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Ailditional local on second page. Dr. Watting luis sailed for Europe. Prof. Denison has gone to Vennont. Houses are in demand in Saline. .Poïiceman Millintm Is serving liis third yeat. A tip-top quality of wool brings 30 cents. Saline, like this place, lias its corner loat't'r. A portioi) of Uk; high school is to be re seated. II. R. Ilill lias a handsome $05 row and sail boat. Wm. Hei'Z lias liis new brick building inclosed. Moses Rogers Ims been very sick for some days. The farmers are paying $2 per day for harvest hands. Davy Toban is spending 10 days with sheriff Wallace. An exhihition drill was given by Co. A Monday evening. E. Eberbach will put the tin roof on the opera house. Wm. Potter left for lus ranche in Kansas Tuesduy night. The jury in the Ludwig Walz liquor suit did not agree. It cost ther.ity $46.30 to care for the indigent poor in June. The Knighta of the Maccabees meet nex'„ Monday evening. Prof. Wilson spoke on temperance Saturday night in Milan. Mrs. J. W. Wing is to put up a $1,200 house on Stilte street. Policeman Porter has been on the force about nine years. PoHcuinim Millmun made (our arrests in June, ind Porter six. Joe. T. Jacobs basclosed his Manchesterstore for tlie summer. The carpenter work on the opera house is being done by the day. The First National bank was never in a more prosperous condition. Tuesday reminded us somewhat of a Fourtli of July arrangement. Newton Sheldon is vice-president of the Krause tanning company. Subscribers are cntitled to Kendall's treatisc on the horse. A son of Win. April, of icio, was overcome with the hent Öaturday. Lessthan 120,000 pounds of wool have been marketed in Manchester. Kale A ., daughter of Jamos and Fanny McMahon, died last Tlmrsday. The hospitals have been elosed for repairs aud u gentral cleaning up. A econd trial of the Ludwlg Wala case is set down for to-niorrow. II. Ii. Hill would like 10 good carpen - ters to work on the opera house. Atar sidewalk is to be put down in front of the high school grounds. As was expected, the crowd In attendance at the circus was a large one. Truman B. Goodspeed had 19 Bheep killed by the lightning last Saturday. Mrs. Dr. A. G. Bruce and daughter, of Corunmi, are yisitiug at D. C. Fall's. During the month of June treasurer Schuh received for licenses $4,708.4:5. The Saline chaps who broke llie street lamp propose to stand this city a suit. Drs. Breakey, George. and Allen have been re elected board of healtli offleers. D.uring the years 1850-00 Chas. J. Guiteau was a student in the high school. The sum of $300 has ben traarferred from thu contingent to the geawal streel fund. Betvvcen 4,000 and f5,000 persons from the country attended Barmnn's great show. Au old gentleman from the country lost $130 Tuesday. He liet. on another mun's game . Abe Wines' new house which he is building on Wilmot street, will cost liim $1,500. Fifteen dollavd license money was received from the hucksters and poddlers Tuesday. Baruum was in Lansing yesterday and to-day the great consolidation s'uows in Bay City. Owing to the non ar rival of iron, aboot a ratte of the T. A. A. & G. T. R. R. is unfinished. Patrick Corwin was the name of the lad drowned in the rivei at Manchester the 4th uit. The new bridges over the Iluron river will cost $7,083.50. The contract was signed S:i iimlay . J. S. Earls will put on a bus next Monday to run regularJy uut il lus new one is completed. Business at the probate office will be dull for a month or two, and the register will have a pienio. The court yard was fairly alive with people circus tlay, all anxiously waiting iG see the elephant. Every person subscribing for The Dbmoobat, will reeeive a copy of Kendall's horse treatise. D. M. Joslin, Lymlon township, was quite severely injured last week liy his horses running away. Prof. J. K. Davis, Saline, receives $1,-500 per year, to superintend the schools in Deiulwood, Dakota. At 0:55 a m Saturday it was 95 degrees in the shade, aud at 4 p. in. the thermometer reaehed 98 degrees. The heat Saturday afternoon was too much for the masons at work on Manly & Hamilton's building. A portion of the Seaman heuse has been rented by the trustees of the Ann Arbor school of music. A great many persons in different palts of the country have died from the elïects of the heat the past week. The little colored girl Ader Crawford who was injured by the cara m-#ly u mcmtli ago, died Tuesday. C. H. J. Douglas has Úeen appoinled professor of English and ElociUion in the high school. Salary, $1,000. M. Green's celebrated stallion Mcmbriuo Jewoll, was theacknowledged beauty of the pvocession Tuesday. Michael E. Belslier, second ward, (lied Tuesrtay of consumption agd ;!'