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The estáte of John Youngs was scttled in the probate court TiK-miay :iml linal account rendercd. Tlie Milan club didn't pat In an appearanee and consequenlly Uiere was no game of base ball Tuesday. Mr.s. C. Clair of Milan, had her pinkel pickcel Tuesday cvening ut tlie M. ( I. depot of $5 and a ticket to Jackson. Jas. Armbrusler 's horse was uubitclied from ra front of uMain Street store Tuesday night, unddrivco off hy un unknown person. Mrs. E. N. Greco, daughtcr of the lale lliram Arnold has petitioned the probate court for an oraer to compelí the special admtnistratörs, Messrs. Oheever and Trcadwell'to an accounting of bet father's cst-.tte. Bucklin's Árnica Salve. The best salve in the world for Guts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Ilheum, Fe ver Sores, Tetter, CÜapped Hands, Chil blains, Corns, and ali kinds of skin Eruji tions. This salve is guaranteed to givc perfect satisfaction in every case or Ür money refunded. Price 2 cents per brx For sale by Eberbach & Sou, Ann Arbor, Mich. NO JtfOSPFTAL NKK!)i:i). No palatial hospital needed for tfop Bitters patientS, nor large-salaried talented puffers to teil what Hop liitters will do or cure, as they teil tüeir own story by their certain and absolute cures at home. - New York Independent. C0MPL1CATED DISEASES. A prominent gentleman in Cerro Gordo Couiity, Iowa, vrritesus that he tinds Kidney-Wort to be the best remedy he ever knew for a eomplieation of diseases. It is the specific action which it has on the liver. kidneys, and bowels, wliieh givcs t .sucli curative power, and t N tbe thousands of cures which it is performing whicl) glves it its celebrity. Ltquid (very concentrated) ordry, tul efficiënt ly. . . II. Journal and Couner. 'l'housands of ladies have fouiid suelden relief from all Ihelr woes by the use of Lydiu E. l'inkham's Vegetable (.'onipound the great remedy for diseases peculiar to fruíales. Seiid to Mrs. Lydiu E. Pmkham, 2:'.:! Western Avenue, Lynn, Mass., for pampulets. There are times wlicn nature needs lo be assisted in its struggle to throw off the poisonous secretions in the system, and such an assislant is Kccd's Uill-Edge Tonic. It contains the purest tonics and iiii.'st iromatics. Qóód advice. We advise every taniily to keep Downs' Elixiralways on baad. It is the beel reinedy for ooughs and eold.s ever offered to the public. For cleansing the sys'.em of all 11101 bid matter and waiding ofï diseases, no medi cine possesses such effleacy as Baxters Mandrake Biiters. As a Linimcnt for n orees it Johnson's Árnica ar.d Oil Liniment is uneiiialed. It cureü, Sprains, IJruises, and Lauiencss at onee. Man's Noblest Work, This is an age of great works and wonderful inventions. Öteam, eïeetricity, wster, air, are all made to serve man but unquestionably the greatestinvenlionsare tbose which preserve man's health and prolong his life, and among the greatest of these is Dr. King'sNew Discovery for Consumption. lts effeets are truely wonderf ui and hundreds are h;ippy to-day, ■who onco looked forward to an early grave. For Coughs, C'olds, Bronchitis, Asthma, loss of voice, Hay Fevcr, Hoarse ness, Croup or any affection wliatever of the Throat, Chest or Lungs, Dr. King's New Discovery will positivcly euro Wc can cheerfully recommend it to all, and can unhesitatingly say it is a surc cure for Throat and Lung AffecUons. Trial botles ten cents; regular size bottles $1. For sale by Eberbach & 8on, Ann Arbor, Mich. ___ __ PILES!" PILES! PILES! t A Sure Cure Found at Last,- No one Need Suffer. A curu for the Blind. Bloeding, Itchingrand ülcerated Viles has been dlscovered by Dr. Williams ían lnlian riiicdy), callad Ur. Williain's ludia OinUnent, A xingle box has cured the worst chronlc cases of 25 and 3d y'ars" standftig. No one need suffer ílw minutes after ttpplying Lliis tvonderful soothing medlciue. fotlolis, Instruments and Eleetuaries fro more bartti tlmn Kood. Vf illiam's Ointment absorbe the tumoiM, allays the Intense itching (particularly at niht aftor getting warm in bed), acts as a poultlce; gives instant and iainltiss relief, and is prep9ired only for Piles, itching oí" the private parts, and notning else, Katl wluit the Hon. .1. M. Cofflnberry, of Cleveland, says about Dr. Willianfs Jndian Pile Ointment: i ha ve useï scores of pile cures, and it affordfl me pleastire to say that I have never found anything which gave such immediate and permanent relief as L)r. WflUam 8 ludían Pile oitii ment. For sale by all drugpists, or maile.d on receipt of price,$l.ÖÜ. Ja?. E. Davis & ('o., Wholesale Druggists, Detroit, .Mich., Agents, r salo by H. J. Brown & Co., Ann Arbor, Mlcb. CITY ITEMS. Mrs. L. N. Fitch has moved over F. S. Buck's tobáceo store, where she is prepared to wnit upon lier customers. Anything in tho line of Switches, Puffs, Saratoga waves, Curls, etc., also a nice iissortment of Jet ornaments for the hair. an be found at her hair emporium. Combings inade u in the latest styles. All orders promptly atteuded to. puratoga Waves a special ly. Ifyou want to recover monkï paid on Lapscd Policies, l'olicies gought to be siirrendered, Kiinninii Policieg, or l'aid ups, cali on M. H. Iirennan. atjent for the Life Policy Uoldek's Coli.kction AdKXCY, corner of Fourth and Hurou streets, Aun Arbor, Mich. The Lake house at Whitmore Lake is open for the reception of guets. The hotel has been nieuly fitted up, and is first cfass in every particular Persons intending to vis:.t the Lakc for a week or lonBCT, will bu met at the depot in South Lyon, Ann Arbor or ISrighton. All Communications iddrrsM-d to Win. Qrahsm will be promptly atlended to. Important to travelers: Special Inducemeats are offerej you by the Hurlington Route. It will pay you to read their advertisement to be found èlsewhorc In lliis issue I Bell apple trees, 6 to 7 fcct higli, (nice trecs), fir 1" cents each; leps ly the imndred. ('oncorti fínipc viues une and IWO years oíd, from $:i to $5 per 100. Jacob (iiiiizhorn. Jm _JH Go TO THE An.n Aur.oií HUBBBRT for :iilc trees, grape vines, and for veryIhing else for the garden and orchard Pnces the lowesl in ibe eity. Jeob Qaazborn, proprietor, at the head of Spriuír Si.


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