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Vennor's Weather Prophecies

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I believe that the present suiumer is onein a triad of similar summers, probaly the muidle one. It is likely to resemble in its clrief features that of 1880 and to differ In some of . its minor details. The approachingmonth of Joly will enter COOl and wet and give 8 graat deal of rain generally over ;i large portion of the United States and Canada, while in Gieat Britain Uie weather will in til probability be likewise stormy and wet. The storms of wind, thimder and lightning are likely to prove sevore and frequent. The heaviest rains fr New York and vicinity I WOUld lócate slioi tly af ter "the 20th, probably tlie 21st or 22d. Between the 12tli and 20tli days an excessively hot term is probable throughout both (lanada and the United States, with additional severe storms in western seetions. Wlthio a few d;'ysof the close of.Tuly, likely in the neighborhood of the 27ih and 28 days, a COOl to eold wave may oecur, oarrying Eroat in ('añada and coni weather generally with storms oí Wind, hail and rain over the United Stalts. Wliere storms have been severely feit in Western and Southwestem States dui'ing June there againwll] Lhe severect storms of Julybe experienced; notwithstanding, however, these lieqiient and severe stonns during July, frequent :lleni;ttions of line, hot weather will probably counteract to a great extent the daniage done lo grain and Other crops in general in the west. "Saín, you are not honest. Why do you put all good peaches on ,toj of the measure and the little ones below?" ■Saine reason, sah, dat malees de front oli your house all inarble and the back gate chielly slop bar"l, sah."' Theineanest man in the country livès in Missouri, lie pleaded in a breach OÍ prom se snit that a contract madeOnSunday night was not binding.


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