.) years. He was formerly from Jlidland. The Presbyterian and Methodist congregations will hold religious services next Sunday in the M. E. church. A young man in theemploy of a farmer uamedBuss, in Freedom, died from the cffects of the heat last Friday. At the earnest tsolicitalioii of the people oí Milán, Dr. O. C. Jenkins has opened n bruncli dental office in the village. A fence is to be built around the Second ward school grounds, similar to the one in front of the Presbyterian church. Poor fund distributed in June: First ward, $0.23; Second, $8.20; Third, $3.09; Fourth, $15.77; Fiflh, iiï.30; Sixth, 2. Jno. Braun, who was injured by the bursting of a grindstone in the agricultural works, is able to hobb Ie around a little. The council has come to the conelu sion that tliey can't refund money paid into the city treasury for saloon licenses. Jas. Ilayes Esq., of Three Rivcrs, brother of Mis. Dr. otéele, and fatherof II. W. Hayos, M. C. freight agent, (lied Sunday. Three bids have been received by Regent Cumie, for tbe eonstruction of an eye and ear ward to the university hospital. "Humpy" Hill who was ia jail over Sunday on the charge of assault, paid $1.50 Monday and went bis way rejoicing. The members of the board of health have received their pay for the year cnding April 1, 1881- twenty-flve dollars each. The Saline Observer thinks the juvenile band play remarkably well. Of course tliey do and are improving all the time. Jadíe Iluminan has committed Mis. Effie Winter?, York township, to Pontiac, on the testimony of Drs. Oakley aiul Maclachlin. Up to last evening Bacli & Abel liad purchased 85,000 poimds of wool, must of which lias been shipped lo tlie eastern market. Chas. Parsons. Saline, who graduated fromthe univcrsity June last, has gone to Washington to accept a position as chemist. Luick Bros. took the contract Saturday to builcl a frame on "Westlluron street for Jacob Beek. The building will ïost $1,200. A bug shaped like the crawfish is the latest enemy to the potato, and is doing a heap of mischief in sorae portions of Jaekson county. The body of Oeo. Franke, of more, Md ., who diod n Harper liospital Detroit, Monday, ís in tlie university pickling vat. Thore was a picnic last Friday at Nbrth Lake, some six miles from Chelsea. Those who attu nded frora here report a pleasant time. Prof. Wilson of tliis piace and Hou. W. Baxter of Tecumseh, will talk temporalice at the lawn meeting at J. II. llicks' Sunday. . On account of increasing business the Savings bank has been obliged to employ another clerk, E. F Mack, who commenced work Tuesday. Simon Sitike, of the Savings bank, will leave to day for a trip around the laken umi a visit to Wisconsin. lic will be absent about two weeks. A lad named Jas. Kelly following the circus was arrestcd and put in jail Tuesday until hls case can be looked after by commissioner McMahon. The stone abutments for the iron bridge have been compluted, and the mason work for the bridge at Swift's mili will be started in a few days. That portion of Tvvelfth street which lies north of the inlersection of Oak street and tlie angle in Twelfth sreet running west, ;s discontinued. Jno. Anderson, who was arrested by of ficer Clarken on the charge of committing au assault and battery on Chas. Miller, will have bis examination to-dny. A special train on the Toledo, road Sunday, took a large number of citizens to Milan, to stteod the temperance meeting which was addressed by Mason Long. Last Thursday, Lucy Burcs, living on the river road, was foolingwith a toy pistol, when it accidentally went off, and the cartridge weut through her hand. The usual number of pick-pockets folio wed Barnuin's circus, but the people wre put on their guard and we have failed to hear of anyone being robbed. The aldermen of the Sixth ward will report at the next meeting of the council whether the property owners on East Univeisiiy avenue aro occupying the street. An outside coal cellar is to be erected north east of the boiler basement of the high school building, to hold 150 tons of coal. The building will bc of stone and brick. Jus. Stevens, Lodi, lost a $150 horse liisl week. Tlie animal feil luto a diteh tive feel deep and broke her hip bone. To end lier misey a byslander cut her throat. Out oí the 86 justices of the peace to wbich this couuty is entitled, only 73 have qualilieil. Thera beiog so few in mimber it is a wonder sonie are not over worked. Of course we want better protection froui tire, and as it wil! cost notto exceed $2.500 to obtain water from the university the cooncil should appropnale the amount. Mis. Sarah N. Kelly, Ypsilanti town, iu alighüng from a carriage Monday'evening slipped from the step and in falling struck on her shoulder, breaklng tlie collar bone. Tlie dry goods dealers now close