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The Toledo, Ann Arbor & Grand Trunk Railroad

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Several months ago, a petitiou signed byovery resident in the Tliird ward north of Miller avenue and west of the Toledo railrtiad track, was preseuted to the council asking for the removal of tle coal 'sueds, on the grouiui of their being a nuisauce. The petifum was referred to the street committeeaud there it has rumuined. As there seems to be a dispositiou on the part of some of the city fathers to let this company have their own way, to créate noteMMM and obstructthe streets at pleasure, the cilizens believe tlmre is a screw loose somewhere and would like to have it tightened. We don't see how tilia company, which alwiiys seemsto be luird up, can afford to tail up the ollicials as some citizens claim, but that there is something wrong somewhere is evident. Some weeks ago we referred to Felch street having been remlered impassable from Spring to Main stveut. Another indignity which the have been compelled to submit to was the tearing up of Chubb street, whicii the Toledo road agreed to raakc passable. The otBcers purchased a strip of land for the purpose of turninfi the street, and after working a few days left it, aud tho propei ty owncrs have been compelled to get to their places the best way they could. When the road was graded across High street it was left in such a coudition that it was with great danger that teams could pass, nor was it fixed un til the Third ward expended a hundred dollars or more in grading and carting awuy the dirt which had been thrown up on either side to the height oi several feet. It has well bei-u said "give the offlcers of the Toledo road a foot and they will Uike a mile." This has not only been the case in this city, but we hcar frequent complaints that the people all along the line between here and South Lyon have been coinpelled to fight for their rights. In a future article we wil have soinethiug to say relative to the way laboring men have been swindled by bc ing compelled to sell their time, wbich in more than one instance was purchased by those connecteil with the road.


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