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Ni'ccsMty - n. A female who 1i;ls blessed the world witli a numler of useful children. Neighbor - n. Food for scandal. Never - adv. Generally means haidly ever. Newspaper - n. A publication in which the affairs of the nation are set;led by men who f requently eau't settle ;heir own w.ish bilis. Nloe - adj. See natight)'. Xourishment - n. Foriuerly bread; iow whisky, tobáceo and beer. Nupitals n. The prologu ! to a comedy-tragedy drama. I'ardon - n. A pimishinent inllicted on American crimináis. 1'arson -n. A sheihaid who is frequently more interested in Mary than n the little lamlis. l'atholdgy - n. The science which caches how to teil a man that he lias ;he stomach ache, alter lie has told you ie lias a pain in hls stomach. I'eople - n. An imignifleant section of the Aineiican politieal machine, who iré alloweil to vote to keep thein in $ood humor, after the politicans kavc :hosen their rulers for theru. A real Christáan is t man wlio prays on Sunday aiul then helps the Lord to uiswer bis prayers :ill the rest of the veek.


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