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The New School Law

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1. Under the new school laws whicfa go into effect July 1, the oiltceof township superintendent of schools is abolished, and the duties of that ofliccr are divided between the county board oí school examinéis and the chainnan of the township board of school inspectora. The county board of school examinen will be cliosen the first Tuesday in August (August 2), and enter upontheir duties the i'ourth Tuesdayin August (August 2'i.) At the animal township election in 1882, two school inspectors will be elected, one to hold oflice for one yea-r and one for two years, and anmuilly thereafter a school inspector will be elected to hold lus office for two years. The law also provides that the inspector whose term of oflice shall soonest expire shall be chairman of the township board of school inspectora. As the electiofl of a second school inspector camiot occur until April, 1882, the law provides that the township superintendent of schools now in office shall continue to act as school inspector and as chairrnan of the board of school inspectors until that time. Further, as the county board of school examiners cannot be elected and qualified until the 2d of August and will not be organized until the 2-3d of August, it is also provided that the township superintendent s of schools, as ehairinen of the township boards of school inspectors, "may examine and license teachers for llieir respective townships until the county school examiners are duly elected and qualiíied, but no certifícate hereafter grauted by a chairman oL a townshifi board of school inspectors shall be valid beyoml three montlis after tlic board of school examiners has been duly ëlected, qualüied, and organized in the county." 2. From the above it will be seen that no change is made in the duties of the township superintendent up to the time of the electjon of the county school examiners, August 2, 1881. He will continue until that time to perform all the duties devolved upon him, as a meinber and chairman of the board of school inspectors and as township superintendent of schools. He will visit the schools in his township as usual and report to the ollice of the state superintendent, in regard to any mak ters needing its direction or advice as fortnerly. He will use the blanks and certifícales heretofore provided for his use, and will examine and license teacbere and collect the instituto feas as usual. But as any certifícate issued by such oílicer after July 1, 1881, will not be valid, "beyond tliree months after the board of school examiners has been duly elected, qualified, and organied u the county," he will indorse upon every certifícate so issued that it "will not be valid bevond Xov. 23, 1881." As the law empowers such oflicer to examine and license teachers only until the county examiners are duly elected and qualitied, he will not examine or license any teachers af ter Ang. 2, at which time the examiners will be elected and may qualify for oflice. Township superintendente are requesteü to notify all applicants for examination after August 2 they must thereafter apply to the county board of examiners. 3. The new law requives the township superintendent, as chairman of the board of school inspectora, to ni6et with the other chairmen of the boards of scliool inspectors of the conuty at the office of the county clerk on the first Tuesday of August (Aug. 2), to elect three school examiners lor the county, one of whom shall hold oflice for one }'ear, one for two years, and one for three years; and aimually thereafter on the first Tuesday of August the chairmen of the several boards of school inspectors shall meet at the same place and elect one school exaiv.iner who shall hold .nis office for three ywirs. These three whenqualified and organized as a board of school examiners will have charge of the examining and licensing of teachers,and will exercise a general supervisión over the schools of the county. The secretary of tliis board is by law made its executivG oflicer, and he is the member of the county board with whom township oflicers will have immediate official communication. 4. The law raakes it the duty of the board of school examinéis md the Chailtaen of the boards of school inspwtors of the several townships to hold each year a joint meeting at tfie coiinty seat, at the time of and imniudiately after the animal election of school examiners, for the purpose of consulting and advising with referenee to the more efficiënt supervisión of the schools and teachers undertheir charge. 5. In addressing the township superintenients, relative to the selection ol inembers of the board of school examinéis, the superintendent of public instruction says: "I trust you will exercise tlie greatest care and wisdom. The change will be watcked with great interest, and upon your action and the discretion with wliich you make your choice will depend the success and progress of the schouls. The law was designed to enable you to cali to your aid and counsel the best and most capable men in your county, - men of chai-actor, experience, and practical sense. Let no other consideration govern your choice. While the law makes no restriction at to elegibility to the oflice of school examiner, you will perceive f rom the nature and relation of their dutieg that a person cannot act as chairman of the board ol township inspectors and county examiner at the same time." 7. The compensationof the chairman of the township board of school inspectors is as follows: When meeting as a member of the township board of school inspectors, $1 50 per day; when visiting schools in his township, $2 perday; and when attending the animal meeting with the examiners and for the purpose of electing examiners, L5 per day; the same to be audited by the township board and paid as other expenses of the township. 7. A iiew edition of the school laws wiil be i'iinlc-ii For general distiibuliou witbin i few weeks. Jt wil) contain i complete revisión oL the scliool lawsin effect at Uiis time, togetlier with new fonns so tai as necessary. Each district offlcer and ( very meinber of the board of school inspectois isentitlfd to receive a copy. A sUfflcient number for these offlcers in each county willbe sent to the county clerk us soonaspub lished, and townsliip clerks will be notified to cali on the county clerk for a supply for the'r respective townships. The Southern States are now providing through taxation over a inillion dollars annually for the support of negro schools. The position and inlluence of Northern teachers in the south are improving every year.


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