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Jersey Cattle In America

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In 1808 the American Jersey (Jiittle Club was cstablished. This society bas done vigorous and successful work in guarding the purity of the stock and in extendingthe knowledge of the mirits of Uiis breed. These merits were not, at flrst, either widely or willingly recoguized; and the Jerseys - or as they were Uien and are sometimes now wrongly culled Aldcrnays - were seldom seen exCept upon l.iwns or in the stablcs al men of wealth. Uradually, bowever the reports of the great aumiLil yields of bulter made by cowaof tuis breed rouséd the interest of practical farmer, and the growiug demand for the botter of these cows further increased their popularity; and soon the üttle cow wliich h;ul beeu laughed at as au expeusive and foolish luxury, becauie to practical broeders nl bulter stock an absolute ueeessity. lu fact, the growlh iu iiumliers auil in value of this breed of cattle in lliis cnuntiy duiig the pust eiijht or ten years has uo parallel in the hisloiy of thoiouxhbred stock. A dozen yeaiS'ütgo Jersey catlle were not seen at the shows, hall i doen years Igo they wure shown, bilt with uo expectalion of ri)Using much interest, mucli less with tin: expeetaliou of winning prizes, lor none was olïered lor this despised broed ; thrue years ugo, at large fairs, Jerseys weie not chi.s.ied with or judged according lo the ratee which goveni the exhibition of thorouglibred cattle. To-day. in nearly every slate of the uu ion, the Jerseys shown oiilinunbrr Uil) other breud ÜH the ijiounds, and in siiinc States Ihcy out number all oiher breeds; it is aboul the stalls of this breed thiit, today, the largest nuniber of iuterested spectators galher; and this breed dunnji the past year has, in the average aniimiit realized at public auclion, laken its DOgUiun at the head of all oliiers iu the Cu.ted


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