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Over 500 houses were destroyeil by fire at Minsk, Russia. Five Turkish ironclads have been sent lo Tripoli to maintaiu order and protest against French invasión. Mr. Foster announces a provisión in the land bill for the government to loan tenants 50 per cent of their arrears for rent, in all cases where hui'ilordrt will accept '.bat proposition as fu'.l pay nient. Jturiug a sham fiiiht at Aldei uliott, Eng., Mouday, four soldier died of sunstroke. The Ureeks have entered Arta in the ceded territory and hoisted the (Jreek flair. Frencli frigates and guu boats are reportod sheiliug Sfax. Tbe monetary conference adopted a resolu üon clesiring that the 8tat-s participating sliaü opeu negotiations, and that a conference meeting for eettling details shatl be held April 2, 1SH2. The conference theu fiually adji'urned. Lefroy, charged by tbe corouer's jury with ihe manier of (iold on tlie Brigbton, Eng., railway, has been arrested, and has confessed tbe crime. Tlie tiroirress of the Land bilí, althougb favorable, is not sucb as to justify (iladstone's hope that ParlUment will rise on August 6. A special cable from I.ondon says: Au intereetiug sale of tne works of art and manusuripts belongiug to the late Lord Beaconsfield is announced to tak place tlie 13th, litli and 15:h inst A house en;;aged in the watch trade at La Chaux de Fonde sent by post a case of watckes wortli L 1DD tn a consignee in Bulgaria, iusured tliem against loss for .L6,000, bifbed a Bulgarian Postollice dei k to otral üieui, and theu claimed the insuranc. Tbe fraud was discovered, and tbe sbipper aud tbe postoffice clerk arrested. Tliere was an enormouB nuniber of spectatorsat Wiudsor to witucs tlifl review by the iJiietMi of tli troops. All the men: ben "f tlie royal fmuily and the Crowti Princc and Priucess of Prussia were present. The sceae was reinarknbly In ïlliant. Il is believed tU),OTK t.roups p irticipated. No contreteinps occurred. Additional forcss are to be sont to Tunis. At the last session of the monetary conference a declar.ition of the French and American dlegates was read favoring the fixiu of a relative value between gold and silver. A good wheatcrop and large vintage are ex - peeted in France. Tliere is open talk of a revolution in Bulgaria, and the roads near Sistova are guarded by batteries of artillery. Ayoob Khan left Herat June 25 with a large fnrce, hut it is not known whether he will march upon Candahar or Cabul. The Arahian country of Oman ia disttirbed by tribal wars, and iu a recsnt üght 15 persons were killed. Ex-President Fuillermo of Santo Domingo is preparing u inr.ide that country with a little aruiy, and there is much commotion ia consequence. A fue at a French railway station destroyed neuiïy 1,000 cars aod burned over two ortl'ree acres of warehouses and sheds. The great land slide in the Swiss cantón of Kern ( mtinues. A tract of laud one uiile wide and tbree miles long is moviujr at the rate of threo meters a day. A thousand North Africau insurgeuts tw'ce attacked the towu of Kreider, defended by three com)anies of Frenoh riñes, on the 7th, but were repnlsed with a loss of 250 men. Additioual French troops are arriviuK at the scène of the disturbamos, and France has determined to at once take active measures against the insurgen ts.


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