of the concentration of the autiConkliuic Ilepublioans on any two men. Gen. (rant, iu au interview at New unecius, expresaos warm sympathy with Senator Conkline, bat Kiys that b wwi't interíere iu tlie Altmoy fitrht. He luis ímicli morí U say, tiowever, hi.ut liis Mexicau raihoait tlian aboul AjueticaupollUcs. TUp iiwestigation of the star reute frauda is is bt'iiii; pre88d witli vigor. The Bostoa produce excliange declarss ín fiivor ut holding a world's fair iu Boston iu 1S85. Mr. (arfield' uiother lias loft ■Wasliinsjton for Mentor, where slie will pend the nummer It is saiil at Washington that tliough Assistant Poslmastor (ienerHlTyuer tendere J his iguation at the begiDninu o( the prest-nt adiDiolstration, it has not yet been accepted. The Virginia Readjustws expresa theimelves as satisfidd willi tbe ticket nomiuatrd n Fiiday;butthe leading Keimblicaus of Virejnla are earuest for a separate convention aud ticket. Witli thB execption of a few bankR hoMing a bond reserve of les thau $5,(X)0,Ü00, the national bauks have refnnded their honda lield for security on deposita in tliree aud a lialf per Cunta. The Detroit haBe hall club beat tho Troys agaiu two to nothinif. This tuakes the Jletroit record stand, í;:'1"1 wou, 11; lost, 11. Presiileut (iaifieM is still persecuted by the (illn-x'-beceers. A cnmpany lias Iwen organize'l iu Kansas tot lo-opcraUve colonization in Mexico. AChlnaman nanied Lu Cliin bas niarrifd Mr. Kva 11. Lee at Cheyenue, and both havo beeu imiicled for niiswgenation. Assistent PoBtmaster Uenerol Tyner lias returnwl to WashlDKtOD from New Vork, aud saj-8 lie has no idea of resigüiDg his positioD. The finance coiimiittee of tbe Montreal city council recommends pniiHwlings at;aiiit the lïranit Xruuk railway cuiupauy ior ü31,50, advanced in lSIfl to n company whose delila Uu (rund Tmuk lias assunu-il. The Oxford uuiversity boat club has shown generous eourteay in reiiustii)K lh Hsnluy couiuiitteoto allow lli Coruell four to oiitr the Hfiiley regatta. On tbe olbei hand tli firet and thiid Triuily crewn of Cambridge have shown a contetnptible jealousy by re(lueRting the committ(e torefuse the entry of Ihe ('uriifll crew. There 18 littln doutit. Jndjf ing from the previous record of the Heniey oouimittee, Ihat llmy will lakrt tho Ódosive and uugcueious aotloo recomuieuded by Caiulnilf;e. The Empire distillery, Chicago, bas suspended, owing $90,000. Tli natlonal grcenback comuiiltee is in 86sioii at St. Louis. General (Jrant hasariived at St. Louis. He declines to talk' ahout politics with the newspaper interviewers. Mayor Means of Cincinnati nays tliat no picnics eau be hoM witliiu the city limitsou Simdays. President (jarfield poes to Annapolis to at tend the couiuiencouieut of the uaval academyï A deputy collector and two moousliiucrg were receutly wounded ina fijjlit in üeorgtaé Smcral ñruis of brewers in New York and Brooklyn have acceded to the demanda of tlieir strikin;; employés for increased pay. The reunión of the anny of the Potomac was held in Hartford, Cono., and was well atteDded l)y the veteran soldiere. The American home miasionary society and the western educationa! couimission are insesion at Chicsjjo. Willinm Mnrpliy attempted to murder his ilivdicel wife, who waB recently married to Newton McCleimner, at Kdgewood, nearPittabvir. He failed in liis uiurderous iuUntion, bat, lnckily for society, succeeded iu killiug himself. The question of electtnjf a United States seuator from New Hampsliire to take tlio place of Senator Kollins, wliose term expires in li3, at the ptvseut session of the legislatura, is bei x discuseed by membeis. Senator JioUins favors it; other eandidates oppose it, The lalliit tor 1,'iuteil States BeiMtoN in the joint ciniveiituia of th New lork lefflslalurr, Tnewlay, resulted in 31 v.ite for Gonklinti and IX for PlatL ou. o( a toial or 140, Mr. CönkliDg'g vote beleg lesa Ihan one-fourtb, ftnd Mr. l'lau's les lliiui oucfiltli, of Uit) total vote cast. rbe notable fratare of the hallot, was the fact Ihat 42 votei were cast for Mr. Itapow for the ImiK term, geven more thaii have heen cast for IÍT. Conkliiiff at lUiy linie, and 14 more tlian witc c:isl on the same ballot for Mr. Platt for the :ami' offlcc. Tuis is the laruest vote yet cast fur luy Bepoblioau candidato for the seualiirsV.ii in tbe present coulest. The work of tlie cnbus bureau has been criyploil liy the tuitire exhaustion of the apprnpriHtiou, mr!, if it proceeds at all, it must be by tlie voluntfuy work r the census clerks, wbo must expreüsly disavow any claim sgalnat tbe goveinmeiit, and leave Uie matter eutirely wit h congress. 'Ihis unfortuuate state of affairs is duo partly to ttia railure of congvess to appropriato the uecessary suin forthe completion of the census, and partly to the deterrataiatiou of tlio superinteüdent of tbc census to carïy on the work upou a scale to which he kuew tliat tlie fuuds appropriated were eutirely luadequate.


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