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FiXHiR- Michigan brands..$4 75 f 5 75 Whkat- No 1 white $1 21%( 1 22 No 2 white 1 lti @ No2qxl... 1 21 @ Corn - 48 @ 49 ets. por bush. Oats- White, 40 a 41 ets. Mixed, 38 to 39 ets. Kkans- $2 per tmsh. for good unassorted. BüTTEtt- 15 @ 16 ets for best grades. CHIBSE - Ohio "nd Michigan, V @ 18 ets. per lb. Eoos - 16 ets per doz. Potatoks- 70 @ 90 cta. per bush. Sai.t- Oiioadaga f 1 80; Sagiuaw, $1 20. Wool- 82@86cte. Detroit Live Stock Market CATTLK. Cboice shipping steers, per cwt...$5 00(85 90 Cholee butebers' stoers 4 00i 5 00 Mixed butehers' stock 3 90(rf i rtO Feeders 4 i 50 Coarse stock 8 2O@8 60 SHEBP. Choice, av. over 100 lbs $4 25@4 75 Under 100 lbs. 4 10@4 65 HOOS. Per 100 lbs. 5 50@6 10 "Last Tuesday a Chinaman was passing one of tlie markets in thia city.and happened to see a large íish, a sturgeon, which had been just brought in and was yet alive. The Chinaman, by inherent wisdom, tu perhaps by inspiration, discovepd that his mother's soul w;us in the lisli. After soine dickering lie bouglit tlie fisli, which weighed 300 j)ounds, paying $15 therefor, and procuriiig a wagon, transported it to llie bay, wliere he engaged a boat, )laced the íish therein, and had it rowed lar out into the bay and put bark into the water. He cculdn't beat the thought of having the soul of his mother devoured by San Francisco liailiarians." 'J'ht consuniptien of coal on ocean steamers has been redueed from six tona to a ton of frelght to one-flfth of a ton sinee the days of the old side-wheel Cu narders. There isa true sayingthat tlie bunghole of an unthrifty man's barrel is where the spigot ought to be.


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