their stores at 7 :30 p ; m the boot and sho men u 8 p. na. The young men iu their employ will now have a little time to llieniselves. Geo. V. N. Lothrop, Edward Connelly, Detroit; C. S. May, Judge Iiuck, Kalamazoo; Albert Orane, Ypsilanti; Judge l'nilt, Ilillsdale, were In attendance at court Tuesday. Tlie funeral of Elizabelh Murby and Krcd (iravcs, wlio were drowned in this city last week, was held in YpsilauU, Thursday. They were buried in Highland cemetery. A temperance meeting on the lawn will be held Sunday afternoon at 4 p. m. if the weatlier is favorable at J. H. Ilieks' in Lodi. A nuiuber of good speakers wiil be present. Every hule wliile the Tramp catches it trom different papers in the state. He is considered by the fralernity to be about the weakest thing thut Wr engaged in the printing business. In order to complete the improveuients on the opera house in time for the theatrical season, the propriclor will give woik to 10 good carpentets. They should report at once to II. It. HUI . Aá it will cost in tho neighborhood of $175 to repair the slate roof ou the t-ourt house, the building corumittee favor putting on a tin roof which will only cost $500, inctuding the painting. The following ofticerd have been clectcd by the ladies' decoration society: President, Mrs. M. Seabolt; vice-president, Mrs. Jas. 15. Sannders; secretary, Mrs. N. II. Pierce; trunsurcr, Mrs. Wm. Fisher. Two strangers wcre arrested by the pólice Tuesday evening and lodged in jail, on suspicion of beating an old man out if a sum of money. As he eouldn't identify them, they were permitted to depart. Those who listened to the trial of a Uquor suit bcfure justice Granger, recently, were amused to see liim rise to explaiu, after the public prosecutor gave the jury to understand there was ao oase against the defendant. The members of the Detroit mutual benefit association of tuis county, are to have a meeting at Arbiter hall Saturday evening, for the purpose of forming a local organization. For further particulars sec advertisement. A number of saloon keepers were arrested by constable Gidley last week for violating the law by keeping their places open July 4 Bernhard Kerch will have his trialto-day; Frank Kapp, July, 18; Ludwig Walz, July, 14. During June tho araount expended trom the different f uncís were: First ward fund, 6G.35; Third, $228.35; Fourtll, $287.25; Fiftli, $108.90; Sixth, $35.40; general street, $347.82; cemetery, $18.63; contingent, $282.01. .Manager Hill proposes to have one of the ünest opera houses in the state, and will spare no exepnse in fitting it up. He cxpects to have the work completed by tbe IBtb of September next, when the' theatrical season will open. The farmers are about through with their haying, and are now at work in the wheat harvest. The weather continúes hot, and although several persons have been prostrated, but one fatal case of sun stroke is reponed in the county. Will Dcpew, Chelsea, has formed a partnership with Geo. Turnbull in the law business. Mr. Depew has moved to this city and opened an office in the opera house block. The business iu Chelsea will be conducto! by Geo. Turnbull. J. Keek will probably occupy hia new building iu six weeks. Hls factory on Detroit street will be fitted up with the most modern machinery for the manufacture of furniture, and a large number of workmen will be given employment. Ann Arbor lodge A. O. U. W. No. 27, elested the following offleers last Thursday evening: P. M. W., Jno. Fischer; F., J. Lucas; R., J. Krause;R., G. F. Luick; F., A. Owiner: G., Paul Tessmer; I. W.. W. A Clark; O. W., E. Zeigler; trustee, A. R. Schmidt. The Culp- Gott guardián case has been settled, Mr. J. 15. Gott paying to Mrs. Culp $7,852, This is $3,000 less than the verdict rendered against him, and bar. ring interest since his account was rendered about the same tliat he presented to the probate judge. Thenecessary amount, $1,000, has been subscribed for the erection of a depot on the T. A. A. & G. T. R. R. at Worden, a station 10 miles from here. This makes about $3,500 the residents of this place and vicinity have given for the road, beside one mile of the rigut of way. Muck & Schmid intend to lay in front of their Main street store a flag stoue walk. The First National bank will also follow sint. We wish the owners of buildings adjoining would show their enterprisa by doing the same tuing. Stoue walksarethe thingon our business streets. The suramer trottiug meeting of the Chicago driving park is to be held from the 19th to the 23d of this mouth. Oue hundred and eighty flve eotries have been made, which includes a large number of the fastest horses in the country. The sum of $50,000 iu purses has been offered. Charles T. Wilmot another pioneer of this counly