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Taking The Pound Of Flesh

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An interesting surgical operatioi was performed by Dr. Ilodges, on Fri t'ay last, on a well-known real estáte agent of this city, a pound of adipose tissue being taken from the back o: liis neck. The patiënt is a very large man, whose weighl is now 249pounds The fat had hegun to gather in such heavy folds about the neck as to become a source of constant annoyance Uie head having been crowded forwarc and held in an uncomfortable position. The skin was divided at right angles, bo that the wound made a sort of cross, from beneath which all the underlyinj fut was taken. The pieee of flesh is said tohave weighedexactlyone pound. The patiënt took nothing to sustain liim in the trial, and did not appear to sulfer niuch, even vhen the parts were being cauterized to prevent a formatie n of new tissues. The wounds being closed np and bandaged, he lighted :i cigar, orderetl the pound of üesh to be cast into the sewer, and sat quietly down to r'ead the paper. - Ut. Louis llepublioan. It is said that the engravers and watchmakers of Germany harden their tools in seaüng-wax. The tooi iaheated to whitenese and plungedinto thewax, witluhawn alteran instant and plunged in agaiu, the process being repeated iiiitil the steel is too cold to enter the wax. Thé steel is said to become, after tliis process, almost as hard as the diaaond, and wiien touched with a little tmpentine the tools are excellent tor engraving, and also forpiercingthe lardest metáis. The Lord did not love everybody alike, and does not reqnire it of us; and 1 thank liirn for it.for I could not. God kus grouped ihings congenial in all hls ■reation, and he had hts own group of lisciples that heeSpecially love.d when ie was apon eartb. Xhis is no arbitrary uiMiigeintíiit. - '. S' Uetisoii. The snnsliiiiPof life is made op of v.ery little beains that are briglit all he time. Wm. F. Somers, a bugler who was -ft fordead on the field of the Custer massacre, is living at Elizabeth, N. J., nd placed on the pension list. He ught to be able lo give i report of a )art of that mysterious tragedy.


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