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Some days ago John Multhaupt, a drunkeu vaguboad. shot Charle McKinnou, a laborer. near Haf Kiver Station, Delta county, robbed himof #20, artf left hini in lus r.ilihi t die. Heused a mii Itededwltb boekshot whicli was discharged at bliort range, tearülff away the v ctim's ïower Jow and mutilated his necK and shoulders badly. He was accidentally dlscovered and soon recovered sufliciently to identify hiswould-be murderer. At last accounts he was still alive and Multbaupt Upd been jaüed to await the result of the Injuries. AndiewQnackenlmsh, a cooper, was killw! by the cars of the Jackson, Iiausing aud Saginaw railfoad. He was undar the iutluence of liciuor. Dr. 1). W. Bliss, tlie Washingtou physician who bas charge of the President' case, commenced hls practico In MicWgan. having rmoved to Ionin soon aftcr (jrailuatinc f rom the Cleveland meilical collrg in UM He was for soiiie yeani in (irand Kapids, and remained there until he reu-.oved to Detroit, jnst before the briüikingout of the war. He was inamed in Detroit In 1S4.S to.Miss Ducharme. At the lieginningof the rebellion, he wan eoia missioned surgeon of tlie Third Michigan Volunteers. The engine house of the Flint and Pere Marquette railroad at Reed City was destroyed and engine Ño. 42 seriously damaged. The bail of Dr. N. C. Hall, cbarged with wife poisoniug, bas been raised to $20,000, and he will be detained in the Pontiac iail till he finds four sureties for that amount The SL Joseph county pepperuiint erop turns out better than was expected. Haven's planing mili at West Hay City has been destroyed by fire. A cigar maker, nained Roinhardt Dreyer, vtaa drowned in the mili pond at Jackson. The total lake shipmeuts of iroB ore from the tipoer peuinsula the present seasou up to and including June 29 was as folio ws: i'roiu Escauaha, 377,430 tous; from Marquette, 159,11 tons; from L'Anse, 12,553 tons; total, 549,lül tons- a fulling otï of 15,2S tons from the ainountshipped during the same period of last year. Over 60 teachers were in attendauce at the state instituto at Lansing, and the time was spent In the usual discuseions on educational topics. Scarlet fever of a malgnant type has broken ont in Allegan, childreu dying witbin a few hours af ter the first attack. The Richards' eheese foundry near Flint castH about 500 pound of eheese a day Trom May 1 to November 1. A child feil frotn a west bound emigrant traia at Michigan Center, and was dangerously hurt. A telegram a'inouncing the finding of the child overtook the inother at Battle Creek. Sbe had not inissed It FrOiu $2 to $2.50 is the wages paid to harvest hands. Tlie house of Klias Jacox and the barn of tí. VJ, Hill of the towu of Fiint, lioth building Htiig situated ahonta quarter of a mil apart, whth discovered to be in llames at the saine time. It is supposed to l the work of trampa, as soma were soen in the neighborhooil. The loss is $1,500. Parties are boring forsaltat Cuoboygan. Tlie Au Sable postoffice was broken into Sunday night and rifled of ome email change aiid sUimps. The erop of berries in Kalamazoo county is very iarge and the f rui t fine. The Michigan salt product during the month of June amounted to 843,200 barrels. TieBangor furnac pays out over $100,000 per month, uses over 580 tons of ore per week and consumes over 100 cords of wood per day. During the month of Juno 2,100 gallons of wood alcohol were manufactured out of Uit' pure sinoko of the f urnace kilns of tlie Bangor Chemical works. On Saturday Chas. Wilber Sweet of Grand Ledge was accidentaliy killed at Lansing by hemg crushed between some logs near Boofield's mili. Be was at Lausing with his wife and child rWttag his fatber. Balanee of cash in the state treasury, June 25, was fl,595,ti5K II; receipts for the week ending July 2, were $140,165 24; payments forsame time $ti2,2tii 08; leuvine a balance, July 2, 1881, of $1,673,559 80, of whicti 5'J0.000 belong to the Hinking fund, $861,430 75 are held in tbe trust funda, aiul $722,128 65 are availahle for genrral pLrposes. Twelve Indian skeletons have lately been taken from the gravel pit on James McBride's farm, near Birmingham. They were burie in a circle, faces down. A fine vein of coal, two feet four inclies in thickness, has