died near Cleveland. O., Sunday, where he had gone for the benefit of his health. In 1835 when 19 years of age he carne to Michigan and settled ia Ann Arbor township, where he lived before takiug up his residencc iu this city. The American bar association will hold a three days' session at Saratoga Spring, August 17, 18, and 19. Atnong the list of the distinguished jurists who are to read papers On that occasion is the name of Judge Thos. M. Cooley, of this city. His subject will be "The RecordingLuws of this Country." Exchange: The reviséis of the Bible, when they struck the passage "And" He wis naked,'' thought they must do soinetliiiisr. so they flxed it to read "He had on his under garmeut only." Tbis looks 10 us like straimngata gnat. and swallowing a medlcated flanuel underslurt, but we.may bc wrong. Commercial: The Baptist Sunday schools of the state aregetüng up a testimonial fund lo Prof. Olney, the famous editor of the Sunday school notes in the Michigan Christian Ilerald. The fund will be applied by Prof. Olney toward the building of the new Baptist church at Aun Arbor. A worthy project. Recorder Douglas' report tor June shows the state of the different fundr) as follows: O verdraf ts- general fund, $(J8Ö.13; 3d waid fuud, $324.20. On hand- general street fund, $0.80; First ward fund, $258.80; Second, $759.24; Fourth, $259.21, Fifth, $280.02; Sixlh, $181.11; contingent fund, $1 , 329.51 ; cemetery fund, $21.60. Dr. A. Conklin, a fruit grower of Manchester, was in the city Saturday. He brought with him a quart of Greeu's Uñe, a fine ÍOTRO strawberry which liad buen picked then for 20 days and as fresh as if just f rom the vines. The benïes had been kept in a cooliug house, a patent arrangement in whicli all fruit growers should be interested. Theo. Taylor addressed the council Tüursday evening on the question of license. He made an eloquent plea in his own behalf, but when the subject under discussion was referred lo the license committee, he was evident ly of the opiuion that that would be the last of ït. The coinraittee has decided that he must live np to the ordinauce. Sam Ayers, the Milan landlord, bit his own nose off when he refused to furnish supper to those who attendod a temperance meeting in Milan recently. His excuse was that lliey came down in a special train; but Ue was undoubtedly smarting over the Fourth of July arrangement, when the hungry ones were fed by Frank llangsterfer this of city. The capital stock of the Keek furniture eompany, has been increased from $25,000 to $50,000. The stock is to be issued as needed. Ten thousaml of the increase has been left for sale with U. E. Hiscock, treasurerof the eompany. It is also the intenlion of the director to iucrease their facilitiüS for manufacturing furuiture by the erection of au addition 40 x 100 feet. Toledo Sunday Journal: Dr. A. W. Clmse has published a card, maintaiuing that the assassination of the president was the resull of a factional party war, and the stalwarts are vesponsible for it. He also asserts that both örant and Conkling are politically dead. The learned and experieuced doctor also asserts that, siuee theassassiuation, the president te to bc president, instend of the senators of any state. Leonard Gruner, treasurer of the schoo1. board, presented the following report to the.board Monday evening: Receipts, appropriations, etc, $30,672.46; tuition received, $5,157.18- total, $35,829. 04. Warrants paid to date, $20,540.40; unpaid salaries about $1,400; bill lor telescope, $325; paiuting lugli school," First and Second ward buildings, $923.20- Balance on hand, $6,041.04. Araount of b.Us allowed, $149.18. As the regents have giveu the city the right to connect water mains with the pipes on the campus, lor the purpose of conducting water through tho business portiou of the city lor flre puiposes, the council now huvo an opportunity of getting a sufficient supply at a small cost. It is believed the expense of putting down the pipes with a certaiu uumber of hydrants, will not exceed $2,500. We say let it be done by all mcans. No event has transpired siace the assa9sination of Abraham Lincoln to so stir the minds of the American people, as the attempted killins; of President Garfield, and that he is slowly recoveiïng is a cause of congratularon everywliere. Telegrams of condolence have poured in to Washington from all sections of the country, and the southern peoplei n particular have not been behind their northern brethren in their kind cxprossiona of sympathy. This is the way the Mining Journal discoursea on the establishment of the school of poüticalscience: A "school of political science" has been established ie connection with the state university- ju9t as if that institution was not already possessed of