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Dropping A Seed

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heiand was still; the skies wore grey witli weeping; Into the soft browu earth the seed sho cast Oh! soou, she cried, will couie the time of reaji ing, The golden time when clouds and tears are past ! There came a whisper through the autunm haze, 'Yea, thou shalt find it after luany daye." Hour after liour she niarks the fitful gleaining Of suulight stealiug through the cloudy lift; Hour after hoursbe lingera, idly dreaming, Xo see the rain fall, aud the dead leaves Oh! for 'some Bmall green sign of life, she prays, Have I uot watched and waited "many daysi" At oarly morning, chllled and sad, she hearkens To storiny winds that through the poplars blow; Far over hill and plain the heaven darkens, Her field is covered with a shroud of suow: Ah, Lord! ├╝he sighs, are these thy lovin ? ways? He answers- "Spake I not otmany days!" The suowdrop blooms; the purple violet glisOn banks of moss that take the sparkling shower8; Half cheered, half doubting, yet, ehestraysand listens To finches singing to the shy young flowers; A little longer etill his love delays The promised blessing- "after many days. Oh, happy world! she cries, thesun is shiuing! Above the sol I see the springing green; I could not trust his word withont repining, I could not wait in peace for things unseen; Forgive me, Lord, my soul is f uil of praise;


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