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New School Laws

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1. The section of the new school laws which deQnea the qualifications oL' voters at school district meetings is as folowa: "Every p.erson at the age' of 21 reare, wlio lias property liabletoassessnent for school taxes in any school listrict, and who has reaided theretn hree months next preceding any school meeting held in said disti'ict, or who has resided thre emontha next preceding such meeting on a ny territoiy belonging ;o snch district at the time of holding said meeting, shall lie a qnalilíed voter m said meeting on all questions, and all otlier persons who are 21 years of ag( and Eire parests or legal guardians OÍ any cliildvcn includod in the scliool census of the district, and who havo, for tlfree months as aforesald, been residents in said district, or apon any territory belonging theieto at the linie of holding any school meeting, shaU bc entitled to vote, on all questions arising in said district which do not directlv involve the raising of money by tax." 2. The section of the law relative to the time of holding animal meetings in school districts provides thát any school district organizad onder the íuv for graded or liigh schools, or any schoo district organlzed by a special act of the legislatura that shall determine at an anmial meeting, or at a speciul meet ing duly ealled for tliat purpose, niaj bold ils anmial meeting jn the seconc Monday of July in each year, or in tl same manner may thereafter change the time of its annual meeting to the lirst Monday in September in each year and the trustees and other ollicers o the district shall date thcir Icrmsof of liee from the date so chosen and unti their Buccessois are elected and quali lied; but sueh action in ei t lier case shal not change the time of the comfnence ment of the school year or the taking o the annual school census. 3. District meetings, under the new law, will have 110 authority to vote up on the sex of teachers to bfl einployei or wages to le paid during the ensuing year. Everylhing pertaining to theselection and employment "f teachers is now given entirely into the control of the district board.


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