sufflcient facilities for the wholesale manufacture of damphools at the expense of the dear people. For, what availeth a man now-a-dtiys to be crammed chock full of political seieuce, uuless he knoweth how to manipúlate the ward caucusV Mining Journal: It ia remarkable what little bites a woman takes wheu eating iu the presence of her sweeetueart. What a little mouth she bas Uien! She nibbles with her little white teetu, like soine dainty squirrel eating a hickory uut But wait uutil wash day comes! Watch her whi-n abe goes to hang up clothes and gets in a burry. By tUe time she gets the big ends of fifteen clotbes pins hid in that mouth, you will begin to think that it is a pretty good sized, hearty mouth, afto all. Chicago News: Swindling lottery concerns alias gift enterprises, by chance are springing up in some localities, mostly in order to bolster up or keep f rom goiug to wreek or tumbling to ruin dead beat newspapers. The publishers are of couise of easy conscience, or rather unblushing law breakers. The grand junes in sev eral places in the state me fliidinj; indictments agaiust tue publishers, suddenly bringiug tliem to a seuse of decency, pro tecting the public froui benig longi;r swindled and defraudeil in conlriiveiilimí of law and of public policy. The following uained graduates, of the universily have secured positions as teachers: Miss Nellie Galerna, Anti Arbor, preceptress oí the schooia ut Manistique; Miss Sarah E. Bangs, Ottawa, 111., first assistaat in the Lansmg high school ; F. M. Townsend, Coldwater, Master of French and Germán i St. Jolina military academy at Syracuse, N. Y. ; AithurP. Rood, Lapeer, principal of the Saline high school; T. B. Bronson, Ann Arbor, iustructor in the Orchard Lake military academy; B. L. D'Ooge, Grand Kapids, principal of the Coldwater aijricullural school. The Sunday Magazine for August is one of the mobt intercsting numbers yet issued of this popular periodical. The illustratioiis are excellent. "A Missionary Hero- Samuel Marsdon," is replete wilh interest and information. The great serial story, "Out of the World," by Mrs. Kobert O'lieilly, is continued. Tliere is a story of thrilliug interest by Juan Lewis, "A Fire Heroine," and several admirably wikten sketches, essays, etc. "1 he Home Pulpit" conlains a sermón by the late Kev. Dr. Kudder, "Clirist's Piayer tor his Dlsciples. Address, Frank Leslie's PuöTftlilng House 58. 55 and 57 Park Place, New York. That the laws should be enforced no unprejudiced man will deny. Hut there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. The action of a certaiu teruperance fanatic who visited a number of saloons on the Fourth aud salled tor his beer and pai 1 lor it, for the parpose of making cumplaiiits against saloon keepers will not bc endorsed by a majority of temperance men. They don't believe in that way of doing business, and the individual should be frowned down by every decent man in the cummunity. If oue is obliged to viólate his plcdge to carry out his temperance ideas, we don't believe the cause can bc benelitted, and we are not alone in this opinión. We have heard a number of temperance men express themselves on the subject and they stand in the same position. Prof. C. K. Adama' new book, a manuelof Hislorical Literature, is to be published this su turner by Harper, In the forin of their student series. Tüe work was undertaken aoveral years ago by Prof. Adama and President White, of (Jornell, and when the latter was appointed Minister to Berlin he expected to flnd sufficient leisure to accomplish his portion of the work. But he found this to be impossilile, and Prof. Adams has aecordinely uuderttiken and completed the work alone. It ia a book about books, and is descriptivo of the best historical books, aacient and modern, iu the English, French, and Germán languages. The manuel is designed for students, historical readers and collectors, and there is no work of asimilar character in any language. As the historical literature of each country is taken up, a descnption is first given of tho general histories of the country, th eir defects, excellencics, and particular valué being pointed out. Next the histories of Uraited or purticular periods, the histories of civilization and progress, and last special book and magazine articles are treated in a similar manner. It will tlius be seen that the work representa a vast amount of historical research and will be an invaluable aid to the uistorical student in simplifying and directint; his studies. The nianuel was begun over four years ago, and Prof. Adams spent the estire surumer of 1880 in the Astor Library, New York, in prosecuting nis labovs upon the work . It will be pub lished before


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