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Mrs. Win. Br.idl.iy of WUcousio, who ha li;n in t'jninilum at Kalam iz )o, six months was lifin;; rcuiovwi by her husband and threw .iM'lf front tbs balcony of a hotel, receiving serious injuries. rresideut (iarfield recently took out a Ufe in surauct policy for $23,000. Six weeks igo L. C. üoplrins, western agent of thecompany, beiug i.i the city took that imount on the life of the President. The Presideut at first thought tfiat lm woiild have a $50,000 policy, but fiually Bettled (Inwitni half the amount At the cniehratiou ou the Fourth of July at H.ininv lie Mo., aüoutöOOpeoplewerepoisoned hj drialriua lüiiionade m 'de of acitU öix persons have died, and one hundred more are dangerously ill and expected to die. The affair has cast a deep gloom over the whole surrounding conntry. The comtnittee to investígate the bribery charges in the New York lecislature, report that the charges and denia! were bolh pouiüve; that Seuator Sessions had been indicted by the grand jury; and that as the caee is to be trii-ii in the courts the comuiittee do not wisti to prejudice the case by any decisión of their ow. They tlireroro siilimit the evidence in the case, as coüected by thein, which evidence has alwady been puh.'ished, A niinonty repoit includes the testimony relatiug to the offer of the marshalship by J. L. lavenport to Senator Strahan. The Rupubllcau rueiubers of the N. Y. lcgislaturo oblaiued 65 namcs to a caueus cal), which it is hoped will break the dead loik. The i'ott Wayne, Ind., grand opera house was burned Wednesday. Loss, $ro,000; fully insureil. The death rate in New York is running up with the thermometer. Wednesday 200 deatlis were reported at the bureau of vital statistics. Upwards of $100,000,000 coupon 5 per sent. bonds have been presented at the treasury for reuewalat 3 1-2 per cent. On Stmday, at 11:30 a. m. a inan who was walking on Penusylvania aveoue, Washington, suddenly stopped and called out: "I carne on here to be righted, aud if I am not I will shoot Bhiinc or any other of the authorities who turn me off. He was at once arrested. Ho made no opposition, and his manner wasperfectly caiin. The detective recognized in him Oaaiel Chrystie McNamara, who a few inonths ago had come into the office one moruing utterly destitute and asked for a breakfast. Aftrr he had lieen searched and bis weapons removed be began to talk at random, aud he answered all questions in a ranihling way. On Tuesday au insstne individual appsareJ at tho door of the Wiiite Houe and said that the Presideut was about to die and had sent for him. He was impatient to get in, and said that every moment might be a fatal dei ty. It was apparenttbat hewascrazy, and the door-keeper took in the situation and warcned him out of the gate. The man liad no pass, but had ma aaged to nlip ia souie way. Wednesday another lunatic appeared on the scène. He did not get any further thau the gate. He had a remedy for the President' wouud, and wanted to apply it right away. He kuew that it would cure him. Xt had beeu successfully used, he said, in mauy such cases. He was invited to promenade, and went promptly down the avenue. Another crezy man went into the Adjutanlüeneral's office, siapped Uea. Drum on the back, and said Iia hul a revelation that he must kill VicePresideDt Arthur. He was prouiptly arrested. Brooks is a clerk in the War Department and like others during the excitement has been drinking. He got very drunk and entered Gen. Vrum's room sayiag that ifno onc else killed Arthur he would. An outsider, hearing it, sent for the officers, who arrestwl him. He will be released as soon as he sobers up. Further information from Paso Del Norte confiráis the reportad massacre of the surveying party ia employ of the Mexican Central railroad. The iiodies were discovered by Col. J. F. Benr.ett and a party of Denver. Three of the bodies were buraed and unrecognizable. None of them have yet been identified. There is no doubt that the massacre was the work of Apache Indiana. A terribly destructivo storm only one hundred paces wide is reported uear Sioux City, Iowa. At a meeting of the New York chamber of coiumerce $1Ö,UUO toward a fund for the fam ily of President (Jarfield was suWscribeil in less than fivi" minutos. It is the intentiou to raise the amount to $250,000. A terrible affair occurred at South Lyons, Ohio. Some time ago the postoffice was robbed, and siuce that time Postmaster C. E. Carmon has been very auxlous on