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The liritish house of commons adopted a rcsolution favormg legisiation or lacal option on the liiiuor trafflc by a voto of 196 to 151. The Italinp cbaiuber of deputies yes'erday rejected universal suffrage, woman suffrage and eJucational sugragp. The Freneh vessel Aurora and the schooner Ven ub are eharged with piracyaud kidnapping nalives. At the trial ftt Levuka, there wit iblrteen wltnesee to the latter charge, inciudiug tlie nativei ot Peutacost, Auihrym, Malicolo, lloba, Apl, aud Santo. The evidenee was one long narrativo of seizures by force of arm firing oh the nativas, violent detoution of isitors, lunniug down and svtainping of rauoes aiiil otherwise oliiainiiii; men by fraud and treacliery. It is stated that the career of tbe Aurora has been that of a systematic slaver and tárate; tbat ou a former voyage, Ñadlzok, the captair, murdered Walicolo, a native, by shooting liiiu through tlie head, while trying to B8oi)e by ewiinminsr from tlie vessel on board wtiich he had been kidnapped. Two experimental shafts for the proposed chanufl tunnel have been sunk on the Kuglish side and two on the French side, and from one of these sliafts on the English side a gallery iO) or 900 yards long and seveu fect in diameter has been driven. The progress during the past week bas been slxty-seven yards, wtiich is equal to two miles yearly. Tney liave tbus solved ttii question of the rate of progresa for the experimental gallery, and ascertained that the lower strata is impermeable to water. Ttie Frenen experimenta realized the same result A reeent court-raaitial, for the trial of Nihilisis at KirlT, Beoteoced two persons to death aud the remalniug eight either to penal servituiluor exilo to Hiheria. The emperor conimuted the death sentence to penal servitude tor life. Tlie aicuseil includeil four women. Th Irisli Home miers are uow aiding the paEsage of the land hill, the second clause of wtiich passeil without a división of the house. When the first detachinent of the troops returning from the Tunisian expedition uiarcbed past the Italiau club house at Marseilles, boiiic of tlie Italiaus gathered ou the steps and at tbe Windows aud hissed, which so infuriated th French populace on the idewalk thnt in a few luoinenU tuero was hardly an uuiiroknn pane of glass In the entir front, of the building. Stones flew thick aud fust ('rics to lynch tbe Italiana were fitiiueti', ;md soine of the mob eudeavoiwt to carrj out tliis Ibreat hy cliasing the inembore of the cluli into tlie upper stories aui into Ihe neighbortai; uiiuiiugs. Th mob was a wcll-dri'sseil one. Stvpral local officiale were cojaspicuous iu il, md mie raemberof the municipal couucil tors tlw Itriliaa PBCutcheou fi-rnu the club au .' threw il into the BtreeL The mob did not .lispersi! tmiil it had created iieueral havoc iu ttie clul) rooms, auii tlmnnnly witli lougaml i iuiiingedciiesof "A basIUüie'." At thp land bsssíoijs :;t Castlebar, county Mayo, Ii eland, a tenant oamed-SlinpsoD claiml i:ö,SH.5 coinpeiiHation Irom LomI Lucaii for Improvements. Low I.ucan rufiieed to pay aiiy iliüit;, bat the court gave decisión iu favor of Simpson for L2,964. Dispatches from Melbourne confirm the rumoreJ loss of the Australian mail eteauier Taverno, togethcr with over 100 livee, includur four New 9aland dele{;ates to the Wesleyan general conference which meeU at Adelaide. Th ñames of these four minlsteid areConnoly, Armitage, Mitchell and Richardsou. Thestoamer was makiog; her regular voyage from I)uue(lin to Melbourne whea Uie disaster took place. Kiug Alfonso of Spain invites the exiled Jews to bis dominion, in order to atone to the race for the crueltiea iullicted upon it by his predecessors. Liopold, the youffgest bod of Queen Victoria, nnw sits In the house of lords as the ciuke of Albany. The Ihlrd clnuae of tlie laud bill passed without a división. A Dublin correspondent of the Times says Lhe fact is eyideut that the land league has received a erie9 of heavy blows wblch are telling uf.on i', and a more tiactable and tolerant spirit is showiug itselfas tlie power of local despots is braken. The strike ugainst tho paymeut of rent in checked, tbe leaders repudiatng any iutention to adopt sueh a policy. ïwo bags witli 150 riounds of dynaiuite fouud uuder Ihe bridge over tho Catherine cansü, St. I'eteroburg. The disturbauces at Marstilles betweeu the French and Italiaus were uot qucllod until N were killed, Hcveral wounded and 125 arrested. The Itish land league has 8 pent in legal cost aud relief to evlcted Families .L2,700. Tbe conrilüitinns received iu the past week were .L70. The pólice seized and eoufiecated a largo numher of cartridgee fo'ind opposite tbe house if a well kuowu uiember of ihe land league at ie nbury, near Leeds. Tho land league in 'ery strong iu that district. The Oflicial Gazetl coutains a proclamatloo irohibiting a numberof ineetiiigs aauoucced o be held, pbuaBC tl:e city aud county of Vaterford uudir tbe protecüon act, aad prolibitiug the importatioii uf anus into Irolaud, xcept at Dublin, lielfast, Cork, Liuienclf,L(uonderry, vvaterford, (ialway, Sligo, Drogbeda, hiinialk, (reenore, Newry aud Wexford. l!ootb'8 slnue of the profits of tbe production oMHIiello areXl.GUO. Reporls reooived from Candahar state that Lyoob Rban's lossen in tho eugagement witli he anwei's forc 8 at Kar'z Safefon ihe I8tu ust. was 180 killed aud woundeil, and 67 prisouera. Tbe killed included Abilullah Khan, one of Ayoob Kban's principal adberents. The uu r aunouuccd bis intentioa to leuve Cabul ou thci Jiii !i inst. ChaiK-s Bradlaugh's demunir tothe judguent coudfinning hiiu to pay a fine oï L5tX) or eacli of bis votes iu tbe house of comuions ïas Lein tverruled. Tht quarreling coutiuues bitweeu tbe 'rench aud Italiaus at Marseilles. About 200 airests bav been niadn, iiidslly Italiau worknen. S iint! inainifacturers aud sbipping conractora dismissed thoir Italian bands.


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