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"rom ttae LansínK Republu-mi. Among thö laws passed by the legisature at its recent session is actNo. 145, establish a LIEN FOR LABOR. t provides that any person or persons who in cutting, skidding. feiling, baulng, scaling, backing, driving, running, rafting, or booming any logtf, thBbér, cedai posls, telegraph poleS) raiiroad .ies, tan bark, or shingle bolts, or staves, n thi.-i state, shall have a lien thereon the amount due lor sucli labor or services, and the same shall take precedence of all otber claims or liens tnereon. The word pefson or porsons in thisseetion shall be interpreted to mclude cooks, blacksmiths, axtisans, and all others usually employed in pert'orming such labor and services. ['ersons desiring the benelit of this act must file a statement of their accounts m the office of the county deck of the county wheré such labor was perforined. If such labor is done between t he 3srt day of October and the fust day of April,such statement shall bc Bied on or before the tirst day of the ncxt May. If done af ter the lirst day of April and before the iirst day of Octojer, then such statement shall be led within 80 days after the eompletion or last day of such labor. This lien shall remain, and may be enforced by attachment against the property named, in whosoever possession the same shall be feund. No sale of the logs etc, shall affect this lien. "MICHIGAN IN Tllk WAR." Act No 1G7 directs that the board of state auditors be and they are hereby directed to solicit sealed bids for the publication, stereotyping, printing, and binding of 30,000 copies of Robertson's "Michigan in the war," and give public notice of the time and place for receiving such bids, etc. The cust of such work shall not exceed $1 per volume. Any person shall be permitted to purchase such book at apriee not to exceed 10 per cent above cost. Any person who served in any Michigan regiment, Lattery, or company during the late war, and who bas been honorably discharged, or any person who served in any regiment, battery, oi couipany fiom any other state, or in the reg'ilar army or in the navy, properly accredlted to the state of Michigan, and who has been honorably dis charged, or is still in the service, shall be entitled to receive one copy of sucl book f ree of cost on presenting to the librarían the cerülicateof the adjntant general that such person so served. lf applicatien for such copy is not made in person, the same may be had by sending such certifícate, and by depositing with the librarían 32 cents to cover the expense of forwarding such book. YORKTOWN CENTKNXIAL. Act. No. 170 provides that the governor, lieutenant governor, and auditor general shall act aa commissiuners t( represent the I'nitt'd States and the several states of the union in making suitablearrangements lor the appröaching celebration of the eentennial anniversary of the surrender of Yorktown, in the state of Virginia, on the l'.llh of üctober next. These coininisMoners are authorized to min ge for the preeence and partieipation in said celebration of such civil and military delégales as may be determined upon, such delegates to serve without compeusation. 'i'heir actual expenses, however. shal be paid out of a fund of $10,000, appro priated to defray the expenses of this commission. The governor slnill In president of the commission, and shal keep an accurate account of all the ex penses, disbursements, etc. FROTECTION ' OF ClIII.])Iïi:". Act No. 260 makes it a misdemeanor for any person having the custody e control of any child iinder lti years o age to employ or dispose of any sucl child for the service or occupation o rope or wire walking, gynmast, contar tionist, rider, or acrobat, dancing o begging; or for any obscene, indecen or immoral purpose,, exhibition, o practice whatsoever; or for any exhi bition injurious to health or dangerou to lile or linib, or to encourage sucl child to engage therein, or to have in custody any such child for the pui pose mentioned. It further provides that no mino child under 1( years of age shall b permitted to reniain in any saloon o bar-room, or other place where any in toxioating liquor, wine or beer are sok or given away, or furnished as a bevei ige, or in any dance-liouse, concer saloon, variety theatre, or house o: prostitution, billiard room, nine-pin alley, or in any room where cards, din or other games are unlawfully playee It also provides that no child unde 10, held for trial or on conviction, ii any jail or other place of confinenient shall be allowed to remain in the sani eell or room in company with adul prisoners. That on and alter Januar 1, 1882, it shall not be lawful to place or maintain in any county poor-hous any child who by law is adniissible to the state public school. That no person shall sell, give away or furnish to any minor child any book pamphlet, or paper containing obscene language, or obscene prints, pictnres or figures, tending to the corruption o the moráis of youth, or any paper devoted to the publication of crimina news, pólice reports, or criminal deeds nor shall any person employ such chili to sell or in any way distribute snel books or papers, or permit such chih to engage in any such employment. Al persons are prohibiteá f rom exhibiting upon any public street, or in any othei place within view of chiltfren passing in any public street or high way, any o the above described books and publica tions. SUGAK CANE AND 8UGAK BEET. Act No. 268 provides that all buildings or niachinery used for the manufacture of sugar froni the sugar cane and sugar beet shall be exempt from taxation for the term of five years f roin Jan. 1, 1882; and that there shall bc paid, upon the report and determination of the board of agricultura, the sum of $2 for every 100 pounds of merchantable SUCTOSe sugar, manufact::itd by any individual, company, or oorporation in the state, from sugar cape, corn-stalks, or beets, grown therein, lor the term of live years from Jmniary ], 1882. The person receiving such bounty shall make a report to the state board of agriculture of the procesa of manufacturing BUCh sugar, with a detinite statement of the yield. Nuch s;-.gar shall contain at least 80 percent chrystallized sugar. EXPBRTHENT8 WITH ENSILAGE. Act Jio. 288 provides thsttbere shall be appropriated 1,000 for 'the year 1881, for the purpose of conducting experinients with ensilage, for the feeding of animáis, and the culture of amber cane and other new varieties of gtain and beet röots, by the farm departinent of the agrknltuial college, which money shall be expended under the direction of the state boud of agriculture. ACATINQ INCOKPOKATED V1LLAGES. Act Xo. 51, to amend section l.chaper 127, l;nvs oí 1.S71, provides that vhcuever the qualilied voters of any icorpoiMti'd v i llago sliall desire to acate the iucorporation of the same or ny part thereof, by altering Lts bounariea, tbe board of trustees or commou ouncil óf siidi yillage, opon petition igned by at least öne-half the legal otéis of such villagp, prayi&g that the ncorporation of Bueb vülage may be 'acated or the boimdarics bheiepf alered) sliall immediately order n sjiecial lection to be held, and giye20 days' ublic notice tnereof, for the parpóse of voting upou the question. BW '.Ml' LANDS. Tlürly-six different acts werepassed, luthorizmg the board of control of i-.r.f swamp lands to make appropriaioiis of Michigan state wainp lands 'or various purposes. The amounts granted by these acts are genei ally lefi to the dfsereticn of Hm boord. The nuinber ol' acres actually disposed of eannot lic ii present eettin&ted.


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