the subject of burglars. The olher uikflit liis attention was aroueed by seeing a figure on th roof of the extensión to the hous, and he fired the eonteuts of a breechloading carbine through tlie head of ttie supposed iutruder. Examiiiation soou revealed thehoirible fact that he had killed his 14 year oíd son Elmer, who hnd gone out. eitlier in a fit of eoiimambulism or toseek relief from tlie terrible heat A heavy fire, with a loss amouuting to half a million and one life is reported atCiacinuati. Three persons were killed and s:x bya boiler explosión at Baltimore. The President's favorable syniptoms continue. The wound is healing, aud but for the presenceof thebullet in the President's body, hecould be pronouncei out of danger. The Eriectunty, N. Y., Saviugs bank, which in Mkv lost lud to the ainouut of 9114,000. has recovered a great part of the securitif s, it is eaid, by compromis with the thieves. Theattonicy general decides that coin may be deposited by nat ion al bank for tl ir redemption of circulation, and that the treasury may pay out the same. The weekly trade report sayn business has been interrupU'd by the attack upon the Presiidentand the uucertainty and excitement follwwing. The hot weather and the annual catión taken by business men also tends to retí let trade. A quiet time is antlclpated In nost lines of business for a few weeks. Tho'dead-Iock at Albany appears to hare teen broken by a Republican caucus on Fri ay, atwliich there were present 16 senators nd 49 assem hly mea. A rcsolution was adopted in favor of naminij two candidateH, ne from each of tlio oppoBiug factions, and a etter waa read from Mr. Depew, withdrawing rom tbe contest. The caucus then proceeded o vote for candidatos and aftm five ballots, greed upon Warren Miller, member of congifss from the Herkimer district, for the long erm, and with two ballolsuamed Mr. Laphain or the short term. Violent storm were experienced in the south n Friday, anil at Iicc:itur, Ala, four persons were killed and tfht ujured by lightning. The voting in the N. Y. legislatura on Saturday remilted: For the short term, i.aphain (17, Jotter50, Conkline 8L Wheeler 1. For the ong twrui, Miller 88, Kenia 50. Wheeler lit, cattering 12. The stalwarts had held a caucus and detenuiued to stick to Coukliug. This coninues the dead lock. The heat is reported as being very oppressive on Saturday; Leuisville 102 iu the shade; at Chicago eighty-three burial permlts were isued1, tb largest in the history of the city for oue day. Of these tweuty deaths were from cholera in tantum. Several cases of sunstroke were reported to-day. D. O. Mills gives f 75,000 to tbe University of 'alifornia to eadow a chair of iotellectual and noral philosophy and civil polity. 2+4, M'J silver dollars were distributed from he U. S. trensury last week. (iriscom's fast exhibition at Chicago was a "in inicial failure. The splitting of a wheel on a railroad 26 miles west of San Antonio, Tex., causeda derailmcut by which 24 persons were uijureil. Violent rain storms were experienced in Inwn Saturday and Sunday nielits and much lamage was done. Marshalltown appeare to lave suffered ttie worst. Gen. Pudley, the new commissioner of pensions, has disi;harged 150 clerks, some for incompetency and others beeause they are exCoLiederatas. In the balloting at Albany on Monday, Miller wanted nine aud Laphain ten votes of election. The attending surgeons' daily bulletins continue to represent the President as itnproving Every day uumbers of crazy people or 'cranks," as they are called by the newspapers, appear at the White House and at the jaii where Gitteau is conflned, with tbeir opinions and ideas on the subject of the great tragedy In addition to the letter of Geo. Francis Train to the prisoner, there appeared at tbe district attorney's office a teníale "crank" Trom lOchigao, with a letter addressed to Geo. (ar fie'.d. The woman's name is Hannab D. Kleeu ger and she hails from Bay City. She was auxious to see Attorney Gtueral MacVeagh aud says that the people of that horribly wiek ed place (Bay City) have swindled her out o all her propt rty, aud she wants Mr. MacVeagl M restore it to her. Slie says that Gen. Gar lie'd did wrong and was punislwi for it, an( that all other peoplfi who act i he has will be dealt with accordiugly. In her letter to the President ehe prays that he will send some chrislian to reform the wicked people f Bay City, aud save it froni destrnction.


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