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The Old Man In The Palace Car

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Well, Betsey, this beats everytlnng our ejes bave ever soen'. . We're riiiiu' iu a palace car fit tor any kmg or We Mugo as fastas this, nor on such cushWheTweUsftNewEaglandyearsago to seek a home out West. We rode throagh ttiis saine country, but not as Vou eatwithin a stage coach, wbile I trudged InsteVrfridlnön a rail, I oarried one, you To prytbè old coach froui the mire through wbich we had to go. Let's see; that's fifty yeare ago-just after we ïoureyes werè tlien like diamonds bright, your cheeks like rose red. NowVBetsey, people cali us old, and push us off JustTthw have the old slow coach in which we used to ride. I wonder if young married lolks today would ToStTeddiu'tour like ours, with loK MucSeVenUutallovethat seU young Wouldtmeltthe hardBliips of our fifty yeara ago. Our love grew Btronger as we toiled; though lood aad clothes were c jarse, ..... None ever aw ub in the courte a hunUn a diLoJXed down the inounteins and made Lovegagto cheer ub when douds and slorms were nigh. I'in glad to see the world move on, to hear the And ïïubout the cables gtretchin' now Irom Our'STaccompliBhed; with toil we botharethrough; The Lord just Iets us live awhile to see how youag folkB do. Wtiew, Betsey, how were're flyin'! See the farms and towns go by! It makes my hair stand on end; ït duns my faiutiu' eye. . .. Sooh we'll be tbrough our journey, and in me house eo good That stands within a dozen rods of wnere tne log one stood. How slow- like the oíd tima coaches- our youthfulyearswentby! Theyeais whun we were liyra' 'neath a bnght New England eky; Swifter thau palace cars now fly our later year9 have flown, -. Till now we journey hand m hand down te the grave alone. I can hear the whistle blowin' on life's last Ouly a fewore stations in the valley now reSoon we'il reach the home eternal, with its glories all untold, And stop at the best station in the city built of gola.


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