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DRAKE'S OYSTER DEPOT 20 East Huron St. ïysters Always Fresh and Cheap, Piiro Winps and I.iquors for medicinal pnrdosis. Choiuest branda of Clgars always on lianJ FRED SORG, Dealer ht PAINTS, OILS.VARNISHES ÜHUSHES, WINDOW ÜLASS, And all Paiuters' Supplies of thu Bost Quallty SHOP AND STORE 26 and 28 East Washington Est. ANN AREOR. - MICMIQAN. RINSÊY & SEABOLT, No. 6 and 8 Washington t., liare on hand a, complete stock of everyUüiig in the Grocery Line. They buy thelr Teas, OoíTeeig, and Hii-ui-hi In large omounta, and at CasIbL IP32cOs And can scll at Low Figures. The large lnvoice of Teas they B and SeU, Is a good proof that in Quality and Price they Give Bargalns. Thay Koaat their own Coffees every week, anö 'none bilt prime articlea are useu. Thcir Baiceryturn8 out excellent Bread, Calces and Crackers. Cali umi seu theni. JACKSON PIRE CLAY CO. Manufacturera of Stone Sewer Pipe - AND - ZDZRJLIIIsr TILE. All our Draln THe are made of Firo Clay, are of uttttMUil strength and fltyif uxiyht, which matorially reduces the breakage and expense of traiLsportatlon. The ditching for thig class of tllinglsless expon sire, as they do not rcquire to be luid belowfroHt, but only deep enough to escape the plow. Whilé this is mom economical it also aids in obtainingjti better "fair or grado to the druln. A f uil assortment of all sizes,. for sale la small qnftntit Íes, or car load lot?, at the FESDON LÖIBER YARD, JAS. TOLBERT, Agen. gEffs TofiïC IS A THOROUCH REMEDY In every caso of .Malaria! Faver or Kever and Apoe white for disorders of the BtomAch, Torpitlity of the Livci'. [ndifftifltioo and liMurbances of the animal fon-es, whk-h debilítate, it has no equivalent, anti can have no suhstitute. It should not ba eonfounded with tritarated compounda of chi-jtp sjiirifs and ossential oils, often sold under the ïiuinc of Bitters. FOR SALE BY C. E. Holmes, Cook hotel block. KENDALL'SSPAVINCURE. The most successful Remedy er dJscovered, as it is certain in lts effects and does not blister. Read Prooi Below. PRESEVERANCE WILL TELL StOtoghtOO, Mass.. March 16th, !S80. B. J. Kenuall & ?o.. Gents:- In juatice to you andmvself, I think I ought to let you know that I have removed two bone Bpftvlns with "Kendair Spavin C'un-1 one very larg one; don 't know liow long the spavin had been there. I havo own6d ui borse Blsnt months. It took me four numtlis to takt the Inrj? one off and two for tho small Que. I have ustd ttn bot t les. Thehorse is entiicly woll. not at all stiff. and no buneh to bo seen or feit. This is a womlerful medicine. It is a iu'w Èbfng here: but i fit does for all what it has done for me itssale. will be. very Kr'"'"t licspectftdly yours, Chas. E. 1'arkkr. Kkndaix'8 Spavjn Cui k is sure in its effecte, mild ín its action as it doen nol hHflttr. yt it is penetratin and powerful to reach every deep Beated jiain or to remove any bony jjrowth or other (Milarementsueh as spavins, sphnts, curbd, calluus, sprains. swellins, any lamtnesa and all enlargementsof ihe jointsor limbs, or rheumatistn in man and for any purpose for which a liniment is uscd for man or beast. It is now known to ht the lst liiiimtMit for man ever used, actinp niiUi amlvet oerUinln its -ffects. Scnd fcddressKor IBuatrated ('in-nlar which we tliink glvea positive pi-oof of its virtues. No remedy has ever m't wit li sach unqualined success to uur knowledife. for beast as wHl as man. Prtce $1. per bottie, orsixbottle for $5. AH Drugpists have it orean get it for ou, or it will be sent to any address mi nvcipt if prioe by tho proprietors. DR. B. J. KENDA1.L & CO., Enosburifh Kalts, Vermont. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS n!'"hT"dov?ñs!I VEGETABLE BALSAMIC ELIXIR g ís a sure cure for Cougho, Colds, H Whooping-Cough, and all Lung I Diseases, vrhen takcii m season. I People die of oetwotitiMiob simp8 Iv bccause of neglcct, when the Itimcly use of tiiü remedj would have cured thcm ai once. S'irty-OHC tjtftrt ot constant use provc Uh latí that no cough reincd l.a. otood the tel hkt JDouitta' JLtizir. Trico Sfte. 'Míe !! 9i.(i(' per butilo. J(r S..I. Ki vi wl.ere. Dr. Baxter's Maüdrake ÜITTEll! VVill tmu Jaundice, Dispepsia, l.iver CoiKjjkimts, Indigestión, and all dueakM arising front iousiicso. Pnce 1$ cts. per bottle. m r SbIi Ettryoiltra. B 11K.'U .v JOHN8OICS ÁRNICA AND OIL IlinimentI i'or .71 1 tu and JBeast. ■ The most perfect liniment ever ■ Bcompounded. I'ricr íc. and 50c. I Kor &ilt Kvcrywhore.


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