been struck on the Jerry Martin farm ia the northwest part of Jackson. It was reached at a depth of over one hundred feet aiter passing through from six to seven fet of fire clay and two or three feet of slaie. The Patriot says that hitherto in boriug, prespectors at thal point have ahandoned their work on reaching the clay and siate, the mineral they were in search of boinj; beneath these forniaiious, as the discovery just made fully veriftea Tbe Ionia district camp meeting will begin August Hl nnd close August 23. The state pomological association met in Kalainazoo on Vetuesday and appointed the following delfcgates to altend the meeting of the American pomolugical society to be held in Boston, September 14: H. l)ale Adams, Galesburg; F. T. Lyons, South Haven; Judge J. G. Ramsden of Traverse City; W. B. Gibson, Jackson; Prof. Beal of Lanslng, and C. R. Scctt of Ann Arbor. The section bosses along the Central have or ders to i aerease their gangs and a de mand f o laborers is the eonsequence. No encampment of the state troopsthis year the funda necessary for that purpoae being re(lüired for the six new companies to be aduiittf ■! to the state service. It is said the state military board has decided to send three companies of state troops to the Yorktown celebratiou, the three to be selected üy three officen of the state troop?, who will make eompeting examinations of companies for proficieucy in drill, etc The board met and authorized receiving proposals for bOO dress uniforma. Tbe board of state auditors bas deteruilned to abolish the office of superintendent of state property, from and after July 31. An Edison electric light company bas been organized at Jackson, with a capital Htock of 9100,000. The sawdnst from the milis at Muskegon caught fire in the early part of tho week and severa! acres ef it have been in f lames. Severa! houses have been destroyed and inany families in the first ward have removed their house hold goods, in th expectaüon that tbeir dwelliogs would burn. A Waterloo (Jackson county) correspondent of the Jackson Citizen writes to that paper as follows: "A new pótalo destróyer has appeared here, much worse than the old. It is a lug shaped like a erawfisli, eata the iusiile all out of the potato, and runs into the ground as tliongh sharpened for that purpose. In their nest is fouud half a teacup f uil of young ones about the size of sheep ticks. J. McVey's po. tatoes are already half destroyed, and be in (ligging thein to save any. I counted six large potatoes in one hill eutirely eaten out. The old ones are an inch and a half to two inches loog, and are hard to catch nnless inside the potatoes." Haying is nearly completed. The erop throughout th state is nearly an average one, and it bas been secured in fiue condition. The wheat is reported to be well filled and if good quality. Tbe erop is not the total failure that was at one time feared, yet it will be a light one. The Lake house and bars at Otisville, Shiawassee county, owned by Charles Hovey, were burned thi mornine; loss $l,K00. It is supposed to be the work of an incendiar;, as the hotel was unoccupied. A young man oamed Cyrns Dumond was diowned Saturday at East Saginaw, whUe bathing. Bears are reported as more numerous in Kalkaska county at the present time than for several years past. An unknown man was run over by enginn 7 on the Michigan Central railroad track in Detroit, Saturday night, and instantiy killed A post office has been established at Summsrneld, Clare county. W. H. Scharol, a rich farmer of near Marcellus, gold off his properly last spring and went to Kansas, has returned well üatislïed that Michigan is good enough for him. The jewolry store of J. E. Doughty at East Rasinaw was robbed of diamonds valued at $1.660. The total collections of the third internal revenue collection district for the fiscal year endiug June 30, was f 2I,173.12. The Menominee Herald reporta tbree cases of ND painful wounds from a toy pistol, one oí which carne near proviug fatal. The greenbackers gold 21,060 tickets of adniisHion tu their Lansing uieetiag, and bad $250 left after payiug all expenses. The Hessian tl y is reported to be doing considerable damage to the wheat in Cbesaning. It works in the lower joint of the stalk. Large nuHibers