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Washington, .lulyí). - ïhe attencling surgeons sent the following telegram to the consulting surgeons this afternoon: Exixutivi: Mansión, 1 r. i. Dm PrankH Hamllton and J. II. Asnow. The President continúes to improve slowly. ïhe acid eructations have not recurred during the last twenty-four nours. Au ounee of inilk wilh a teaspoonful oï rum has been taken everj two hoürs during the day and at long intervals during the night, without producingany gastric embarrassment; At (.l a. ni. he tnok ten grainsot' bi-sulphate of quiñis, which did not disturb the stomacii. Y"esterday toward eening he became reetlesa, wearied and anxious for morpbia. A quarter of a graiu was given hypodermvcally at 8:30 p. m., after which lie passed a tranquil night, sleeping most of the time. Yesterday afternoon he had a small, solid passage f rom the bowels, in which a notable deliciency of biliary coloring matter was observed. llie yellowish tinge of thi skin continúes abovit as at the last report. At p. ni. bis pulse was 108, temperalure 101.3, respíration 21. Tliis mprning at 8::i0 a. m., pulse 100, temperature 99.4, respiratten 241 At 1 p. m., pulse 104, teinperature 101.2, reapiration 22. ïhe dressing of the President's wound gives him considerable pain, but whathe principally objects to is the uncomfortable position which he has to assume in order that the doctors may accomplish théir designs. lie calis this operation liis torture. When Dr. IJliss tells him that he is golng to dress the wound the President ahvays says, "IIow long will the torture last this time?" The sick room is kept comparatively cool by air passing over. ice and torced thoiigh pipes into the roen.


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