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Miss Parish '80, will teach at Pontiac. Prof. DePont goes to Europe Saturday. A. G. Hall will teach in the Fenton liinh school. E. M. Brown, '80 , of La Porte high school, is ia town. Ed Boudiaot, of Salt Lake, is iu the city ou a short visit. Mo9s Perkius has been engajjed by the New York Tribune as a reporter. Harry Richardson is thinking of going on the Denver News as a reporter. The plans for the new library building will be aceupted by the regents next wiiek. Willis Boughton, '31, hassecured a position as reporter ou the Detroit Post and Tribune. Messrs. Hoovcr and Lily have gone to Chicago iu the employ of tliu Ptflluntu car company. K. Celia Heuderson, II. D., olass of '86 homeopathie college, is iu Vieuua persuinjC her medical studies. K. R. Suioot '79, has bceu principal of the tchools at Delphi, Ind., during the last year. He ia now iu the city. Dr. I. H. Bartholeuiew, class of '53, will deliver the address to the alumni of the depiirlineut of medicine aud surgery. Prof. C. E. Greeu will sever bis connectiou with the uuiversity to accept a position at an uicrcased salary in llie Mas sachusetts institute of Technology, Dr. Fraukliii has been holding a senes of operative exammalioiis ou the cadáver tor the caudidales for graduaüou iu the homeopathie college - an entirely new method of practically testing the students' knowledge of operatie surgery by manipulatioD, aud was never before atlempied iu this uuiversity. It has leaked out tbat the cause of Prof. Kichardsou's recent visit here was to induce Prof. Frankliu to reocupy bis old chair of surgery iu the homeopathie college at St. Louis, which he held foa nearly twenty years, exeept wheu seiving as brigade surgeon of voluuteeis during the rebellioB. Fiattering iuduceinents were held out to the professor. We hope for the interest of the homeopathie department of the university that Prof. Kranklin will not be iuduced to give up the good work he has so well beguu hen1. The following are the students of tlie literary department wlio have Deen sludying this ycar for wcond digrees, together with thesubjects of their theses, which they are obliged to read and defund before members of the fuculty appointed for the purpose: C. K Perrine, '7ö, Jackson, subject of thesis, Teudencies and Effects of Erosión ; Jabez Monlgomery, Al. S., university of Michigan, Herbert Spencer's Education ; Geo.F. Kennaston, '80, Dartmoulh cllege, Educatioual Doctrines of Jacotot; Miss Estelle Norton, '81, Ann Arbor, Poeiu of Beowulf; David Uackeosie, '81, Civilization of the IndoEuropeans Previous to tlieir Dispersión J. G. Schurtz, '81, White Pigeon, Bi-metallism.


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