of dead fish are seen in the Tittabawassee rifor and the cause of their death i a mysttry. They are frequeutly seen tbrowini! tlii'iiiHelveB two or three feet out of the water and then fall back dead. Marquette Mining Journal: The total sales of upper península government lauds for tbe month of Juna, as reported by the rezister of the land office here, uuiounted to 3!t,y21 acres, fi,52ö acres of which was sold to actual settlers. Traverse Bay Progress: The Hod. George Parinalee of OM Mission informa us that tlie wheat prospecta on th peniusula are very tlattenu; tliat tlie apple erop will probably be light, and that the pnar erop looked bo roniising Uiat he exuectad to haryest 1.00U lushels tliU fall. Arrangement have been compieted for the establishment of a uational bank at Quiucy, irauch Co. Two convicta at the state prisoti at Jackson uainad Marshall aud Lauglilin made their eeape ou I'riday aleruoon while at work contructiug a line of fence. Marshall came from ugham county, for lareeuy, and liad about H ïnonths yet to serve. Laughlin is from )akl;iin1 couuty aud was incarcerated for a inurderous assault. Ouly eight months of bis emmir, reinain unexpired. A dkease lias boken out among the hogs ïu East Tawna. Mr. Kdsal iost twenty-six witbiu wo weeks, W. (1. Davey four, aud auother lertoii uine. They are first attacked witb a bil!, refuse to eat, auil In from stx to eight lours die. Tbose wbich have been examinad liow thcir ilesh to ue as if all mortified Many logsare stilldying, and as yet uo remedy. bas Hm found. Tlie will of the ]at Sextus N. Wilcox, of Chicago, 111., aud Wbiteball, Midi., has iMsen ulmitted to probate. Th value of the catate 8 placed at ÖOO,(0, and th bulk of it is eft to nis two sous and daughter. The wldow s to tw paid her portion immediately, tho interest on 15,00;) to be paid annually to the Bister of the deceaxed, CaroliiiH A. Goodridge. ind bis brothers, Theodoie B., Herbert E. aud tíeorge G., get $ 10,5U0each. Siiuday afternoon while James Couiley of Hamiltou, Van Buren coimty, was operating a reaper iu a wheat field, bis little four year-old oy went out uunoticed and sat dowu in the wheat. His father attention was attracted y two neighbors coming across the field and ie did not see the child until tlie machine struck, cutting tlie right leg off in two places below the knee, leaving uotb'ag but a little flesh and aome uf the chords. Both bones weresevered. Theleftleg was eeverely eirded. Ex-governor John J. Bagley ia stopping at the Occidental hotel, San Francisco, havini; gone thither for bis healtb. Letters from his wife, who bas gone with bim, say that bis ïealth is failing. Geo. L. Peck, a youug man ngei 18 years was drowned while bathing in Phillip's Laie, 2 ÍS miles east of üarisburg. Mrs. Kueben Courae, of near Saranao, went out alone to piek berrius, and yhen about a uiile from home, in the woodn, in attempting to climb a feuce, sbe feil and broke her leg just abovo her ankle. Sbe alinost fainted, bul after rallying cominenced w halloo. Failing to get any response, she cr.iwled on her hands and kuees over sticks and logs uutil witliiu a few rods of her home, when sbe managed tr niake berself heard. It ws iutensely hot, auc she was four hours making the trip, but the thought of her children at home uerved her to the point of euduiance uecajsary. Bev. J. E. Davia, of Macoinb couuty, claims to be the oldest freemason iu Michigan. He rode the goat in 1HIK. Violent thunder torins are reportej in mauy parts of Michigan. Iu Sebewa Mr JuinsB R. Stevens was struck !y lightning and lilled, iu Muske,'ou Mrs. Mkhuel Taylor was struck aud partiy paralyzed, and at Masou Mrs. Heury Reeves was iujured by a boíl while the horses sbe was driving were k lied A destructivo wina is reporteel at Hudson b whicb severil barns were ruined and crops badly damaged. At Petosky a terrible flagh of ligbtning ran thiougb the business süvet, striking dowu tlie telegraph operator; Ehatteriug the frame dwellingsof George Suggitt and badly burn iuir three children and the inother ; splintering a dray, and doing other dauwde J. N. Purdy left hU homo at Eaton Kapids on au extended spree, and bis remains have Im'vu luuud in the woods back of Windsor Ojt


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